MS 5
Martin Coal Company Records

1 v. (41 p.)

Historical Note
Martin Coal Company was a capital venture between three partners, J. Martin Adams, M.D. Duke, and B.F. Adams. The business opened and began deliveries in July, 1922.

Scope and Content
Debit-credit entries are posted chronologically for outgoing bills and sales against income. The ledger contains accounts from the opening of the business until the middle of 1926. A few entries are listed irregularly for 1927.
The debits (cash sales and billings charged to customer accounts) list local accounts by name each month. Credits (payments made to other businesses) are listed by date and give a brief note describing the purchase made or service charged. Credits are divided into general business costs, general expenses, and delivery (shipping) charges. Overall the ledger provides a window into the costs of doing business in a small town during a time when the economy was completing the shift from barter to cash systems.

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1 Martin Coal Company 1922-1927