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Wintfred Smith
Reelfoot Lake Collection

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MS 161: Wintfred Smith Reelfoot Lake Collection
Dr. Wintfred L. Smith is a limnologist and the acknowledged expert on the history and culture of the Reelfoot Lake area in northwest Tennessee. A native Tennessean, he took degrees in biology at Tennessee Technological University. He pursued a PhD in limnology (lake ecology) at the University of North Dakota, which was awarded in 1972, while holding a faculty position in biology at the University of Tennessee at Martin. His expertise in aquatic plants led him toward the unique challenges faced at Reelfoot Lake, geologically formed during the New Madrid earthquakes of 1811-1812. Between 1986 and 2000 he coordinated activities at the Reelfoot Lake Research and Teaching Center, a field station operated by the University's Department of Biological Sciences.
Seeking to understand the human uses of the lake and that effect on its ecology, Dr. Smith became well known to the lake's bordering communities. He began collecting material documenting the lake and its history in the 1980s, and was instrumental in the acquisition of the Sabin photographic collection by the Tennessee State Library and Archives. He retired in 2001 but remains active as a collector, eventually amassing the single largest collection of cultural, historical, and professional literature on the Lake and its surrounding area. 
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Box 36 of 89
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21 Benthic Invertebrates -
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Box 41 of 89
File No.  Title Date
1 Boardman Resort -
a.) Reelfoot Lake Boardman Resort. Brochure 
2 Boats and Eqpt. (Gammerdinger) -
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6 Books -
a.) "Oceans Lakes and Streams." 1993 Catalog of Publications. 
7 Bowen, Mary G. Visual Artist -
a.) Mary Gwyn Bowen Mud Puppy Paddlings Plantation Gallery.
8 Boundary (Between Lake and Obion Counties) -
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9 BRAT Bicycle Ride Across Tennessee -
a.) "BRAT to visit Reelfoot." Lake County Banner October 6, 1999.
10 Brayton, L.O.  -
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11 Bridges -
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13 Brochures 1945
a.) "Reelfoot Lake Tennesse. A Natural Wonderland Fashioned by an Earthquake Caprice in Northwestern Tennessee." Brochure.                                                                                                                    b.) "Fishing in Tennessee." 1945.
14 Broadmoor Store -
a.) "Broadmoor Store comes back to life in book." Lake County Banner October 1, 2003.
15 Brochures (1) -
a.) Tennessee State Parks.                                                                                              b.) New Madrid Historical Museum . On the Mississippi River. New Madird, Missouri.                                                                                               c.) New Madrid Missouri. Oldest American City West of the Mississippi.                                                                                                                         d.) Obion County Museum "Where Yesterday Lives".                                          e.) Reelfoot Lake State Resort Park. Tennessee State Parks.                               f.) Reelfoot & Lake Isom National Wildlife Refuges. Hunting Regulations.                                                                                                                                g.) Reelfoot & Lake Isom National Wildlife Refuges. Fishing Regulations                                                                                                                                      h.) Reelfoot Lake.                                                                                                                       i.) Reelfoot Lake Samburg Motes on the Bank of Reelfoot.                                        j.) Samburg Motes & Bunch's Grocery.                                                                                 k.) Reelfoot Lake. North West Tennessee's All Season Natural Attraction. 
16 Brochures (2) -
a.) Reelfoot Lake, Tennessee.                                                                                   b.) Reelfoot Lake State Park. Auto Tour.                                                                  c.) Reelfoot and Lake Isom. National Wildlife Refuges. Tennessee/Kentucky.                                                                                                              d.) Reelfoot Lake Goose & Duck Hunting.                                                                    e.) Bald Eagles of Reelfoot Lake State Park. 
17 Brochures (3) -
a.) Wildflowers of Land Between the Lakes.                                                             b.) Birds of Land Between the Lakes.                                                                           c.) Carl Perkins Square.                                                                                                     d.) Reelfoot Lake State Resort Park. Tennessee State Parks.                                e.) The Volunteer Collection.                                                                                             f.) Amphibians and Reptiles. Reelfoot and Lake Isom. National Wildlife Refuges.                                                                                                                             g.) Mammals. Reelfoot and Lake Isom. National Wildlife Refuges.                                                                                                                             h.) Silvertop Farms. 
18 Brochures (4) -
a.) Reelfoot Lake Tennessee. Blue Bank Motel & Dining Room.                               b.) Reelfoot Scenic "Cruises".                                                                                            c.) Bald Eagle and Waterfowl Tours. Reelfoot Lake State Park.                             d.) Reelfoot Lake State Resort Park. Fishing.                                                                       e.) Boyette's. Reelfoot's Famous Dining Room. F.) Wickliffe Mounds.                                                                                                                                        g.) Samburg Motel.                                                                                                                     h.) Reelfoot Lake: A Place of Change.                                                                                 i.) Johnson Reels Panfish-A-Rama. One-Day Bluegill Tournament on Reelfoot Lake.                                                                                                                                          j.) The University of Tennessee at Martin Addenda. 1(7).                                           k.) Yesterdays in Obion County. Obion County Museum.                                                l.) Reelfoot Lake-Tennessee's Earthquake Lake.                                                                     m.) Canada Gose Hunting Paradise.                                                                               n.) Eighteenth Annual Arts and Crafts Festival.                                                    o.) Hillbilly Holler. 
p.) Reelfoot Lake Eagle Nest Motel. Sportsman's Paradise for Fishing & Hunting.                                                                                                                    q.) Reelfoot Lake. North West Tennessee's All Season Natrual Attraction.                                                                                                                                       r.) Cypress Poing Motel.                                                                                                                               s.) Reelfoot Lake State Resort Park. Tennessee State Parks. 
19 Brochures (5)  -
a.) 1812 Earhquake Souvenir Edition and Menu. The Lakeview Times                                                                                                                                     b.) Eagle Watching Guided Boat tours. Sportsman's Resort.                   c.) Designer Ducks at Reelfoot.                                                                                   d.) Bald Facts about Bald Eagles in Tennessee.                                                              e.) Reelfoot Lake State Park Guest Speaker Program 1993.                                       f.) Samburg Motel Reelfoot Lake "Special".                                                                     g.) "The Business Environment You Want Near One of America's Most Fascinating Natural Wonders..." Obion County, Tennessee.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 h.) Lake Co. Reelfoot Rescue Squad Eathquake Preparedness.                          i.) Fishing & Hunting 'Special' Fishing at Reelfoot Lake all Season Special.                                                                                                                                          j) Dunning, Natllee. "'Earthquake lake'." USA Weekend March 13-15, 1992.                                                                                                                                         k.) 1812 Earthquake Souvenir Edition. The Lakeview Times 1(1). l.) "A Hide Away in the Southern Tradition." Northwest Tennessee Tourism Guide                                                                                             m.) "Come to Northwest Tennessee." Northwest Tennessee Tourism Guide   
20 Brochures (6) -
a.) Fishing Southern Lakes 1983 Issue.                                                                      b.) The Historical News 14(41-TN) August, 1994.                                                                   c.) Bald Eagles of Reelfoot Lake State Park. Tennessee State Parks.                                                                                                                                       d.) Reelfoot Lake State Park Auto Tour.                                                                      e.) Reelfoot Lake Tennessee. 
21 Brochures (7) -
a.) Reelfoot Lake Tennessee.                                                                                    b.) Eagle Tree Gallery at Reelfoot Lake.                                                                   c.) Blue Bank/Cypress Point Resort & Restaurant.                                               d.) Fishing & Hunting 'Special' Hunting at Reelfoot Lake.                              e.) Reelfoot Lake State Resort Park. Tennessee State Parks.                       f.) Photographing Nature" a Workshop with Byron Jorjorian. Reelfoot Lake.                                                                                                                      g.) Boyette's Reelfoot's Famous Dining Room.                                           h.)Reelfoot Lake State Park Guest Speaker Program-1996.                                  i.) Reelfoot Scenic Boat Cruises May1-October 1.                                                    j.) Eagles of Reelfoot Lake.                                                                                                      k.) Reelfoot Lake State Park Special Programs for Groups.                                          l.) Reelfoot Lake State Park 1996 Calendar of Events.                                         m.) Reelfoot Lake State Park Bird Checklist.                                                             n.) Boyette's Resort and Bo's Landing & Deli. 
o.) Guides of Reelfoot Lake.                                                                                        p.) Reelfoot Lake State Park Auto Tour Map.                                                       q.) Reelfoot Lake in History and Tradiation.                                                         r.) Mallard Duck Hunts offer ing Reelfoot Lake Timber or Mississippi River Open Water Hunts.                                                                            s.) Reelfoot Lake State Park Guest Speaker Program 1997.                                    t.) Northwest TN Tourism.  Come Visit Tennessee's Reelfoot Lake and Kentucky Lake 
22 Brochures (8) -
a.) Twenty-sixth Annual Reelfoot Arts and Crafts Festival.                     b.) Reelfoot Lake Cypress Point Motel.                                                                    c.) Cypress Point Resort & Gift Shop.                                                                         d.) Reelfoot Lake State Park Guest Speaker Program 1998.                              e.) The Legend of Reelfoot Lake.                                                                                    f.) Northwest TN Tourism. Come Visit Tennessee's Kentucky Lake and Reelfoot Lake                                                                                                         g.) Summertime in Tennessee State Parks.                                                               h.) Pictorial Guide to Union City, Tennessee. 
23 Brochures (9)  -
a.) Reelfoot Lake State Park Auto Tour.                                                                   b.) Reelfoot Lake Tennessee. Cypress Point Resort.                                       c.) Twenty-seventh Annual Reelfoot Arts and Crafts Festival.              d.) Samburg Motel Reelfoot Lake, Tennessee.                                                     e.) Come Visist Tennessee's Kentucky Lake and Reelfoot Lake.        f.) Reelfoot Lake Callmakers and Collectors Waterfowl Festival. g.) Cast & Blast. Blue Bank Reelfoot Lake, Tennessee.                                          h.) Blue Bank Resort & Restaurant.                                                                                      i.) Tennessee Fishing.                                                                                                              j.) Reelfoot & Lake Isom National Wildlife Refuges.                                                                    k.) Mississippi River Trail.                                                                                            l.) Union City & Obion County Tennessee. 
24 Brochures (10) -
a.) Canoeing at Reelftoot.                                                                                        b.) Reelfoot Lake State Park Guest Speaker Program 1999.                          c.) Reelfoot Lake State Park 1999 Calendar of Events.                                 d.) Come Visit Tennessee's Kentucky and Reelfoot Lake.                         e.) Reelfoot Lake Southshore Family Resort.                                                       f.) Union City & Obion County Tennessee.                                                                  g.) Reelfoot Lake.                                                                                                                 h.) Albert's Photo Gallery.                                                                                                    i.) Cypress Point Resort.                                                                                                         j.) Elm Valley Farms Walnut Log Lodge.                                                                       k.) Pier Restaurant Reelfoot Lake.                                                                                 l.) Boyette's Resort.                                                                                                              m.) Reelfoot Lake. Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency.                                 n.) Guide to Tennessee Fishing 1968. 
25 Brochures (11) -
a.) Historic… Montgomer Bell State Park.                                                                      b.) Hometown Magazine January/February 1999.                                                                      c.) Welcome to Reelfoot Lake. Land and Obion Counties Tennessee.                                                                                                                            d.) Reelfoot Lake State Park 1999 Calendar of Events. 
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File No.  Title Date
1 Brochures (12) -
a.) Albert's Photo Gallery                                                                                              b.) Come Visit Tennessee's Kentucky and Reelfoot Lake                                  c.) The City of Martin.                                                                                                   d.) Tennessee Hunting & Trapping Guide.                                                           e.) Tennessee State Parks                                                                                                   f.) Tennesseee Fish and Where to Catch them.                                                  g.) Virginia's Lakeside Garden. Resort Retirment with assistance on Reelfoot Lake.                                                                                                                   h.) Reelfoot Lake State Park. 
2 Brochures (13) -
a.) Boyette's Resort.                                                                                                        b.) Blue Bank Resort.                                                                                                       c.) Eagle Nest Resort.                                                                                                        d.) Southshore Family Resort.                                                                                             e.) Gary's Camp.                                                                                                                        f.) Cypress Point Resort. Fishing & Hunting Special Fishing.                                         g.) Cypress Point Resort. Reelfoot Lake, Tennessee.                                               h.) Twenty-eighth Annual Reelfoot Arts and Crafts Festival.  
3 Brochures (14) -
a.) Cypress Point Resort.                                                                                                        b.) Blue Bank RESort & Restaurant.                                                                                 c.) Eagle Nest Resort.                                                                                                       d.) The Lakeview Times Volume 11(6).                                                                           e.) Bald Eagles of Reelfoot Lake State Park.                                                              f.) Reelfoot Lake, Tennessee.                                                                                   g.) 2000 Reelfoot Lake Grand American Duck and Goose Calling Championships.                                                                                                                        h.) Northwest TN Tourism. Come Visit Tennessee's Kentucky & Reelfoot Lake.                                                                                                                        i.) Reelfoot Lake State Park Special Programs for Groups.                                j.) Reelfoot Lake State Park Guest Speaker Program 2000.                                  k.) Canoeing at Reelfoot.                                                                                                  l.) Reelfoot Lake State Park.                                                                                       m.) Reelfoot Lake State Park bird Checklist.                                                         n.) Reelfoot Lake State Park Campground Information.                                    o.) Reelfoot Scenic Boat Cruises May 1- October 1.                                                      p.) Reelfoot Lake Calendar of Event.                                                                                         q.) Reelfoot Lake State Park Auto Tour.                                                                 r.) Reelfoot Lake State Park. Bald Eagle and Waterfowl Tours.                   s.) Guides of Reelfoot Lake. 
