MS 115
Floyd M. Saxton
Prisoner of War

Series 1 - Correspondence

This particular series comprises the largest portion of the Lieutenant Floyd M. Saxton collection. The correspondence offers a depiction of what life was like during the war, both for the soldier and family. Included within the series are correspondence from Lt. Saxton (as an active participant in Allied operations and as a prisoner of war), family members, friends, the American Red Cross, and various government agencies. The topics covered include life at home, family friends and acquaintances, the front, POW camp, official notification of internment, and government regulations on POW mail/parcels.

Box 1 of 3

File No. Title of File Dates

1 The Adjutant General's Office 1943
2 The American Red Cross 1944
3 The Board of Economic Warfare 1942-1943
4 Copies of Letters HomeCopies of Letters Home 1943-1944
5 Letters from Camp 1943-1944
6 Letters from Dad 1942-1943
7 Letters of Concern 1943-1945
8 Letters to and from the Ewings 1942-1944
9 Letters to Parents 1941-1943
10 Office of the Commanding General 1945
11 Office of the Provost Marshall General 1943-1944
12 Postcards 1943-1944
13 Telegrams 1942-1945
14 Miscellaneous 1942-1945
15 Undated  

Series 2 - Publications

Series 2 contains a collection of the Red Cross' publication Prisoners of War Bulletin (August 1943 to April 1945), a memorial concert program, and an issue of The 34th Division's Italian Campaign, Gefangenen Gazette, and Elk's News. The Prisoners of War Bulletin reports on all aspects of POW life, such as living conditions, recreation, treatment, health care, parcel packages, and etc. The concert program dates from November 1943, in Gary, Indiana. The 34th Division's Italian Campaign provides an overview of that division's military accomplishments up to December 1943. The Gefangenen Gazette is a supplement to the Prisoners of War Bulletin. Produced by American Airmen POWs, it offers first hand accounts of life at German prison camps. The Elk's News is a publication of the Elk's Lodge organization.

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File No. Title of File Dates

1 Red Cross 1943
2 Red Cross 1944
3 Red Cross 1945
4 Miscellaneous 1942-1945

Series 3 - Miscellaneous

The final series of this collection holds Lt. Saxton's POW identification cards, a map of Poland and Czechoslovakia, newspaper clippings, parcel lists, personal identification tags (dog tags), draft notification card, a money order receipt, and a dependent beneficiary check. The newspaper clippings document Lt. Saxton's capture in North Africa and his eventual release from a German prison camp. The parcel lists show items sent to Lt. Saxton while he was interned as a POW.

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File No. Title of File Dates

1 German POW Identification 1943-1944
2 European Map 1942-1945
3 News Clippings 1942-1945
4 Parcel Lists 1942-1945
5 Personal Identification Tags (Dog Tags) 1942-1945
6 Miscellaneous 1942-1945