Weakley County Chancery Court


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File no.        Title of file                           Date

1.  		Bank of Martin v. Burnett and Eanes  	1891-1893
2.  		Bank of Martin to B. B. Edwards  	1888
3.  		Bank of Martin, et al. v. R. P. Farmer  1896
4.  		Bank of Martin v. D. W. M. Lain  	1892
5.  		Bank of Martin, et al. v. 
			J. H. Sullivan  		1896
6.  		Bank of Martin v. J. B. Shobe, et al.  	1895-1896
7.  		Bank of Tennessee v. James E. Freeman  	1872-1877
8.  		Bank of Tennessee v. Jeptha Gardner  	1858-60
9.  		J. L. Banks  				1907
10. 	 	Roderick Banks v. J. H. Banks  		1901
11.  		Bud Barbee to B. B. Edwards  		1897
12.  		Henry P. Barbee v. George Cooley  	1868
13.  		Henry P. Barbee v. J. H. Leigh, et al.  1873
14.  		Henry P. Barbee v. A. M. Smyth, et al.  1873-1878
15.  		B. J. Barber v. Willie Howard  		1886
16.  		J. B. Barber, et al. v. Susie Barber  	1926
17.  		T. J. Bard v. Susan Nelson  		1888
18.  		J. H. Baredy (administrator of D. G. 
			Campbell) v. A. M. Campbell  	1874
19.  		D. G. Barger v. Euna Barger  		1912
20.  		M. J. Barnett				1872-1876
21.  		Mary J. Barnett v. N. M. Barnett	1876-1878
22.  		N. M. Barnett v. J. E. Deut, et al.	1877-1879
23.  		H. H. Barr v. H. Brasfield  		1888
24.  		H. H. Barr v. J. C. Brasfield, et al.  	1889-1890
25.  		H. H. Barr v. Charles M. Ewing		1897 
26.  		H. H. Barr (administrator of W. N. 
			Templeton) v. P. Gatewood  	1883-1884 
27.  		H. H. Barr (administrator of John Sumen)
			 v. Jesse A. Gibbs  		1888
28.  		H. H. Barr v. J. W. Killebrew, et al.  	1884
29.  		H. H. Barr v. R. M. Little, et al.  	1917
30.  		H. H. Barr v. G. R. McWherter, et al.  	1883
31.  		H. H. Barr (trustee of F. M. Tansil) v. 
			F. M. Tansil, et al.  		1884
32.  		H. H. Barr v. W. Wilson, et al.  	1888
33.  		A. W. Barrett v. J. E. Dent, et al.
34.  		A. J. Barton, et al. v. Litt Lett	1891
35.  		H. L. M. Barton v. J. R. Turner		1855-1876
36.  		J. R. Barton v. J. A. Patterson  	1899-1900
37.  		Mary Barton v. Lillian Barton, et al.  	1910
38.  		Tillie Cavitt Barton, et al. v. 
			D. F. B. Abernathy  		1893
39.  		T. H. Baswell v. J. W. Rogers and 
			J. A. Rogers  			1874
40.  		W. T. Battoe v. Mary E. Battoe  	1887
41.  		Fannie Baty v. George Baty  		1902
42.  		O. R. Beard and W. J. Prince v. 
			Illinois Central Railroad 
43.  		J. A. Beasley v. J. A. Smith, et al.  	1892
44.  		J. W. Beasly v. Nashville, Chattanooga 
			and St. Louis Railroad  	1904
45.  		Sarah Beaumont v. John Beaumont and 
			Steve Farmer			1888

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