4 Brochures (15) -
a.) Reelfoot-An Earthquake Lake.                                                                                b.) The Legend of Reelfoot Lake.                                                                             c.) The Lakeview Times Volume 11(6).                                                                               d.) Boyette's Resort.                                                                                                      e.) Blue Bank Resort.                                                                                                                  f.) Friends of West Tennessee National Wildlife Refuges. Membership campaign 2000.                                                                                        g.) Bald Eagles of Reelfoot Lake.                                                                                   h.) Reelfoot Lake State Park 2000 Calendar of Events.                                            i.) Albert's Photo Gallery.                                                                                         j.) Reelfoot Lake Hillbilly Junction.                                                                               k.) "Dairy Queen" from Tiptonville.                                                                        l.) Cypress Point Resort. Fishing & Hunting Special.                                           m.) Reelfoot Lake Inn.                                                                                                        n.) Blue Basin Cove Bed & Breakfast.                                                                                   o.) Boyette's Reelfoot's Famous Dining Room. 
5 Brochures (16) -
a.) Samburg Motel. Reelfoot Lake, TN.                                                                         b.) Twenty-nineth Reelfoot Arts & Crafts Festival.                                         c.) Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency. Tennessee liscense plate.                                                                                                                             d.) Boyette's BBQ.                                                                                                    e.) Reelfoot & Lake Isom National Wildlife Refuges.                                    f.) Eagle Nest Resort Sportsman's Paradise for Fishing & Hunting.                                                                                                                                         g.) Eagle Tree Gallery at Reelfoot Lake.                                                              h.) Eagle Nest Resort Sportsman Paradise for Hunting & Fishing. i.) Cypress Point Resort. Reelfoot Lake, Tennessee.                                      j.) 30th Annual Reelfoot Arts & Crafts Festival.                                                           k.) Reelfoot Lake State Park Airpark Inn & Restaurant Complex.    l.) Reelfoot Lake State Parkk 2001 Calendar of Events.                            m.) Twenty-seventh Annual Reelfoot Arts and Crafts Festival.      n.) Reelfoot Lake State Park Guest Speaker Program 2001.                           o.) Tennessee: Sounds good to me. Special Travel Section.                         p.) Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, "Reelfoot Lake."                q.) Reelfoot Lake, Tennessee.                                                                            r.) 30th Annual Reelfoot Arts & Crafts Festival. 
6 Brochures (17) -
a.) Annual Events at Reelfoot Lake, Tennessee.                                         b.) Cypress Point Resort, Reelfoot Lake, Tennessee.                                       c.) 30th Annual Reelfoot Arts & Crafts Festival.                                                d.) Boyette's Resort.                                                                                                       e.) Eagle Nest Resort. Reelfoot Lake Fishing & Hunting Package & Map.                                                                                                                             f.) Boyette's Resory.                                                                                                         g.) Albert's Photo Gallery.                                                                                         h.) Reelfoot Lake, Tennessee.                                                                                        i.) Hamilton's Resory on Beautiful Reelfoot Lake.                                                j.) Reelfoot Lake Goose & Duck Hunting. Hamilton's Resory.                                       k.) U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. Reelfoot National Wildlife Refuge.                                                                                                                                    l.) Hillbilly Junction.                                                                                                            m.) Cypress Point Resort. White's Landing. 
7 Brochures (18) -
a.) Eagle Nest Resort.                                                                                                 b.) Reelfoot Lake State Park Guest Speaker Program 2002.                      c.) Reelfoot Lke, Tennessee.                                                                                   d.) Union City & Obion County, Tennessee.                                                            e.) Tiptonville Main Street Association. Tiptonville, Tennessee.   f.) Bo's Landing.                                                                                                                 g.) U.S. Fish & Wildlife Serrvice. Reelfoot National Wildlife Refuge.                                                                                                                                        h.) Reelfoot Lake Inn.                                                                                                               i.) Reelfoot Lake Area Map.                                                                                                 j.) Hillbilly Junction, Reelfoot Lake.                                                                            k.) Map of Obion County, Tennessee. 
8 Brochures (19) -
a.) Tiptonville Main Street Association. Tiptonville, Tennessee. b.) Gray's Camp. Tiptonville, TN.                                                                                   c.) U.S. Fish & Wildlife Srvice. Reelfoot and Lake Isom. National Wildlife Refuges Public Use Regulations 2002-2003.                                       d.) Boyette's Resort.                                                                                                      e.) Reelfoot Lake Goose & Duck Hunting. Hamilton's Resort.                               f.) The Southland's Greatest Sportsman's Paradise...Bill Nation's Camp.                                                                                                                                        g.) Bo's Landing. Reelfoot Lake, Tennessee.                                                                h.) Hamilton's Resort.                                                                                                          i.) Reelfoot Lake Inn. Duck & Goose Hunting Package.                                            j.) Acorn Point Lodge on Reelfoot Lake.                                                                     k.) Samburg motel. Reelfoot Lake, Tennessee.                                                       l.) Southshore Family Resort.                                                                                    m.) Sportsman's Resort. Reelfoot Lake, Tennessee.                                                  n.) Tennesse State Parks. Canoeing at Reelfoot.                                                          o.) Map of Reelfoot Lake.                                                                                                 p.) 31st Annual Reelfoot Arts & Crafts Festival.                                                          q.) Tennessee State Parks. Reelfoot Lake State Park Auto Tour.      r.) Cochran's Guide Service & Custom Duck and Goose Calls.    
9 Brochures (20) -
a.) Reelfoot Lake State Park Auto Tour.                                                                   b.) Reelfoot Lake State Park Hiking Trails.                                                          c.) 32nd Reelffot Arts & Crafts Festival.                                                                  d.) Souvenir Edition and Menu The Lakeview Times Volume 11(6)                      e.) Friends of West Tennessee National Wildlife Refuges. Membership Action Portfolio.                                                                          f.)Walton's Kwik Mart.                                                                                                         g.) Fourteenth Annual Waterfowl Festival. 2003.                                                        h.) Map of Reelfoot Lake. 
10 Brochure (21) -
a.) Tennessee State Parks.                                                                                          b.) Reelfoot Lake, Tennessee.                                                                               c.) U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. Reelfoot and Lake Isom. National Wildlife Refuges Public Use Regualtions. 2003-2004.                                                d.) Samburg Motel. Reelfoot Lake, Tennessee.                                                                    e.) Northwest TN Tourism.                                                                                      f.) Souvenir Edition and Menu The Lakeview Times                                         g.) Guides of Reelfoot Lake.                                                                                    h.) The Legend of Reelfoot Lake.                                                                                i.) 32nd Annual Reelfoot Arts & Crafts Festival.                                                          j.) Reelfoot Lake State Park; Common Eagle Sighting Points.                                     k.) Blue Bank Resort. Map of Reelfoot Lake, Tennessee.                                                        l.) Hillbilly Junction Gift Shop.                                                                                               m.) Reelfoot Corps Teachers. Reelfoot Corps Teacher Training Workshop. 
11 Brown, Paul 2005
a.) "Brown ends long tenure at Reelfoot WMA." Lake County Banner 82(32):1,2. August 10, 2005.
12 Brown Pelicans 1999
a.) "Brown Pelicans Seen in Flight Over the Washour, Lake County, Tennessee." November 6, 1999.
13 Brown Shoe Factory Union City, Tenn 1923
a.) "Union City Welcomes Brown Shoe Factory." The Commercial Appeal p. 10. June 6, 1923.                                                                                         b.) "Union City will Celebrate Opening of Brwon Shoe Co. Plant." The Commercial Appeal pg.8. June 3, 1923.                                                   c.) "Say Union City Faces Boom in Industry." The Commercial Appeal pg. 11. December 17, 1922.
14 Bruen, David and Lois Adamor 2004
a.) Adamov, Lois, David Bruen. "Reelfoot Candle Company." 
15 Bullfrogs 1880
a.) The Hickman Courier June 4, 1880.
16 Bunch V. Hodel (Reelfoot Lake Drawdown Case) 1985
a.) State of Tennessee. "Bunch V. Hodel (Reelfoot Lake Drawdown Case)." July 30, 1985.
17 Burdick, J.C. (John Carlos)  1928
a.) "J.C. Burdick, SR. Died at Home here Wednesday." The Commercial December 21, 1928.                                                                                           b.) " A Correction." The Commercial Appeal February 11, 1925.                                                   c.) "Letter from J.C. Burdick." The Commercial Appeal  February 8, 1925.                                                                                                                 d.) "Burdick States Case." The Commercial Appeal September 19, 1913.                                                                                                                e.) Hale, Will, Dixon Merritt. " A History of Tennessee and Tennesseeans." 1913.                                                                                                     f.) "Reelfoot Fish Co. Dissolved." The Commercial Appeal  May 8, 1908. g.) "Letter from J.C. Burdick." The Commercial Appeal August 24, 1908.                                                                                            h.) "J.C. Burdick." The Commercial Appeal September 23, 1904.                                                 i.) J.C. Burdick's. The Commercial Appeal December 4, 1903.                                                            j.) The Commercial Appeal July 24, 1903.                                                                                    k.) "To Control Fisheries." The Commercial Appeal  July 16, 1902.                                       l.) The Commercial Appeal October 4, 1901.                                                                                   m.) The Commercial AppealSeptember 20, 1901.
18 Burdick, J.C. (John Clement) -
a.) "J.C. Burdick." The Commercial AppealApril 18, 1930.                                                       b.) "Those Who Carry on and Keep the Home Fires Burning." The Commercial Appeal April 18, 1930.                                                                                                       c.) "Business Man to Face Trial." The Commercial Appeal May 9, 1919. d.) "Beautiful Reelfoot Lake Paradise for Sportsmen." The Memphis Nave Scinitar November 19, 1905.
19 Burnett, J.T.  -
a.) "In Memoriam- - James Tillmon Burnett." Lake County Banner  September 24, 1948.                                                                                                 b.) "Death Claims a 'First' Citizen." Lake County Banner September 3, 1948.
20 Burrus, Ralph 2001
a.) "Ralph Burrus." The Lake County Banner 78(32):1,2. August 8, 2001.
21 Business Establishments -
a.) Lake County Banner June 27, 1990.                                                                   b.) Hickman Carrier  August 5, 1881.                                                                                       c.) "John Simones." Hickman Carrier  March 21, 1874.
22 Calendars 1800-2050
a.) Calendars-1800 to 2050.
23 Callison, Beverly (Beverly Terrett) -
a.) "West Kentucky History and Culture Collection Jackson Purchase Oral History Project." Index to Ansel Royer Memoires. b.) Interview with Mildred Terrett. November 2, 1991.                                                c.) Interview with Beverly Callison. September 19, 1991.                                                 d.) Photographs of Beverly Callison. 
24 Camp, Boy Scout (A.E. Markham) -
a.) "Camp on, Mark-Ham is Given to Boy Scouts." The Commercial Appeal June 15, 1928.                                                                                                 b.) "West Tennessee Boy Scouts to Camp on Reelfoot Lake." The Commercial Appeal April 27, 1928.
25 Campbell, Whitthorn  1900
a.) Campbell, Whitthorn. B. Obion Co. 1860. began business in 1889 at Glan. 
26 Joe Cantillon 1969
a.) Cantillon, Joe. 1969: "Major League Baseball Player." "Owner of Minniapolis Millies." 
27 Capooth, Wayne -
a.) Capooth, Wayne. "The Golden Age of Waterfowling." 
28 Carp, Silver 2004
a.) "Black Carp found in Mississippi." Mississippi Monitor 5(5):8. August/September,  2004.
29 Cates Landing Project 2002
a.) Jones, Evan. "Size of port streamlined; industrial prospects visit." Lake County Banner 79(18):1. May 1, 2002.
Box 43 of 89
File No.  Title Date
1 Centennial, Wildlife Refuge Reelfoot Lake  19-Oct-02
a.) West Tennessee National Wildlife Refuges Centennial. Celebrate Refuges! Brochure.                                                                                        b.) "Congressman John Tanner Salutes National Wildlife Refuge System Week, Slated to Attend Centennial Event." Friendly Flyer 3(4):1. Fall 2002.                                                                                                                         c.) U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. "National Wildlife Refuges: Happy 100th Birthday."                                                                                                       d.) "Reelfoot NWR nearing century celebration." Lake County Banner  pg.8. May 20, 2002.                                                                                                e.) "Reelfoot NWR to host events on Saturday." Lake County Banner pg.1. October 30, 2002.
2 Chamber of Commerce Reelfoot Area 2000
a.) Mills, Marcia. "Chamber helped with drive for Port Authority." The Lake County Banner January 26, 2000.
3 Chamer of Commerce (Seminars) -
a.) "Reelfoot Lake in History and Tradition." Reelfoot Lake. 
4 Channelization -
a.) Forestry and Wildlife News 1(1). November, 1987.                                                                 b.) Mansur, Michael. "Study weighs stream pollution. Channeled rivers found to be bigger culprits." The Commercial Appeal January 14, 1985.                                                                                                          c.) "The castle's view." The Commercial Appeal.                                                           d.) Mansur, Michael. "Corps eyes alternative for project." The Commercial Appeal July 26, 1984.
