Series Descriptions

Series 1 - Correspondence: The largest series of the Ned Ray McWherter Speaker of the House papers are the correspondence files. This series contains correspondence produced and received by Speaker McWherter through out his tenure in the House of Representatives and part of his governorship. In the files are letters from constituents concerning various local matters from education to road construction. Included are forms, letters, and memorandums from former governors, United States congressional members and other government dignitaries.
Sub-series 1 - Subject Files: Sub-series 1.1 consists of documents emanating from and addressed to the Office of the Speaker. The sub-series contains correspondence with elected state officials including Governors Ray Blanton and Lamar Alexander from the middle 1970's to the early 1980's. Missives concerning prisons, parole boards, prison overcrowding, and penitentiaries for women are also present in the sub-series. The sub-series is arranged by pre-assigned subject titles then chronologically by individual file.
Sub-series 2 - Alphabetical Files: Sub-Series 1.2 contains miscellaneous letters and information from both constituents and regional politicians. The files are arranged alphabetically (by surname) in chronological order.
Sub-series 3 - 1986 Chronological Files: Sub-series 1.3 contains correspondence including gubernatorial candidate Winfield Dunn and State Representative Lois DeBerry of Memphis. The sub-series is arranged in chronological order most dated in 1986.
Sub-series 4 - Miscellaneous Files: Sub-series 1.4 contains campaign disclosures from 1978 to 1979 and 1981. The files contain expense reports and a list of structurally deficient bridges. This sub-series consists of forms and pamphlets concerning the Twenty-First Century Schools program and various ceremonies Speaker McWherter presided over.
Series 2 - Legislative Records: Series 2 focuses on state education at all levels. Correspondence expressing concerns on the loss of state funding for public education constitute the majority of the letters found in the series. The files contain correspondence sent and received by Speaker McWherter many of which are from his constituents in West Tennessee. Included are House Resolutions from 1987 and Senate Bills from 1990.
Sub-series 1 - Legislation: Sub-series 2.1 contains correspondence related to various bills introduced before the legislative branch. Included in this section are files concerning local government ownership of asphalt plants, shortages of chaplains at state funded locations, and correspondence concerning the demise of the Commission on the Status of Women. Files pertaining to state education such as school budgets, faculty salaries, and better school environments are represented extensively. Correspondence relating to budget cuts for programs involving gifted and handicapped children as well as vocational education resources constitute a bulk of the information in the sub-series. Included are correspondence relating to the Better Schools and Master Teacher Program along with state employee fund raising.
Sub-series 2 - Resolution Committees: Sub-series 2.2 consists of the decisions from State Resolution Committees from 1981 to 1985.
Sub-series 3 - House and Senate Bills and Resolutions: Sub-series 2.3 contains House Resolutions from 1990 and Senate Bills from 1987.
Sub-series 4 - Better School Correction Plan: Sub-series 2.4 offers an overview on the role of State government in public education. The sub-series contains plans on how to implement the Better Schools program of 1984. Letters from constituent's make up the bulk of this sub-series of which many demonstrate concern over higher education and the State budget.
Series 3 - Representatives, Boards and Commissions files: Series 3 contains press releases concerning state representatives and government administrators. Many relate to decisions made by representatives either supporting or opposing an article of legislation. Completing the series are legal decisions made by the Supreme Court of Tennessee on politically significant issues.
Sub-series 1 - Representatives: Sub-series 3.1 contains press releases and memorandums concerning Tennessee representatives. The files are arranged in alphabetical order according to the representatives surname. They are then arranged in chronological order.
Sub-series 2 - Boards and Commissions: Sub-series 3.2 consists of news releases, memorandums, and information relating to State appointed boards and commissions such as the Commission of the Status of Women and the Board of Regents of higher educational institutions. Files on health facilities, inter-governmental standing committees and building commissions are featured in the sub-series. Included are letters from Governor Lamar Alexander's office. The files are arranged first in alphabetical and then chronologically from 1978 to 1986.
Sub-series 3 - Constitutional Officers: Sub-series 3.3 concerns decisions made by the judicial branch of the state government. The files contain a small amount of correspondence to Speaker McWherter concerning opinions and judgments. The files are arranged in chronological order from 1981 to 1986.
Series 4 - Department of State: Series 4 consists of projections and correspondence concerning the various state department agencies from 1981 to 1986. Education and agriculture received the highest priority within the series. Included are loose files containing correspondence with the Attorney General concerning legal opinions on legislation for 1984.
Series 5 - Expenses and Budgets: Series 5 contains expense and budget reports for the years 1981 to 1985.
Sub-series 1 - Expenses: Sub-series 5.1 contains the expenses accrued by state representatives and senators from January of 1981 to December of 1985. The files consist of receipts, billings, etc. from business trips and excursions that were reimbursed by the state.
Sub-series 2 - Budget expenses: Sub-series 5.2 contains state employee expense reports and the annual state budget for 1982-1983.
Sub-series 3 - Audit Reports: Sub-series 5.3 consists of audit reports form state agencies including state supported colleges, utility companies, public school systems, and Tennessee Student Assistant Cooperation.
Sub-series 4 - Annual Reports: Sub-series 5.4 consists of the annual reports from state agencies such as the Alcohol Beverage Commission, State Tech, and the Job Training and Placement Association from 1987.
Series 6 - Personnel Records: Series 6 contains personnel and internal governmental records on state employees. Documents relating from applications to retirement notices are located in this file. Included in the files are letters requesting appointments to legislative committees in conjunction with the resolutions brought before the House.
Sub-series 1 - Recommendations: Sub-series 6.1 contains letters of recommendation sent from constituents supporting people applying for government positions from the years 1979 to 1986.
Sub-series 2 - Resignation letters: Sub-series 6.2 contains resignation letters from the employees of state government agencies. The files are arranged in chronological order.
Sub-series 3 - Employment Applications: Sub-series 6.3 consists of employment applications from 1979 to 1983. The files are arranged in chronological order.
Sub-series 4 - Requests for Leave: Sub-series 6.4 contain leave requests from legislative staff members between 1980 to 1984.
Sub-series 5 - Appointments: Sub-series 6.5 contains resolutions ratified by the state legislature and correspondence from representatives and senators requesting to serve on select committees. The files are arranged in chronological order from 1979 to 1980.
Series 7 - Invitations and Greeting Cards : Series 7 is a collection of invitations, greeting and Christmas cards sent to Speaker McWherter. Many are notices of civic events, special presentations and lectures. The bulk of this series date from 1980 to 1986.
Series 8 - Speeches: Series 8 contains the speeches made by Speaker McWherter from 1980 to 1985. Includes a few of his final speeches when he concluded his second term as Governor in 1995.
Series 9 - Campaign 1986: Series 9 contains Speaker McWherter's gubernatorial campaign records. The files consist of checks, advertising reports, and expense records. Most of the information contained within the file are from 1986.
Series 10 - Video Collection: The video tape collection constitutes the final series and visually depicts Speaker and Governor McWherter from 1980 to 1995.
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