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Daniel G. Smith Legal papers

Daniel G. Smith served as a corporal during the American Revolutionary War with the Connecticut militia. Following the war, he resided in Stephentown, New York (Rensselaer County) as a mason and land owner. By the early 1830's he relocated to Lysander, New York (Onondaga County) where he invested in land and a lumber mill. Records contain legal documents such as military discharge papers, deeds, land grants, patents and certificates. Included are also family records and a list of scholars who attended a school in Stephentown, New York in 1797.

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1 Stephentown School Records 1797
2 Military Discharge 1809
3 Certificate of Military Service 1811
4 Patent and Certificate 1853-1870
5 Deeds and Contracts 1797-1817
6 Deeds and Contracts 1821-1825
7 Deeds and Contracts 1826-1829
8 Deeds and Contracts 1836-1846
9 Wills 1887-1889