5 Charonological Listing of Events that have affected development of Reelfoot Lake.  2002
a.) Smith, Wintfred. "Reelfoot Lake. A Chronological Listing of Events Which have affected its Development." August, 2002.
6 Citizen's Committee Tri-County  June, 1978
a.) Taylor, Jan. "Group will work on Reelfoot Lake." Memphis Commercial Appeal July 2, 1978.
7 CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps)  -
a.) The Lake County Banner 67(2):1. January 24, 1990.                                                      b.) "CCC to have park reunion." Lake County Banner March 1, 1989.                                                                                                                                                 c.) "CCC Camp Buildings are Being Removed." Lake County Banner June 9, 1939.                                                                                                                   d.) "CCC Camp Abandoned by End of the Week." Lake County Banner July 9, 1937.                                                                                                                        e.) "Orders Arrive Here for CCC Camp Abandonment-June 30." Lake County Banner June 25, 1937.                                                                                               f.) "Temporart Stay in CCC Abandonment Comes Wed." Lake County Banner July 2, 1937.                                                                                                      g.) "Lake County CCC Camp not to move after all." Tiptonville Times August 23, 1935.                                                                                                                         h.) Reelfoot Lake State Park. Reelfoot Lake U.S. CCC Park Builders 
8 Civil War Battle of Island No. 10 -
a.) "The Stuckeys in the Civil War."                                                                                b.) Middle Tennessee State University. "Tennessee Academy of Science. Program of the 101st Meeting." November 22, 1991.                                                    c.) Lewis, Emmett. "Balloon used in Island 10 battle." Lake County Banner September 18, 1991.                                                                                                d.) The Civil War-Battle of Island No. 10. Lake County Banner March 8, 1989.                                                                                                                                  e.) The Lake County Banner July 21, 1939.                                                                          f.) The Lake County Banner June 9, 1939.                                                                          g.) Lewis, Emmett. "Island No. 10. from Old Surveys of Area. 1822-1962."
9 CLAPP, Geo. H., Expedition to Reelfoot Lake. Sponsored by Carnegie Museum.  Aug. 1924
a.) The Official Museum Directory.                                                                                   b.) Pitt, William. Carnegie Magazine 
10 Clean Water Act -
a.) Announcement of Public Meeting concerning Corps of Egineer Regulatory Jurisdiction under scection 404 of the Clean Water Act as it pertains to Reelfoot Lake.
11 Cloar, Jerry A. b. September 26, 1842; d. May 3, 1921. -
a.) The Commercial AppealMay 6, 1921.                                                                                   b.) "To the Public." The Commercial Appeal April 15, 1921.                                                      c.) "Early History of Obion." The Commercial AppealFebruary 25, 1921.                                                                                                               d.) "Death of Mrs. J.E. Cloar." The Commercial Appeal March 12, 1915.                                                                                                                e.) " A Card to the Public." The Independent July 30, 1896.                                   f.) "From Tiptonville." The Independent May 21, 1896.
12 Clothing, "Reelfoot Weather Chief"  -
a.) "Reelfoot Weather Chief" Coat. Photographs. 
13 Club, American Legion -
a.) "Legion Building will be Opened." Lake County Banner April 13, 1951.                                                                                                                                           b.) "Plans Starting for Legion Bldg." Lake County Banner October 28, 1949.                                                                                                                                               c.) The Lake County Banner July 15, 1949.                                                                              d.) "The Snake Story was big, but the snake was bigger; So we Heard." Lake County Banner  June 24, 1949.                                                                            e.) "Veterens to Frolic on Friday Evening." Tiptonville Times January 4, 1935.                                                                                                                                               f.) "Legionnaires will Attend Special Services." Tiptonville Times May 11, 1934.                                                                                                                          g.) "Snapped at the Spillway Monday Morning." Tiptonville Times April 17, 1931.                                                                                                                              h.) "Legion to Have Reelfoot Club." The Commercial Appeal September 22, 1929.                                                                                                                                                   i.) "Clubhouse for Legion Planned." The Commercial Appeal June 28, 1929.                                                                                                                                              j.) "Official Notice American Legion." The Commercial Appeal February 1, 1924.
14 Club, Blue Wing -
a.) By-laws of the Blue Wing Hunting Club. 
15 Club, Dyersburg Outting -
a.) Burke, R.A., N.W. Calcutt, W.T. Sugg. " By-laws of the Dyersburt Outing Club." 
16 Club, Fin and Feather 1983
a.)Reelfoot Fin and Feather Club January 8, 1983.
17 Clubs, Hunting and Fishing -
a.) "Reelfoot Lake Discussed Before Jaycee Gathering." Lake County Banner  September 6, 1940.                                                                                            b.) "Travel Editors will Pay Visit to Reelfoot Lake on May 6th." Lake County Banner March 29, 1940.                                                                            c.) "Two Prominent West Tennesseeans Named on Governor's Staff." The Commercial Appeal October 20, 1933.                                                                                    d.) "State Officials Spending Week-End at Reelfoot Lake." The Commercial Appeal October 13, 1933.                                                                                                   e.) "Will Erect Hunt Lodge." Tiptonville Times October 25, 1929.                                           f.) "Hunting Club Incorporates." Dresden Enterprise November 24, 1922.                                                                                                                                                   g.) "With Duck Hunters." The Commercial Appeal November 9, 1917.                                                                                                                h.) "Roosevelt and Lake." The Commercial Appeal October 7, 1910.                                                                                                               i.) "Ozark Lake Hunting Club." The Commercial AppealSeptember 20, 1901.                                                                                                              j.) Hickman Carrier November 4, 1881.
18 Cochran Hotel, Samburg -
a.) ""Johnny" Cochran Dead." The Commercial May 9, 1930.                                     b.) "Twenty-Room Hotel Burns at Samburg." The Commercial Appeal November 8, 1929.
19 Chochran, W.W. Survey of Reelfoot Lake 1902-1905
a.) The Commercial June 19, 1914.                                                          b.) W.W. Cochran Survey photographs. 
20 Comet -
a.) "Halley's Comet in the Weat." The Commercial AppealJanuary 28, 1910.                                                                                                               b.) "A Meteor." The Commercial Appeal October 25, 1901.                                                     c.) " Fear of the Comet." The Commercial Appeal May 6, 1910.
21 Coliform Paper (Slack)  -
a.) "Seasonal Occurrence of Microbial Indicators of Fecal Pollution in Reelfoot Lake, Tennessee. Rough Draft. 
22 Comprehensive Conservation Plan Reelfoot National Wildlife Refuge -
a.) U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. "A Comprehensive Conservation Plan. (CPP).                                                                                                b.) U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. " Lake Isom National Wildlife Refuge.                                                                                                                            c.) U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. "Reelfoot National Wildlife Refuge."                                                                                                                                       d.) U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. "Reelfoot and Lake Isom. National Wildlife Refuges Amphibian and Reptile List."                                     e.) U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. "Reelfoot. National Wildlife Refuge Bird List."                                                                                                             f.) U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. "Reelfoot. National Wildlife Refuge."                                                                                                                              g.) U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. " Reelfoot and Lake Isom. National Wildlife Refuges Public Use Regualtions 2000-2001."                       h.) U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. "Reelfoot and Lake Isom. national Wildlife Refuges Mammal List." 
23 Comprehensive Conservation Planning Committee 2001
a.) U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. " Reelfoot National Wildlife Refuge."                                                                                                                               b.) U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. " Lake Isom National Wildlife Refuge.                                                                                                                                c.) Fish and Wildlife Populations Management. Objectives and Goals. 
24 Cookie Cutter -
a.) Tennessee Department of Conservation.                                                      b.) U.S. Departement of the Interior. Fish and Wildlife Service. 
25 Copyright on Reelfoot Maps -
a.) Fishing Hot Sots, Inc. Copyright on Reelfoot Maps to find fish. 
26 Corps of Engineers Clean Water Act, Section 404 -
a.) Smith, W. and T.D. Pitts. 1982. "Reelfoot Lake: A Summary Report." Tenn. Dept. Public Health, Div. Water Quality Control. Nashville.                                                                                                                           b.) Tennessee Department of Conservation. " Reelfoot Lake Project (Tennessee/Kentucky)."                                                                                  c.) Department of Defense. "Federal Register."                                                    d.) U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Permit Program: a guide for applicants. November 1, 1977.                                                                                                  e.) Preliminary Summary of Reelfoot Lake Area Development Meeting.                                                                                                                                     f.) U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Mississippi River Commission. 1954. "Review of reports on the lower Mississippi River for flood central and major drainage in the Reelfoot Lake Area, Tennessee and Kentucky." April, 29.                                                                                          g.) "A Statement to the District Corps of Engineers, Memphis, Tennessee, by the Tennessee Game and Fish Commission, concerning a proposed flood control and drainage survey of Reelfoot Lade and Viginity." May 17, 1951.
27 Correspondence -
a.) American Institure of Hydrology. "Information on Certification as a Professional Hydrologist or Professional Hydrogeologist."                                                                                                            b.)Nature of Tennessee                                                                                                               c.) Butler, Murrell. "The Peregrine Falcon at Reelfoot Lake." Butler Galleries                                                                                                                             d.) "Literature Relating to Reelfoot Lake, Lake and Obion Counties, Tennessee." 
28 Cottam, Clarnence -
a.) Cottam, Clarence. Who was Who in America, 1976. v.6 p.93. b.) Cottam, Clarence. Something about the Author, 1981. v.25.       c.) Cottam, Clarence. Contemporarty Authors. 1981. vol. 97-100. d.) Cottam, Clarence. American Meu. Of Science. 1960. 
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File No.  Title Date
1 Cotton -
a.) "Better Crop is Recorded."  Lake County Banner  April 2, 1954. b.) "Farmers Need Stop to Rain." Lake County Banner 81(17). June 11, 1954.                                                                                                                      c.) "Top Record Chalked Up." Lake County Banner July 23, 1954. d.) "Events from Samburg Town." Lake County Banner September 25, 1953.                                                                                                                                        e.) "Cotton Raising in 1807." Lake County Banner January 30, 1953. f.) "Selling Ourselves Short?" Lake County Banner November 21, 1952.                                                                                                                                    g.) "First Cotton Boll Arrives." Lake County Banner August 8, 1952.                                                                                                              h.) "Rain Need Desparate for Farmers in Area." Lake County Banner July 4, 1952.                                                                                                           i.) "Cotton Off to a Slow Start."  Lake County Banner May 30, 1952.                                                                                                                                          j.) "First Open Boll is Reported to Banner." Lake County Banner August 10, 1951.                                                                                                                           k.) "Early Cotton Growing: Bradburry." Lake County Banner June 22, 1951.                                                                                                                                         l.) "Cotton Quota is Large One. Lake County Banner February 9, 1951.                                                                                                               m.) "Cotton or Crappie?" Lake County Banner January 19, 1951. 
n.) "Earlier Planning Urged on Crop." Lake County Banner November 24, 1950.                                                                                                                                              o.) "Narrow Escapes Reported as Storm Suddenly Rises Over Reelfoot Lake." Lake County Banner June 2, 1950.                                              p.) "Crop Insurance Still Available."  Lake County Banner  June 24, 1949.                                                                                                                                          q.) "File Smith-Doxey Applications Now." Lake County Banner  June 24, 1949.                                                                                                                            r.) "Allotments for Cotton in 1950." Lake County Banner June 3, 1949.                                                                                                                                                 s.) "Price Outlook is Satisfactory."  Lake County Banner April 1, 1949.                                                                                                                                           t.) "Ridgely Farmers Test Machine Cotton Picker with Fair Results."  Lake County Banner October 1, 1948.                                                          u.) "15,000 Harvesters Ready." Lake County Banne November 28, 1947.                                                                                                           v.) "1946 Cotton Crop Experts; County."Better Crop is Recorded."  Lake County Banner  April 2, 1954.                                                                                         w.) "Farmers Need Stop to Rain." Lake County Banner 81(17). June 11, 1954.                                                                                                                                  x.) "Top Record Chalked Up." Lake County Banner July 23, 1954.             
y.) "Events from Samburg Town." Lake County Banner September 25, 1953.                                                                                                                                            z.) "Cotton Raising in 1807." Lake County Banner January 30, 1953.                                                                                                             aa.) "Selling Ourselves Short?" Lake County Banner November 221, 1952.                                                                                                                                           bb.) "First Cotton Boll Arrives." Lake County Banner August 8, 1952.                                                                                                                         cc.) "Rain Need Desparate for Farmers in Area." Lake County Banner July 4, 1952.                                                                                                        dd.) "Cotton Off to a Slow Start."  Lake County Banner May 30, 1952.                                                                                                                                        ee.) "First Open Boll is Reported to Banner." Lake County Banner August 10, 1951.                                                                                                                          ff.) "Early Cotton Growing: Bradburry." Lake County Banner June 22, 1951.                                                                                                                                gg.) "Cotton Quota is Large One. Lake County Banner February 9, 1951.                                                                                                                 hh.) "Cotton or Crappie?" Lake County Banner March 28, 1947.                             ii.) "Producue Prices Soar." Lake County Banner July 19, 1936.
jj.) "Ginnings in County Still Low on October 1-8,756 Bales."  Lake County Banner October 15, 1943.                                                                                                     kk.) "Cotton Harvest Makes Strong Start this Week." Lake County Banner September 4, 1942.                                                                                                                      ll.) Union City Daily Messenger July 5, 1941.                                                                   mm.) "Cotton Classing School to be Held July 7 to 12th." Lake County June 13, 1941.                                                                                                                            nn.) "First Cotton Bloom Found Monday Morning."  Lake County Banner June 25, 1937.                                                                                                            oo.) Tiptonville Times August 23, 1935.                                                                                    pp.) "Farm Prices Up to 1914 Level. Tiptonville Times February 15, 1935.                                                                                                                                                    qq.) "Cotton Report." Tiptonville Times September 12, 1934.                                                   rr.) Early Campaign Clean-Up Will Speed Cotton Checks." Tiptonville Times February 16, 1934.                                                                                                     ss.) "Walker Licensed to Grade Cotton."  Lake County Banner June 13, 1930.                                                                                                                          tt.) "U.S. Board Warns Cotton Growers to Get Acreage." The Commercial AppealJanuary 24, 1930.
uu.) "Cotton Ginned Prio Rio Nov. 1." Lake County Banner December 5, 1924.                                                                                                                                   vv.) "Strong Program for Farmer's Institute." The Commercial Appeal August 12, 1921.
2 Cotton Pickers -
a.) "Machine Picker vs. Hand Picking of Cotton; The Argument is on." Lake County Banner November 12, 1948.                                                                   b.) "Machine Cotton Picker Services Made Available." Lake County Banner September 24, 1948.                                                                                     c.) "Cotton Harvest to Hit Good Pace Next Week."  Lake County Banner September 5, 1947.                                                                                                         d.) "Ten Schools in County Out for Picking Cotton." Union City Daily Messenger September 9, 1941.                                                                                            e.) "County Schools Open Monday."  The Commercial Appeal July 10, 1931.
3 Court Records -
a.) Humphreys, C.C. 1960. "The Formation of Reelfoot Lake and Consequent Land and Social Problems."  West Tennessee Historical Society. 14:32-73.                                                                                      b.) April Term, 1913. Reelfoot Lake Case.                                                                    c.) Cates, Chas T., D.J. Caldwell. "In the Court of Civil Appeals at Jackson, Tennessee." The Assignments of Error and Brief of Complainant. January Term, 1912.                                                                                   d.) Brief and Argument for James C. Harris., Appellant. In Supreme Court at Jackson, TN. 
4 Cox, Becky 2004
a.) The Pearl Button 3(2). June 2004.
5 Crane Town -
a.) Cranetown newspaper photograph. 
6 Creek (Reelfoot) -
a.) "Drainage is Given Boost." Lake County Banner 29(37) October 31, 1952.
7 Davy Crockett Hotel -
a.) The Reelfoot Playgrounds Association. "The Great Master's Garden." 
8 Culp Fred M.  -
a.) Notes from Meeting with Fred M. Culp.                                                      b.) Jordan and Pryor. "A Self Guided Driving Tour of The Battle of Trenton, Tennessee." December 20, 1862.
9 Cypress -
a.) Department of the Interior. "New Publications of the U.S. Geological Survey." March 1990.                                                                                     b.) Department of the Interior. "New Publications of the U.S. Geological Survey." November 1989.                                                                                           c.) Baldcypress Surveys, 1985-88.                                                                               d.) Klimas, Charles. "Baldcypress Response to Increased Water Levels, Caddo Lake LA-TX."                                                                                        e.) "No Cypress Stumps in Lake, Avers Writer." Lake County Banner March 5, 1954.                                                                                                               f.) "Markham Laird found the Tree He's Been Looking for so Long." Lake County Banner November 3, 1950.                                                                            g.) "A Cypress Giant in Object of a Search." Lake County Banner September 29, 1950.
10 Darter, Relict Bayour Du Chien -
a.) Federal Register "Rules and Regulations." 58(246):68481. December 27, 1993.                                                                                                                                         b.) United States Department of the Interior Fish and Wildlife Service. "Public Hearing on the Proposed Rule to List the Relict Darter as an Endangered Species." April 6, 1993.                                                               c.) Department of the Interior. "Fish and Wildlife Service." Federal Register 58(41):12353. March 4, 1993.                                                                     d.) Questions Contained in Judge Gregory Pruitt's Letter of February 8, 1983 to Rigchard G. Biggins.                                                                             e.) Illinois Dept. of Conservation, Indiana Dept. of Natural Resources, Kentucky Dept. of Fish and Wildlife Resources, and Missouri Dept. of Conservation. "The New Madrid Wetlands Project." January, 1989.                                                                                                                              f.) "Proposed Rules." Federal Register 57(239):58774. December 11, 1992.                                                                                                                                                              g.) Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants August 29, 1992.                                                                                                                                                      h.) U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. U.S. Department of the Interior. Endangered Species Act of 1973. 
11 Davis, Emily -
a.) "Davis 'Memories' books here." Lake County Banner December 2, 1998.                                                                                                                                                    b.) "Author Dr. Emily Davis to speak at West Tenn. Historical Society."  Lake County Banner  November 3, 1999.                                                            c.) "Personals" The Fulton Leader July 16, 1998.
12 Decoy 1995
a.) "Decoy thieves raid lake blinds." Lake County Banner January 18, 1995.
13 Delta Queen -
a.) "Writer raps Delta Queen." Lake County Banner June 24, 1971.
14 De Soto -
a.) "De Soto's Body." Old Shelby County Magazine 
15 Development -
a.) "Clement Vows Lake Aid." Lake County Banner April 9, 1954. b.) "United Front For Reelfoot." Lake County Banner March 5, 1954.                                                                                                                                                c.) "Millions to State Lakes." Lake County Banner Febrauary 12, 1954.                                                                                                             d.) "Tragedy told in Lake Management." Lake County Banner December 11,1953.                                                                                                                         e.) "'No Cure for Lake Ills'." Lake County Banner October 30, 1953.                                                                                                              f.) "Sportsmen Will Hear Olds."  Lake County Banner October 23, 1953.                                                                                                                                           g.) "The Lake Beautiful." Lake County Banner October 16, 1955.                        h.) "Reelfoot Story: Ever Old and Ever New." Lake County Banner October 9, 1953.                                                                                                           i.) "Game and Fish Commission has Full Power in Lake Improvements." Lake County Banner September 18, 1953.                                                             j.) "Wonders told of Great Lake." Lake County Banner May 22, 1953.                                                                                                                                             k.) "No Word on $250,000 for Lake Management." Lake County Banner May 22, 1953.                                                                                                                           l.) "Olds talks on Reelfoot Lake." Lake County Banner May 15, 1953.                                                                                                                                                             m) "State Starts Lake Planning." Lake County Banner October 10, 1952.                                                                                                                                          n.) "Is this the Big Break?" Lake County Banner September 26, 1952.
o.) "Banner Editorials… For Whom the Bells Toll: Reelfoot Lake." Lake County Banner September 11, 1953.                                                                                   p.) "Reelfoot Lake Boom Continues." Lake County Banner June 13, 1952.                                                                                                                                              q.) "Wanted--Information." Lake County Banner April 25, 1952.   r.) "Lake Awakens to New Season." Lake County Banner March 23, 1951.                                                                                                                                                     s.) Editoral Column. Lake County Banner August 18, 1950.                                                    t.) "State Assigns Rawls to Lake." Lake County Banner August 11, 1950.                                                                                                                                                            u.) "An Opinion on the Lake." Lake County Banner July 21, 1950. v.) "Reelfoot Lake Promotion." Lake County Banner May 26, 1950.
w.) "How Much for Reelfoot?" Lake County Banner May 19, 1950.                                                                                                                                             x.) "Samburg Inc." Lake County Banner April 14, 1950.                                              y.) "Reelfoot Style." Lake County Banner June 23, 1950.                                             z.) "Samburg Talks of State Park." Lake County Banner March 31, 1950.                                                                                                                                          aa.) "Reelfoot Lake Conditions." Lake County Banner March 10, 1950.                                                                                                                                                    bb.) "City of Samburg in Debt, Out, In." Lake County Banner March 10, 1950.                                                                                                                                    cc.) "Laird Named Area Manager at Lake." Lake County Banner November 11, 1949.                                                                                                                                dd.) "Samburg Inc." Lake County Banner April 22, 1949.                                         ee.) "Senate Passes Game Fish Ban." Lake County Banner  April 15, 1949.                                                                                                                               ff.) "Samburg Inc." Lake County Banner April 8, 1949.                                             gg.) "Tempest Brews Over Reelfoot." Lake County Banner March 25, 1949.                                                                                                                                             hh.) "Memphis Writer Scores State Administration of Reelfoot Lake." Lake County Banner January 21, 1949.                                                                             ii.) "Reelfoot Lake on its Own." Lake County Banner October 11, 1946.
jj.) "Work on Reelfoot Lake Survey to Start Saturday." The Commercial Appeal September 29, 1933.                                                                                             kk.) "New Spillway Restaurant Now Open." The Commercial Appeal April 3, 1931.                                                                                                                                            ll.) "To Tell World About Reelfoot." The Commercial Appeal October 19, 1928.                                                                                                                                             mm.) "Perfect Plans Exploit Reelfoot Lake." The Commercial Appeal October 12, 1928.                                                                                                                      nn.) "Last Friday Opened a New Transportation Era." The Commercial Appeal April 30, 1926.                                                                                           oo.) "Another Boost for Union City and Obion County." The Commercial Appeal February 8, 1925.                                                                                                         pp.) "Reelfoot Lake." The Commercial Appeal September 14, 1923.                                             qq.) "Reelfoot Lake Improvement Fund." The Commercial Appeal January 5, 1923.                                                                                                                                                     rr.) "New Hotel at Walnut Leg." The Commercial Appeal April 25, 1919. ss.) "Developing Reelfoot Lake." The Commercial Appeal August 15, 1913. tt.) "Tiptonville Waking Up." The Commercial Appeal April 22, 1910.                                                                                uu.) "Reelfoot CLypress ar Used for Piers at Fisherville." Lake County Banner April 23, 1954.                                                                                                  vv.) "The Reelfoot Country -Plan for Comprehensive Development." Planner Article November 5, 1958.                                                                       
ww.) Lake County, Tennessee. "An Applicaiton for Technical Assisstance Under Section 301 of Public Law 89-136 to the Economic Development Administration for Reelfoot Lake Utility and Recreation Development Plan.                                                                                   xx.) "Take Lake from game and Fish Group, Council Asked." Lake County Banner June 18, 1954.                                                                                                   
yy.) "Clement Premises Aid for Lake, End to Fish Sale." Lake County Banner June 18, 1954.                                                                                                  zz.) "Banner Editorials... Reelfoot: Paradise Regained?" Lake County Banner October 8, 1954.                                                                                                      aaa.) "Misplaced Priorities." Memphis Press June, 1983.                                                      bbb.) "Reelfoot-Who benefits from improvements if lake dies?" Memphis Press May 30, 1983.                                                                                                          ccc.) "Lake Area Ignored by Agencies." The Daily Messenger June 7, 1983.                                                                                                                                                    ddd.) "River Road Discussed." The Lake County Banner February 18, 1987.                                                                                                                                         eee.) "Building Permit form Rejected at Meeting." The Daily Messenger October 26, 1984.                                                                                                               fff.) "Highway to the West Lake County was on the route." Lake County Banner October 8, 1986.                                                                                                              ggg.) Lewis Emmett. "Early Surveyors charted Lake County." Lake County Banner April 1, 1987.                                                                                                      hhh.) "No major changes at Reelfoot : Hamilton." Lake County Banner February 11, 1987.                                                                                                               iii.) "Writer opposes boat dock closing." Lake County Banner April 1, 1987.
jjj.) "State cancels Reelfoot boat dock lease." The Commercial Appeal May 28, 1987.                                                                                                               kkk.) Jones, Richard. "New boat dock will open soon." Lake County Banner September 1, 1987.                                                                                                        lll.) "Lake Construction booming." Lake County Banner November 10, 1999.                                                                                                                                        mmm.) "New City on Lake." The Commercial Appeal November 12, 1922.
16 Development Council (Local) -
a.) Hamilton, OEDP. June 14, 1983.                                                                             b.) "Reelfoot Lake Gets Boost." The Tennesseean October 19, 1982.                                                                                                              c.) Reelfoot Lake Development Council.                                                                  d.) Reelfoot Lake Wildlife Management Area Proposed Improvement Programs 1982-83.                                                                                e.) Evans, John. "Milfoil: Friend or Foe? Bassmaster Magazine        f.) "The Reelfoot Lake Rural Clean Water Project." The Daily Messenger August 3, 1982.                                                                                                     g.) "Cookie Cutter" Transport Trailer.                                                                             h.) "Effective Aquatic Weed Control and Eradication with... the Cookie Cutter." 
17 Diary, Brown and White 1961
a.) "The Black Insurance Agency." Hickman, Kentucky. 1961.
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File No.  Title Date
1 Ditchess and Circulation Channels Reelfoot Lake -
a.) "Pictures." Lake County Banner January 29, 1954.                                                           b.) "To Blast 2 Lake Channels." Lake County Banner November 13, 1953.                                                                                                                                                         c.) "The Digging of Donaldson's Ditch Now Underway at Lake Reelfoot." Lake County Banner July 15, 1949.                                                                            d.) "Explosion or Earthquake Mystery is Solved." Lake County Banner June 3, 1949.                                                                                                                   e.) "Fourth Lake Channel Done-Caller Geese Put Out." Lake County Banner October 15, 1943.                                                                                                    f.) "Reelfoot Moves Along." Lake County Banner May 14, 1943.   g.) "Wildlife Service Plans to Dredge Channels in Lake." Lake County Banner May 1, 1942. 
2 Donaldson, Elizabeth 2002
a.) "Elizsbeth Donaldson Henley, 92 philanthropist, pioneer descendant." Lake County Banner September 25, 2002.
3 Donaldson, L., III ("Lochie") -
a.) "Rites Said for Mrs. Donaldson." Lake County Banner September 18, 1953.                                                                                                                                                                      b.) "Lauchlan Donaldson Pays a Visit to his Keystone Farm." Lake County Banner August 8, 1952.                                                                                                  c.) "Lauchlan Donaldson Jr. was Hurt 41 Years Ago." Lake County Banner December 7, 1951.                                                                                                           d.) "Wit, Wisdom Override Tragedy in Life of Lauchlan Donaldson." Lake County Banner December 8, 1950.                                                                                    e.) "Donaldson-Ownby." The Commercial Appeal September 6, 1901. 
4 Donaldson, L., Sr. (II)? -
a.) "Chickasaws Hunted on Land which Lake Countians Trod." Lake County Banner November 26, 1954.                                                                        b.) "Day of Circuit Rider is Recalled." Lake County Banner December 3, 1954.                                                                                                                                         c.) "Reverie, Predictions are in Old Newspaper Printed Here." Lake County Banner November 19, 1954.                                                                            d.) "An Old-Timer's Recollections of Lake County." Lake County News July 25, 1924.                                                                                                                 e.) "Lake County Citizen Passes to Eternity." The Commercial Appeal July 18, 1924.
5 Donaldson, M.R. 1921
a.) "Prominent Tiptonville Youth is Drowned." The Commercial Appeal May 27, 1921.
6 R.C. Donaldson's Collection Appointment Agreement -
a.) R.C. Donaldson Appointment Agreement. 
7 Donaldson, R. Chris -
a.) Donaldson Family Farms 
8 Donaldson, R.C. "Lake County Bygones" (1) -
a.) "R.C. Donaldson Visits Territory in East Owned by Ancestors in 1730." Lake County Banner July 8, 1949.                                                           b.) "Donaldsons on Trip into East and Canada." Lake County Banner June 10, 1949.                                                                                                          c.) "The Crime at Old Samburg." Lake County Banner July 2, 1948.                                                                                                                                          d.) "Lake County Bygones... Of History and Lore." Lake County Banner April 16, 1948.                                                                                                                          e.) "Lake County Bygones... Of History and Lore." Lake County Banner March 19, 5, February 20, January 30, 1948.
9 Donaldson, R.C. "Lake County Bygones" (2)  -
a.) Donaldson, R.C. "A Slough Landing Tragedy." Lake County Banner December 19, 1947.                                                                                                                         b.) Donaldson, L., Sr. "Some Civil War Experiences." Lake County Banner December 12, 1947.                                                                                                                            c.) Donaldson, L., Sr. "Some Civil War Experiences." Lake County Banner December 5, 1947.                                                                                                                d.) Donaldson, R.C. "Murder on the Old Pole Road." Lake County Banner November 28, 1947.                                                                                                                              e.) Calhoun, Will. "National HIghway to the West." Lake County Banner  November 21, 1947.                                                                                                                        f.) Donaldson, R.C. "Tom, Dick and Harry and their Forbears." Lake County Banner October 10, 1947.                                                                                                 g.) Calhoun, Will. "G.W.L. Marr." Lake County Banner October 3, 1947.                                                                                                                                          h.) Calhoun, Will. "The Battle of the Old Hall." Lake County Banner September 19, 1947.
10 Donaldson, R.C. "Lake County Bygones" (3) -
a.) Calhoun, Will. "The Story of an Inkstand." Lake County Banner September 12, 1947.                                                                                                               b.) Donaldson, R.C. "Steamboat Days (Post War)." Lake County Banner September 5, 1947.                                                                                                                              c.) Donaldson, R.C. "Steamboat Days (Post War)." Lake County Banner August 29, 1947.                                                                                                                  d.) Donaldson, R.C. "Early Steamboat Days." Lake County Banner August 15, 1947.                                                                                                                                     e.) Donaldson, R.C. "Early Steamboat Days." Lake County Banner August 9, 1947.                                                                                                                                            f.) Donaldson, R.C. "High Politics in 1843." Lake County Banner August 1, 1947.                                                                                                                                         g.) Donaldson, R.C. "Pioneer Life in Madrid Bend (Ky.)." Lake County Banner July 25, 1947.
11 Donaldson, R.C. "Lake County Bygones" (4) -
a.) Donaldson, R.C. "Old Land Titles." Lake County Bygones… Of History and Lore. Lake County Banner July 4, 1947.                                                          b.) Donaldson, R.C. "Timber Mining in Reelfoot Lake." Lake County Banner June 13, 1947.                                                                                             c.) Calhoun, Will. "The Big Fish Fry." Lake County Banner June 6, 1947.                                                                                                                                          d.) Donaldson, R.C. "How the Washout was Formed." Lake County Banner May 30, 1947.                                                                                              e.) Donaldson, R.C. "The Great Fire." Lake County Banner May 23, 1947.
12 Donaldson, R.C. "Lake County Bygones" (5) -
a.) Donaldson, R.C. "The First Newspaper." Lake County Banner May 16, 1947.                                                                                                                          b.) Donaldson, R.C. "The First Newspaper." Lake County Banner May 9, 1947.                                                                                                                               c.) "Source Material Requested for "Bygones."" Lake County Banner May 9, 1947.                                                                                                                    d.) Donaldson, R.C. "The First Law Court." Lake County Banner May 2, 1947.                                                                                                                                 e.) Donaldson, R.C. "The First Railroad." Lake County Banner April 25, 1947.                                                                                                                            f.) "Lake County Bygones." Lake County Banner April 18, 1947.    g.) Donaldson, R.C. "The Beginnings of Tiptonville." Lake County Banner April 11, 1947.                                                                                                            h.) "New Series of Lake County Historical Sketches Instituted." Lake County Banner March 28, 1947.                                                                                    i.) Donaldson, R.C. "The Beginning of Tiptonville." Lake County Banner March 28, 1947.
13 Donaldson, Wellington ("Duke") 1930
a.) Tiptonville Times May 2, 1930.
14 Dow, Lorenzo 1777-1834
a.) "Lorenzo Dow Visits our Region." Lake County Banner December 5, 1952.                                                                                                                  b.) "Method to Preacher's Madness." Lake County Banner November 28, 1952.                                                                                                                c.) "Lorenzo Dow." Lake County Banner November 21, 1952.                          d.) Johnson, A. and D. Malone. 1931. Dictionary of American Biography Volume 3. 
15 Drainage (1) -
a.) "News of Bygone Days." The Commercial Appeal February 13, 1985.                                                                                                                                                  b.) "Reelfoot restudy." The Commercial Appeal. June 22, 1984.     c.) "Draining a basin." The Commercial Appeal May 9, 1984.                                           d.) "Lower Mississippi River and Tributaries in the Reelfoot Lake Area of Kentucky and Tennessee." Letter from the Secretary of the Army.                                                                                                                            e.) "Huge Drainage Bill Okayed." Lake County Banner August 20, 1954.                                                                                                                                               f.) "Drainage Bill Approved by Senate Public Works Group." Lake County Banner July 30, 1954.                                                                                               g.) "County Agent Testifies in Washington on Drainage." Lake County Banner July 23, 1954.                                                                                             h.) "Ditch Work Step Closer." Lake County Banner July 2, 1954.                  i.) "Still No Drainage Solution." Lake County Banner November 6, 1953.                                                                                                                                                    j.) "Farmers Denied Drainage Appropriation." Lake County Banner August 28, 1953.                                                                                                                k.) "Try for Drainage Measure." Lake County Banner August 14, 1953.                                                                                                                                              l.) "Resolution." Lake County Banner April 10, 1953.                                                                          m.) "Drainage Bill Loses in End." Lake County Banner April 3, 1953.
n.) "From Defeat, Unity?" Lake County Banner April 3, 1953.                                                  o.) "Oldtimers Recall Day When Men Claimed They Would Drain Lake." Lake County Banner February 20, 1953.                                                                            p.) "Farmers Pay for Drainage." Lake County Banner November 7, 1952.                                                                                                                                                q.) "Drainage Question Again." Lake County Banner October 31, 1952.                                                                                                                                                    r.) "Drainage Fund is Allocated." Lake County Banner August 8, 1952.                                                                                                                                            s.) "Bad Drainage is Discussed." Lake County Banner June 27, 1952.                                                                                                                                                  t.) "Why Drainage is Bad." Lake County Banner June 13, 1952.                                                u.) "Drainage Needs Told by Cooper." Lake County Banner May 25, 1951.                                                                                                                                                 v.) "Drainage Vital Here Marine General Says." ; "Drainage is Big Problem." Lake County Banner May 25, 1951.                                                                                  w.) "Public Hearing at Tiptonville." Lake County Banner April 20, 1951.                                                                                                                                                             x.) "Limited Funds for Drainage." Lake County Banner March 23, 1951.                                                                                                                                                         y.) "Drainage Conditions to be Talked Here." Lake County Banner.May 18, 1951.                                                                                                                        z.) "Cotton or Crappie?" Lake County Banner January 19, 1951. 
aa.) "Drainage Needs of Lake County are Outlined by Local Farmers." Lake County Banner November 24, 1950.                                                                            bb.) "Forum to be on Drainage." Lake County Banner November 17, 1950.                                                                                                                                             cc.) "Water Moving Our of County." Lake County Banner March 10, 1950.                                                                                                                                                    dd.) "Levvee Drainage Plan Dusted Off."                                                                           ee.) "Farmers Seek Relief for Flooded Lake Margin Lands." Lake County Banner March 25, 1949.                                                                                                   ff.) "Move toward to Dyer Co. Levee." Lake County Banner February 25, 1949.                                                                                                                                        gg.) "Farm Drainage Funds Available." Lake County Banner January 14, 1949.                                                                                                                                            hh.) "Health Dept. to Aid in Drainage." Lake County Banner April 22, 1932.                                                                                                                                          ii.) "Free Bridges Drainage District." The Commercial Appeal April 26, 1918.                                                                                                                                                      jj.) "Letter from Mr. Garrett." The Commercial Appeal May 19, 1909.                                                                                                               kk.) "To Darain Swamp Lands." The Commercial Appeal March 12, 1909.                                                                                                              ll.) "Drainage of the River Bottoms of West Tennessee." The Commercial Appeal June 7, 1907.                                                                                                      mm.) "Reelfoot Lake." The Memphis Daily Appeal February 14, 1885.                                                                                                               nn.) "Reelfoot Lake." The Memphis Daily Appeal January 30, 1885. 
17 Drawdown (TWRA)-Reelfoot Lake (1) -
a.) "Congressmen tussle over spillway plan." The Tennessean July 17, 2000.                                                                                                                               b.) Brannon, John. "Drawdown results both good and bad." Daily Messenger August 3, 1995.                                                                                                                  c.) "Drawdown Starts at Reelfoot Lake.TWRA Officials Anticipate Risks."                                                                                                                                                    d.) "Drawdown planned after channel dug." Union City Daily Messenger March 20, 1995.                                                                                                                   e.) "Reelfoot drawdown possible." Union City Daily Messengers March 1, 1995.                                                                                                                                     f.) "Reelfoot Lake could benefit from drawdown at Crockett." Union City Daily Messenger February 24, 1995.                                                                                             g.) Brannon, John. "Help for Reelfoot may be years away." Union City Daily Messenger May 20, 1994.                                                                                                        h.) Brannon, John. "Official: Reelfoot needs drawdown." Union City Daily Messenger February 1, 1994.                                                                                                     i.) Fleming, Jeffrey. "Suit Dismissal clears way for Reelfoot rescue plan." Commercial Appeal December 6, 1990.                                                                          j.) Hodson, Sandy, Tom Corwin. "Court tosses out Reelfoot Landowners' Lawsut." The Jackson Sun December 5, 1990.                                                               k.) Oder Granting Federal Defendant's Motion for Summary Judgment and State Defendants' Motion to Dismiss. December 4, 1990.                                                                                                                                                  l.) "Officials opposed drawdown." Union City Daily Messenger June 14, 1990.                                                                                                                            m.) Jones, Evan. "Fed approves drawdown at Reelfoot. Major drawdon seems unlikely in near future." The Lake County Banner September 27, 1989.                                                                                               n.) Jones, Richard. "New lake drawdown decision near." Lake County Banner July 26, 1989.
16 Drainage (2) -
a.) Letter from the Secretary of the Army. "Western Tennessee Tributaries Tennessee and Kentucky." 
17 Drawdown (TWRA)-Reelfoot Lake (2) -
a.) United States Environmental Protection Agency. Review of the F&Ws ReelfootLake EIS. January 17, 1989.                                                                          b.) "What Reelfoot needs." Lake County Banner December 28, 1988.                                                                                                             c.) "Drawdown not necessary." Lake County Banner December 28, 1988.                                                                                                                                                 d.) "Gore hears complaints." Lake County Banner December 21, 1988. e.) "Drawdown concerns voiced Lake Residents respond to study." Union City Daily Messenger December 14, 1988.                                                    f.) Huston, Jerry. "Reelfoot plan is released. Proposal vites need for drawdowns." The Commercial Appeal December 2, 1988.                                               h.) "Drawdown still possibility. Reelfoot impact study lists "preferred" alternatives." Lake County Banner November 30, 1988.                                                                                                              i.) "U.S. Policy on Lowering Reelfoot Lake Fuels Debate." The Commercial Appeal October 3, 1988.                                                                                        j.) Department of the interior U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. "Water Level Management of Reelfoot Lake."                                                                  k.) "What's going on?" Lake County Banner January 4, 1988.                                                   l.) "Drawdown is answer, native says." The Jackson Sun May 24, 1987.
18 Drawdown (TWRA)-Reelfoot Lake (3) -
a.) Reelfoot Lake Workshop Information Package. 
19 Drawdown (TWRA)-Reelfoot Lake (4) -
a.) Christ, Mark. "No drawdown planned for Reelfoot this summer regardless of suit verdict." The Commercial Appeal January 27, 1986.                                                                                                                                                     b.) "Reelfot Lowering stop Called Wrong." The Tennesseean October 23, 1985.                                                                                                                                               c.) "TWRA appeals drawdown ruling." Lake County Banner October 23, 1985.                                                                                                                                             d.) "Extreme Lake Drawdowns in Florida and Louisiana a Field Trip Report." September 17-27, 1985.                                                                                                       e.) Sullivan, Nick. "Suit Seeks to Halt Drawdown."                                                                      f.) "Senator says lake needs impact study." Lake County Banner August 28, 1985.                                                                                                                                    g.) "Drawdown has Damaged Lake Ecology." Daily Messenger July 22, 1985.                                                                                                                              h.) "State to appeal drawdown." Lake County Banner July 17, 1985.
20 Drawdown (TWRA)-Reelfoot Lake (5) -
a.) Christ, Mark. "State to appeal lake ruling." The Commercial Appeal July 11, 1985.                                                                                                                   b.) Sanford, Otis, Mark Christ. "Water's Up. Judge halts lake drawdown." The Commercial Appeal July 10, 1985.                                                         c.) "Reelfoot Lake Project May Speed Decay." Camden Chronicle July 10, 1985.                                                                                                                                     d.) Ballard, Delores. "Hopes die as water recedes at Reelfoot." The Jackson Sun June 24, 1985.                                                                                                  e.) Reelfoot Lake Development Council. "Save Reelfoot Lake" June 17, 1985.                                                                                                                                    f.) "'Full-blown Hearing' set on Reelfoot's drawdown." The Commercial June 7, 1985.                                                                                                        g.) Roberts, Chuck. "Draw-down on Reelfoot is dividing community."                                                                                                                    h.) Christ, Mark. "Lake's spillway releases protest." The Commercial Appeal May 28, 1965.                                                                                                                                       i.) Lewis, Bob. "Reelfoot rift. Imminent drawdown divides friends, families in bitter dispute." The Jackson Sun May 26, 1985.                        j.) Christ, Mark. "Suit requests delay in lake drawdown." The Commercial Appeal May 25, 1985.                                                                                   k.) Christ, Mark. "Drawdown is set at Reelfoot Lake despite halt effort." The Commercial Appeal May 24, 1985.                                                                         l.) Lewis, Bob. "Reelfoot drawdown foes ask judge to halt project." The Jackson Sun May 24, 1985.                                                                        m.) Petit, Ged, Bobby Wilson. "Reelfoot Lake Can be Saved." Tennessee Out-Of-Doors May 1985.
n.) Christ, Mark. "Drawdown called downright wrong." The Commercial Appeal April 7, 1985.                                                                                                 o.) "Decision due May 17 on Reelfoot Drawdown." The Tennesseean May 5, 1985.
22  Drawdown (TWRA)-Reelfoot Lake (6) -
a.) Final Environmental Impact Statement Lake Apopka Restoration Project.                                                                                               b.) Cavness, Gale."Drawdown Battle Continues." Union City Daily Messenger May 14, 1985.                                                                                          c.) Concerned Citizens to Stop T.W.R.A.                                                                                d.) Cavness, Gale. "Reelfoot Lake Plan Given." Daily Messenger May 10, 1985.                                                                                                                              e.) Cavness, Gale. "Reelfoot Lake Plan Given Boost." Daily Messenger May 10, 1985.                                                                                                     f.) "Funding for Reelfoot Included in Budget." The Daily Messenger May 10, 1985.                                                                                                  g.) Gaither, Steve. "Drawdown pleas heard on Reelfoot." Commercial Appeal May 10, 1985.                                                                                           h.) Christ, Mark. "Lowering Reelfoot propts questions." Commercial Appeal May 9, 1985.                                                                                  i.) Executinve Summary of Reelfoot Lake an Assessment for Water Level Management. May 8, 1985.                                                                                  j.) Reelfoot Lake an Assessment for a Fish Habitat Improvement Proposal. May 8, 1985.                                                                                                               k.) Petit, Ged, and Bobby Wilson. "Reelfoot Lake Can Be Saved." Tennessee Out-Of-Doors May 1985.                                                                               l.) "Reelfoot Hearing Open for Opinions." The Commercial Appeal May 8, 1985.                                                                                                                                m.) "Muck-pumping device faces test at Reelfoot." The Commercial Appeal May 8, 1985. 
n.) Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency. News. May 9, 1985.    o.) "Hearing set on Reelfoot." The Commercial Appeal May 5, 1985.                                                                                                               p.) Christ, Mark. "Residents insist lake drawdown should be delayed." The Commercial Appeal May 2, 1985.                                                                        q.) Christ, Mark. "Lower lake to pay off, state says." The Commercial Appeal May 1, 1985.                                                                                                            r.) Cavness, Gale. "Lake Funds Are Promised." Daily Messenger May 16, 1985.
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File No.  Title Date
1 Drawdown (TWRA)-Reelfoot Lake (7) -
a.) The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency. "Reelfoot Lake. An Assessment for a Fish Habitat Improvement Proposal." Draft. March, 1985.
2 Drawdown (TWRA)-Reelfoot Lake (8) -
a.) "Reelfoot funding takes another step." The Lake County Banner September 13, 2000.                                                                                                              b.) "Troy residents offer 'Vision' for county." The Messenger August 25, 2000.                                                                                                                                  c.) Seago, Les. "Low water hurts business for Reelfoot Lake resorts."                                                                                                                                         d.) Cavness, Gale. "Hurst Defends Reelfoot Lake Drawdown Plan." Daily Messenger                                                                                                               e.) Christ, Mark. "Lake drawdown draws up citizens." Commercial Appeal April 7, 1985.                                                                                                 f.) "Reelfoot Lake Seiment Consolidation Study."                                                                   g.) "Drawdown awaits impact statement." "Local interests fear effects of Lake drawdown." Lake County Banner 62(7). March 13, 1985.                                                                                                                                                h.) Lewis, Bob. "Lake drawdown will hurt area, residents say." Jackson Sun December 17, 1984.                                                                                                        i.) "Drawdown not certain: Tanner." Lake County Banner 61(46) December 12, 1984.                                                                                                                                      j.) Cavness, Gale. "Lake Residents Protest Again." Daily Messenger 59(239). December 5, 1984.                                                                                            k.) "Resolution." Lake County Banner December 5, 1984.                                                                   l.) Gaither, Steve. "'Residents say state too hasty with plan for Reelfoot Lake." Commercial Appeal December 5, 1984.                                                       m.) Gaither, Steve. "Residents say state too hasty with plan for Reelfoot Lake." Commercial Appeal December 5, 1984.
 n.) Norrid, Harold. "Lowering Reelfoot Puzzles Mr. Norrid." The Daily Messenger December 6, 1984.                                                                                               o.) Christ, Mark. "Open mind urged on lake plan." The Commercial Appeal December 6, 1984.                                                                                                                p.) "Chamber promotes lake area." Lake County Banner December 5, 1984.                                                                                                                                             q.) "Drawdown Opposed Fulton, Lake County courts against plan." Lake County Banner December 5, 1984. 
3 Drawdown (TWRA)-Reelfoot Lake (9) -
a.) Christ, Mark. "Proposal to alter Reelfoot meets with area resistance." The Commercial Appeal December 4, 1984.                                                             b.) Cavness, Gale. "Lake Plan Angers Landowners." Union City Daily Messenger December 4, 1984.                                                                                                   c.) "Reelfoot Lake. An Assessment of Economic and Environmental Effects of Lake Rehabilitaion by Water Level Manipulation to Improve Fish Habitat."                                                                           d.) "Drawdown to be topic." Daily Messenger 59(233). November 27, 1984.                                                                                                                                                    e.) Christ, Mark, Steve Gaither. "'Rehabilitative' drawdown cited. Florida precedent supports Reelfoot proposal." The Commercial Appeal November 20, 1984.                                                                                          f.) Christ, Mark. "Criticism floods Reelfoot proposal." The Commercial Appeal November 15, 1984.                                                                                                 g.) Locker, Richard. "Depth shift for Reelfoot draws fire." The Commercial Appeal November 14, 1984.                                                                                         h.) Sullivan, Nick. "Proposal by TWRA may Lower Reelfoot." Tennesseean November 14, 1984.                                                                                            i.) Sullivan, Nick. "Proposal by TWRA may Lower Reelfoot." and "TWRA to detail plans for lowering Reelfoot." The Commercial Appeal November 11, 1984.                                                                                                                   j.) Public Notice. "An Explanation of the Major Drawdown for Reelfoot Lake." 
4 Drawdown (TWRA)-Reelfoot Lake (10) -
a.) Sliger, W.A., J.W. Henson. Research Proposal. "Survey of Benthic Macroinvertebrates and Aquatic Macrophytes of Reelfoot Lake, Tennessee. Phase II." October 23, 1984.                                                   b.) "Halt asked for drawdown at Reelfoot until hearing." The Commercial Appeal                                                                                                                                   c.) "Plan to Lower Level of Lake." The Daily Messenger October 18, 1984. d.) Sliger, W.A., J.W. Henson. Research Proposal. "Pre-Drawdown Survey of Benthic Macroinvertebrates and Aquatic Macrophytes of Reelfoot Lake, Tennessee, Phase I."                                                     e.) "Extreme Summer Drawdown. A Fish Management Plan for Reelfoot Lake." October 6, 1984.
5 Drawdown (TWRA)-Reelfoot Lake (11) -
a.) "Reelfoot drawdown brings protest form country official." Jackson Sun July 14, 1984.                                                                                                               b.) Cavness, Gale. "Lowering Lake Depth Studied." The Daily Messenger July 13, 1984.                                                                                                                   c.) "Water Level Management Reelfoot Lake." May 11, 1984.                                            d.) "Opposed. Dock, resort operators plan to fight project." Lake County Daily Messenger December 5, 1984.
6 Drawdown (TWRA) Injunction Proceedings (1) 1985
a.) In the United States District Court for the Western District of Tennessee Eastern Division.                                                                                                 b.) Hamilton. Senate Bill No. 867. Tanner. House Bill No. 880. 
7 Drawdown (TWRA)-Injunction Proceedings (2) 1985
a.) Bunch v. Hodel (Reelfoot Lake Drawdown Case) July 30, 1985.
8 Drawdown 1998
a.) Memorandum: Reelfoot Lake Project Status. April 23, 1998.
9 Drawdown, Public Meeting Tapes  July, 1999
a.) U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Reelfoot Lake, Tennessee and Kentucky Project. Public Meeting tapes. July 20, 1999.
10 Drawdown (1) 1999
a.) Brannon, John. "One hurdle left for lake project." Daily Messenger 74(250). December 15, 1999.                                                                                    b.) "River Commission approves Corps' Reelfoot Lake plan." Lake County Banner December 15, 1999.                                                                                              c.) U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. "Corps' Mississippi River Commission recommends environmental restoration at Reelfoot Lake." December 7, 1999.                                                                                                      d.) Charlier, Tom. "Reelfoot rises, falls in corps rescue plan." Commercial Appeal November 24, 1999.                                   e.) Jones, Evan. "Against State Income Tax." Lake County Banner October 27, 1999.                                                                                                                              f.) "Corps approves final Reelfoot Lake report." Lake County Banner January 19, 2000.                                                                                                                      g.) Brannon, John. "Corps modifies Reelfoot plans." The Messenger October 25, 1999.                                                                                                                    h.) Jones, Evan. "CE lowers drawdown proposal to three feet." Lake County Banner October 13, 1999.                                                                                                 i.) Charlier, Tom. "Reelfoot rises, falls in corps rescue plan." Commercial Appeal                                                                                                                        j.) Wheeler, Linda. "Rebel vet's son sees no big deal." Commercial Appeal September 26, 1999.                                                                                            k.) Charlier, Tom. "Rescuing Reelfoot is not debatable. But plans to save it alarm farmers, resorts." Commercial Appeal 160(269). September 26, 1999. 
11 Drawdown (2) 1999
a.) Charlier, Tom. "Rescuing Reelfoot is not debatable but plans to save it alarm farmers, resorts." Commercial Appeal                                                b.) Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency. August 23, 1999.                                           c.) The Lake County Banner 76(30). July 28, 1999.                                                                    d.) Brannon, John. "Talk of Reelfoot drawdown attracts large crowd to lake." The Daily Messnger 74(144). July 21, 1999.                                           e.) Lake County Banner 76(29). July 21, 1999.                                                            f.) Jones, Evan. "Reelfoot drawdown would be four feet." Lake County Banner 76(28). July 14, 1999.                                                                                g.) "CE sets date for meeting to review Reelfoot plans." The Lake County Banner July 7, 1999.                                                                                              h.) "Commissioners urged to stay informed about CE drawdown proposal." Lake County Banner 76(26). June 30, 1999.                                             i.) Charlier, Tom. "Corps propses project to halt decline of Reelfoot." The Commercial Appeal June 1999.                                                                 j.) "Reelfoot braces for 2nd drawdown battle with release of Corps' report." Lake County Banner 76(24). June 16, 1999. 
12 Drawdown 2000
a.) "Reelfoot spillway work OK'd by corps." The Daily Messenger January 8, 2000.                                                                                                                                              b.) "Reelfoot appropriations clear first step in D.C." Lake County Banner 77(25). June 21, 2000.
13 Drawdown 2001-2003
a.) Environmental Law Report. Bunch v. Hodel.                                                    b.) Jones, Evan. "Resort owner sees troubles on Reelfoot horizon." Lake County Banner March 21, 2001. 
14 Drawdown, Crockett Bottom -
a.) "Area wildlife news. Crockett update." Daily Messenger June 28, 1995.                                                                                                                                    b.) Brannon, John. "Cockett Lake has look of death, birth." Daily Messenger September 15, 1994.                                                                                                     c.) Brannon, John. "Crockett Bottom drawdown begins." Daily Messenger May 18, 1994.                                                                                                       d.) Brannon, John. "Crockett Bottom faces drawdown." Daily Messenger May 11, 1994. 
15 Dredge, Jet Spray 2003
a.) "Reelfoot channel maintenance receives approval from TDEC." Lake County Banner June 23, 2004.                                                               b.) "Area outdoor news and views." The Daily Messenger March 4, 2004.                                                                                                                                                              c.) "Reelfoot Lake Work." photograph. Lake County Banner August 27, 2003.                                                                                                                                          d.) Todd, Wes. "Ditch maintenance begins on Reelfoot. Joint project between TWRA and FWS." Lake County Banner August 6, 2003.
16 Dredging 2003-2004
a.) "Aquatic dredg to help clear Reelfoot channels." Lake County Banner November 27, 2002.
17 Dredging -
a.) Brannon, John. "Reelfoot could benefit from $400, 000 grant." The Daily Messenger January 9, 1995.                                                                                          b.) Charlier, Tom. "Buggy boogies in, helps clear muck, invigoate Reelfoot." The Commercial Appeal                                                                                   c.) "Reelfoot grant denied." Daily Messenger January 12, 1995.                                       d.) Brannon, John. "TWRA takes bite out of lake problems." The Daily Messenger July 21, 1994. 
18 Dredges -
a.) "Dredging Reelfoot Lake proposed by engineers." The Daily Messenger January 15, 1990.                                                                                                       b.) MUD CAT.                                                                                                                      c.) Seagren, Eric. "Lake Sediment Removal Available Dredging Techniques and Equipment." April 27, 1985.
19 Drought -
a.) "Smoke Dulls Sun's Afternoon Glow." Lake County Banner November 7, 1952.`
20 Duck Blinds (1) -
a.) "Reelfoot blind drawing attracts hundreds; six duck, sixty day season set for lake, state." Lake County Banner August 11, 2004.                                                                                                                                                                  b.) "The Taj Mahal of duck blinds-" Lake County Banner November 17, 1999.                                                                                                                                                     c.) Brannon, John. "Only 1 blind seized in early season." The Daily Messenger November 18, 1996.                                                                                                    d.) Brannon, John. "Duck blind chef serves 6. The Daily Messenger November 18, 1996.                                                                                                                                 e.) "Duck blind includes amenities of a house." The Commercial Appeal                                                                                                                                                          f.) Brannon, John. "TWRA announces proposals for changes at Reelfoot Lake." The Daily Messenger August 26, 1996.                                                                      g.) "Wood duck, teal season to open September 14." The Daily Messenger August 23, 1996.                                                                                                                                     h.) Brannon, John. "Retired guide shares memories." The Daily Messenger August 23, 1996.                                                                                                                  i.) Brannon, John. "Chaos at Reelfoot a growing concern." The Daily Messenger August 22, 1996.                                                                                                       j.) Brannon, John. "'Drastic changes' planned for Reelfoot blind regulations." The Daily Messenger August 21, 1996.                                                                                  k.) Brannon, John. "TWRA confiscates illegal Reelfoot blinds." The Daily Messenger August 20, 1996.                                                                                                  l.) Krone, Kathy. "Duck blind controversy getting ugly." State Gazette August 21, 1996.                                                                                                           
m.) Brannon, John. "Reelfoot controversy over anticipated over blinds." The Daily Messenger July 25, 1996.                                                                              n.) Brannon, John. "2-story duck blind at lake almost bed-and-breakfast." 
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File No.  Title Date
1 Duck Blinds (2) -
a.) Brannon, John. "TWRA proposes permit system." The Daily Messenger April 1, 1996.                                                                                                           b.) Petition of Howard L. Harlan. Before the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Commission.                                                                                             c.) Notice of Appeal Procedures.                                                                         d.) Rules and Regulations for birds.                                                                             e.) Reelfoot Draw Duck Blind Procedures.                                                                         f.) Hurst, Harold. "Rulmaking Hearing Rules of Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency." 
2 Duck Calls -
a.) Hamilton, Jamie. "Reelfoot Lake Duck Call History."                                       b.) 1996 Reelfoot Lake Grand American Duck and Goose Calling Championships.                                                                                                               c.) 1992 Reelfoot Lake Grand American Duck and Goose Calling Championships.                                                                                                                d.) "Duck Hunters, How many of these calls can you make?" Lake County Banner November 10, 1950.                                                                                              e.) Lake County Banner 22(24). October 12, 1945.
3 Eagles -
a.) Brannon, John. "Nesting eagles to become parents." Daily Messenger February 11, 2000.                                                                                                            b.) "Baby eagles expected at Reelfoot Lake State Park." Lake County Banner January 26, 2000.                                                                                                  c.) "The eagles have landed..... on line." Robertson County Times March 3, 1999.                                                                                                                      d.) "Reelfoot Lake's for the birds, literally." The Tennesseean         e.) Hire, Sandra. "The Eagles Keep Landing." The Tennessee Magazine 39(1):8-10, 24. January 1995.                                                                                            f.) Bowden, Kevin. "Eagles returning to Reelfoot Lake." Daily Messenger December 22, 1993.                                                                                                                  g.) Weiler, Randy. "Eagles, tourists flocking to Reelfoot Lake." Nashville Banner January 21, 1992.                                                                                                           h.) "Eagles return to Reelfoot, where memories are nestled." Commercial Appeal December 12, 1989.                                                                                               i.) "A transmitter tracking experiment slowed to a halt when Phoenix chose no to soar with the eagles." Torchbearer 28(4). Fall 1989.                                                                                                                                       j.) 37 eagles hacked at Reelfoot." Lake County Banner January 6, 1988.                                                                                                                                               k.) Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency. "Bald Facts about Bald Eagles in Tennessee." September 14, 1987.                                                                              l.) Christ, Mark. "Two more eagles ready to check in at Reelfoot Lake." Commercial Appeal June 28, 1984.                                                                m.) Thomas, William. "Flight plan by Kalopin is all wet." Commercial Appeal February 19, 1984.
n.) "The Vanishing American Eagle." The Commercial Appeal April 7, 1968.
4 Eagle, R.K. Lee, Reelfoot Lake Fishing and Duck Shooting -
a.) "Writer gathers data for story about lake." Lake County Banner January 15, 1937.
5 Earthquake Conference  6-Mar-90
a.) "Earthquakes topic of lecture series." Addenda 3(21). February 26-March 4.
6 Earthquake Information Center, Tenn.  -
a.) Quake Information Center Memphis State University. "Quake action could save Reelfoot." 
7 Earthquakes, New Madrid (1) -
a.) Stewart, David. "How to Build and Use your Earthquake Liquefaction Model."                                                                                                                b.) The Missouri State Emergency Management Agency. "Projected Earthquake Intensities."                                                                                    c.) "Radiocarbon Evidence leads to better earthquake date estimates." October 26, 1999.                                                                                                                       d.) "Recent tremors revive concerns along the New Madrid fault." Daily Messenger November 29, 1999.                                                                             e.) Brannon, John. "New Madrid Fault Zone focus of 'active' research." Daily Messenger October 27, 1999.                                                                                   f.) Charlier, Tom. "Evidence indicates monter quakes prior to 1811-12. Commercial Appeal December 3, 1996.                                                                              g.) Bowden, Kevin. "Study of earthquakes of 1811-12 stirs interest in New Madrid Fault." Daily Messenger April 22, 1996. h.) "Elements of infrastructure and seismic hazard in the central United States." April 1995.                                                                                                              i.) Ferrell, J.E. "Continents still baffle scientists with shifts. Answer would aid forecast of quakes." Commercial Appeal October 26, 1986.                                                                                                                                 j.) Danforth, Kenneth. "Earthquake ot come called 'buried demon'." Lake County Banner August 20, 1986. 
8 Earthquake, New Madrid (2) -
a.) "Odds of quake put at 40-60% by year 2000." Commercial Appeal August 29, 1986.                                                                                                        b.) Robinson, Quintin. "Fake quake set to shake lake visitors." Commercial Appeal September 19, 1986.                                                                             c.) "'Quake danger is called real." Lake County Banner March 19, 1986.                                                                                                                                       d.) New Publications of the USGS. October, 1985.                                                                 e.) "Does you Library's disaster Preparedness Plan Include Earthquakes?" Midwest cooperative Conservation Program May, 1985.                                                                                                                                                    f.) "Earthquake Risk." National Geographic August 1985.                                      g.) "Reelfoot Lake is State's Legacy of Largest U.S. Quake."                                    h.) "Reelfoot." Daily Messenger September 17, 1984.                                                       i.) "Landscape rearranged. Series of tremors formed Lake." State Gazette September 21, 1984.                                                                                                       j.) "Violent Earthquakes in Early 1800's Created Reelfoot Lake." The Harold-Chronicle September 20, 1984.                                                                                k.) "1812 'Quake' Created Reelfoot Lake." Tullahoma News September 20, 1984.                                                                                                                                     l.) "One Quake-and Instant Lake." Philadelphia Daily News October 4, 1984.                                                                                                                                                m.) "Shallow lake is heart of unusual park." Las Vegas, NV Review-Journal September 16, 1984. 
n.) "Reelfoot Lake: A Journey into Unspoiled Nature." The Tennesseean October 14, 1984.                                                                                               o.) "Reelfoot." Ripley Enterprise October 11, 1984.                                                p.) "Earthquake Forms Reelfoot Lake in Winter of 1811." Herald Gazette September 20, 1984.                                                                                                     q.) "Reelfoot." Lewisburg Tribune September 20, 1984.                                                   r.) "Reelfoot Lake Created by Earthquake Winter of 1811-12. Humboldt Courier-Chronicle September 19, 1984.                                                                      s.) Kittredge, Kevin. "Srdis tossed a precautionary 'anchor'." Commercial Appeal August 12, 1984.                                                                                   t.) Christ, Mark. "Since shaky start, lake's been colorful." Commercial Appeal June 30, 1984.                                                                                 u.) "Quake Standards." Commercial Appeal August 5, 1984.                                         v.) "The bell tolls." Commercial Appeal May 1, 1984.                                                   w.) Mansur, Michael. "Quake talk reassures no one. Too little known about New Madrid fault." Commercial Appeal April 29, 1984.                                                                                                                                         x.) Dickerson, James. "It's our fault: Mid-South is achin' for a shakin'." Commercial Appeal April 27, 1984.                                                                  y.) Quigg, H.D. "Geologists say New Madrid fault will show its fury soon. Commercail Appeal November 20, 1983.                                                                     z.) Porter, E.F. "Earhtquake." St. Louis Post-Dispatch February 6, 1983. 
aa.) "Explantion for 'eerie' earthquake lights." Science News 121(23):375. June 5, 1982.                                                                                                     bb.) "Madrid 'Quake Shattered River Islands."                                                                  cc.) "1812 'Quake Letter by Another Oldtimer." Lake County Banner                                                                                                                                        dd.) Henderson, Dan. "Earthquake Zone: Keep Out." Commercial Appeal January 11, 1981.
9 Earthquakes, New Madrid (3) -
a.) Taylor, Jan. "Quake Study at Reelfoot Eyes Future." The Commercial Appeal September 27, 1980.                                                                               b.) Houston, Jourdan. "When the Great Earthquake…" American Heritage  August/September, 1980.                                                                                            c.) "Scientist Estimates Chances of Quake." The Commercial Appeal August 22, 1980.                                                                                                                    d.) "New Madrid Rift Pinpointed, Scientists Claim." TheCommercial Appeal August 22, 1980.                                                                                                       e.) "Earth Sciences. A deeper look at New Madrid." Science News 117(1):9. January 5, 1980.                                                                                                            f.) "Deadly New Quake Zone Discovered." Weekly World News 1(8). December 4, 1979.                                                                                                                  g.) Reynolds, Henry. "Peaceful Reelfoot Lake Belies Violent Beginning." The Commercial Appeal June 9, 1978.                                                           h.) "eerie 'Earthquake Lights' Investigated." Nashville Tennessean July 31, 1977.                                                                                                i.) "Eeratic Animal Behavior may be Quake Tipoff." The Commercial Appeal July 5, 1977.                                                                                                            j.) U.S. National Oceanic and Atmosphereic Administration. "Earthquake Data Services and Publications."                                                        k.) Kellett, Robert. "This is Earthquake Country." The Commercial Appeal April 4, 1971.                                                                                                                        l.) Clark, Blake. "America's Greatest Earthquake." Shreveport Magazine  
10 Earthquakes, New Madrid (4)
a.) Franko, Alfred. "Dr. Franke Ridicules Scientists who Refused to Accept Quake Formation of Reelfoot Lake-Compares them to Detractors of Galileo, Pasteur." Lake County Banner October 2, 1953.                                                                                                                                                                                b.) Franko, Alfred. "Experts Quoted on Geology of Quake and its Eftect Locally." Lake County Banner August 14, 1953.                                                                  c.) "Eight Remors Occur in County this Week." Lake County Banner February 13, 1953.                                                                                                               d.) Franko, Alfred. "New Madrid Land Claim." Lake County Banner February 6, 1953.                                                                                                          e.) Franko, Alfred. "Aske Describes 'Quake Area." Lake County Banner January 23, 1953.                                                                                                                      f.) Franko, Alfred. "Credulty of People Played Upon in Explaining New Madrid 'Quake." Lake County Banner January 9, 1953.                                                                                                                                                          g.) Franko, Alfred. "Franko Uncovers Rare Early Account of a Famous 'Quake." Lake County Banner January 9, 1953.                                                           h.) "Did Someone Witness Formation of Reelfoot Lake in'Quake of 1811?'" Lake County Banner January 2, 1953.                                                                          i.) "Novel Account of Earthquake." Lake County Banner December 19, 1952.                                                                                                                                                  j.) Franko, Alfred. "The Earth Shakes, Sinners Quake." Lake County Banner December 12, 1952.                                                                                                         k.) Franko, Alfred. "Franko Tells More History." Lake County Banner November 14, 1952.                                                                                                                     l.) Franko, Alfred. "Background on the Bryan Letter." Lake County Banner November 7, 1952.                                                                                             m.) Franko, Alfredd. "Bryan Letter is Published." Lake County Banner October 31, 1952.
 n.) "The Original Eliza Bryan Letter." Lake County Banner October 31, 1952.                                                                                                                                    o.) "Fordham didn't feel Earthquake." Lake County Banner March 7, 1952.                                                                                                                                   p.) "Most Severe Earth Tremor in Years Startles Countians, Shakes Buildings--No Damage Done." Lake County Banner February 22, 1952.                                                                                                                                             q.) "Reelfoot Lake and the Madrid Quake." Lake County Banner November 23, 1951.                                                                                                                        r.) "Reelfoot Lake and the Madrid Quake." Lake County Banner November 16, 1951. 
11 Earthquakes, New Madrid (5) -
a.) Franko, Alfred. "Reelfoot Lake and the Madrid 'Quake." Lake County Banner November 9, 1951.                                                                                               b.) "Reelfoot Lake and the Earthquake." Lake County Banner October 19, 1950.                                                                                                                            c.) "New Madrid 'Quake and Reelfoot Lake." Lake County Banner October 12, 1951.                                                                                                                       d.) Franko. "Another Quake Letter Found." Lake County Banner September 14, 1951.                                                                                                                     e.) "Eye Witness Account of New Madrid Quake." Lake County Banner August 10, 1951.                                                                                                            f.) "New Madrid 'Quake Series." Lake County Banner August 3, 1951.                                                                                                                                       g.) "Two More Research Articles on 'Quake." Lake County Banner July 27, 1951.                                                                                                                               h.) "When the Mississipppi Ran Backward." Lake County Banner July 27, 1951.                                                                                                                                   i.) Franko, Alfred. "Did Mississippi Actually Flow Backward? Experts say Yes!" Lake County Banner July 20, 1951.                                                               j.) "1811 New Madrid Earthquake and the First Steamboat." Lake County Banner                                                                                                                     k.) "1811 Earthquake and the First Steamboat." Lake County Banner June 8, 1951.                                                                                                                 l.) "1811 Earthquake and the First Steamboat." Lake County Banner June 1, 1951.                                                                                                             m.) "Letter to the Editor." Lake County Banner May 25, 1951.
 n.) "Bradbury 'Quake Account." Lake County Banner April 20, 1951.                                                                                                                                                     o.) "Native Has Novel Notion About 'Quake." Lake County Banner April 13, 1951.                                                                                                          p.) "1812 Earthquake Terroizes Boat Crew. "Lake County Banner April 6, 1951.                                                                                                                                   q.) "Boatmen Horrified by First Shocks of Madrid 'Quake." Lake County Banner March 30, 1951.                                                                                                              r.) "Bradbury Story of Quake Found in N.Y." Lake County Banner March 23, 1951.                                                                                                                                           s.) "Dr. Franko Tells Why He Likes to do Reelfoot Lake Research." Lake County Banner March 16, 1951.                                                                                                t.) "Bodies Floated Down Mississippi During New Madrid Earthquake." Lake County Banner March 16, 1951.                                                                         u.) "Enjoy Lake History." Lake County Banner March 9, 1951.                                                        v.) "French Sailor Was Witness to 'Quake." Lake County Banner March 2, 1951.                                                                                                                                         w.) "Dizziness, Nausea Caused by 1812 Quake." Lake County Banner February 16, 1951.                                                                                                                    x.) "1812 'Quake Letter by Another Oldtimer." Lake County Banner February 9, 1951.                                                                                                                            y.) "Madrid 'Quake Shattered River Islands." Lake County Banner February 2, 1951.                                                                                                                                      z.) "Old Letter Tells of Quake." Lake County Banner January 26, 1951. 
aa.) "1812 Earthquake Described from Boat." Lake County Banner January 19, 1951.                                                                                                           bb.) "Old Letters Reveal Facts on Reelfoot." Lake County Banner January 12, 1951.                                                                                                                                              cc.) "New Madrid Earthquake." Lake County Banner January 12, 1951.
12 Earthquakes, New Madrid (6) -
a.) Manley, Hazel. "The Formation of Reelfoot Lake." January 8, 1986.                                                                                                                                           b.) "Account of New Madrid Quake was Written by Eye Witness." Lake County Banner June 16, 1950.                                                         c.) Haguewood, J.L. "Crockett, Caught in Quake, was First  "Pale Face" to Gaze on New Reelfoot Lake." Commercial Appeal May 13, 1931.                                                                                                                                 d.) "Earth Tremor felt here Friday Night at 2:55 a.m." Lake County Banner February 5, 1937.                                                                                                e.) Earthquake History of the United States                                                          f.) "Tremors may Shake Mississippi Valley." The Commercial May 3, 1929.                                                                                                                                         g.) "Union City may have Seismograph." The Commercial December 18, 1925.                                                                                                                                   h.) "Seeks Quake Centers on Reelfoot Lake." The Commercial December 11, 1925.                                                                                                                            i.) "Reelfoot Shake and Other Quakes." The Commercial July 10, 1925.                                                                                                                                      j.) "Earth is Sinking in Kettle Creek Section." The Commercial December 21,  1923.                                                                                                                       k.) "My Guest and I. A Joy Ride." The Commercial June 11, 1915.  l.) "Reelfoot Earthquake." The Commercial May 26, 1911.                                         m.) "A Most Remarkalble Story. A Story Linked with the History of Reelfoot Lake." The Commercial March 22, 1907. 
n.) "Shocks Still Felt at Reelfoot Lake."The Commercial  May 23, 1906.                                                                                                                                       o.) The Independent November 1, 1895.                                                                                 p.) "Sunday's Earthquake." The Independent September 6, 1895.                                      q.) "The Earthquake of 1811. How Reel-Foot Lake was Formed." Hickman Courier September 28, 1877.                                                                                      r.) "New Madrid Earthquake." Hickman Courier March 2, 1872.      s.) "The Earthquake." New-England Palladium February 25, 1812.
13 Earthquake, New Madrid (7) -
a.) "New Madrid Earthquake Threat May be Overestimated." Mississippi Monitor May 1999.                                                                                           b.) "The Real Story." Lakeline March 1987.                                                                 c.) "Predicting earthquakes still risky business." Lake County Banner June 25, 1987.                                                                                                             d.) Beifuss, John. "Project proposed to study 'Reelfoot rift'." The Commercial Appeal October 29, 1987.                                                                                           e.) Coggins, Allen. "The Earthquakes of 1811 and 1812. Tennessee Conservationist January/February 1989.                                                                      f.) "Enquirer has colorful version of 'quake." Lake County Banner October 25, 1989.                                                                                                                       g.) "Surface evidence of quake discovered." Lake County Banner February 28, 1990.                                                                                                                              h.) Kennedy, Urban. "Sketch No. 16." February 1990.                                                      i.) Lewis, Emmett. "Life on an earthquake fault." Lake County Banner June 20, 1990.                                                                                                      j.) "Quake legislation OK'd." Daily Messenger July 27, 1990.                           k.) Robbins, William. "Town prepares for quake. Scientist's guess taken seriously." The Fresno Bee August 20, 1990.                                           l.) "Historical Reelfoot Lake." Weakly County Press November 15, 1990.                                                                                                                                          m.) "Let nature judge quake prediction." The Commercial Appeal December 2, 1990.
n.) "Quake theory stirs caustion, contempt, hits Reelfoot residents where they live." The Commercial Appeal December 2, 1990.                                                                                                                                    o.) Risher, Wayne. "Crittenden holds 'response' drill for earthquake disaster." The Commercial Appeal December 2, 1990.                                                 p.) Charlier, Tom. "Give him this: Inventor made Earth stand still." The Commercial Appeal December 2, 1990.
14 Earthquake, New Madrid (8) -
a.) Perrusquia, Marc. "City crisis center has quiet day." The Commercial Appeal December 3, 1990.                                                                                       b.) Beifuss, John. "New Madrid 'frenzy' finds fault." The Commercial Appeal December 4, 1990.                                                                                                     c.) Johnson, Rheta Grimsley. "Reelfoot Lake is place to wait for the quake." The Commercial Appeal December 5, 1990.                                                     d.) Burch, Barbara and Tom Charlier. "Earthquake mania cools in Memphis." The Commercial Appeal December 5, 1990.                                                                 e.) Mysterious Stranger ushers forecast into eerie twilight zone." The Commercial Appeal December 6, 1990.                                                                              f.) "Marked or not, town ready." The Commercial Appeal December 5, 1990.                                                                                                           g.) Jones, Evan. "Quake scare won't stop Yule parade." The Commercial Appeal December 5, 1990.                                                                                      h.) Charlier, Tom. "Clock runs out on forecast; 'I-told-you-so's are seismic." The Commercial Appeal December 6, 1990.                                                        i.) Ball, Philip. "Tongues of flame may speak of tremors." The Commercial Appeal December 30, 1990."                                                                                    j.) "The Other(?) Missouri Earthquake." American Histoy Illustrated 25(6):40-43. January/February, 1991.                                                                     k.) Hamilton, Jon. "If catfish feel shaky, watch out." The Commercial Appeal February 21, 1991.                                                                                                       l.) Brannon, John. "Area quakes common: 'big one' anticipated." Daily Messenger May 14, 1991.                                                                                     m.) "Ancestor in New Madrid Earthquake." American History Illustrated26(2):4, 6. May/June, 1991.
n.) "Quake study to begin here." Lake County Banner October 23, 1991.                                                                                                                                          o.) Charlier, Tom. "3-D view sharpens focus on fault line." The Commercial Appeal October 1, 1992.                                                                                      p.) Charlier, Tom. "Blasting along fault is yielding new data." TheCommercial Appeal November 4, 1991.                                                                                                    q.) Computer Search done for Dr. Wintfred Smith. Done in the Database Quakeline. June 30, 1992.
15 Earthquake, New Madrid (9) -
a.) U.S. Department of the Interior. New Publications of the U.S. Geological Survey March, 1993.                                                                                                        b.) Jibson, R.W. and D.K. Keefer. "Analysis of the seismic origin of landslides; examples from the New Madrid seismic zone." Geological Society of America Bulletin 105(4):521-536. April, 1993.                                                                                                                                  c.) Rhea, B.S., R.L. Wheeler, and A.C. Tarr. Worksheets for seismotectonic map of the New Madrid 2X2 area. 
16 Earthquake, New Madrid (10) -
a.) 1812 Earhquake Souvenir Edition and Menu. The Lakeview Times. 2(1).                                                                                                                         b.) Eye Witness Account of 1811-12 Earthquake that Formed Reelfoot Lake.                                                                                                                    c.) Moore, Samantha. "It Could happen here." Jackson Sun January 23, 1994.                                                                                                                              d.) Weaver, Margaret. "quabeline Faults." June 30, 1992. Disk.  e.) "Panther-across-the-Sky: Tecuseh and the New Madrid Earthquake." April 24, 1996.                                                                                                                                     
17 Earthquake, New Madrid (11) -
a.) VanDegrift, Stephen. "Disaster Preparedness Technician." August 1996.                                                                                                                                       b.) "Early morning temblor centered west of Ridgely." Lake County Banner August 25, 1999.                                                                                                c.) Recer, Paul. "Scientists: Big Quake is a serious threat in New Madrid zone." The Messenger November 4, 1999.                                                                                           d.) "Delta Queen to make first stop here in nearly 30 years." Lake County Banner October 27, 1999.                                                                                            e.) Reccer, Paul. "Big Earthquake to hit Southern Missouri." Mississippi Moniter 3(12):7. December 1999.                                                                                      f.) Wilson, Wendy. "Scientists study hazards of quakes." The Jackson Sun October 28, 2002.                                                                                                         g.) USGS. "Scientists to Conduct Seismic Experiment Near Memphis Small Underground Explostions will Mimic Earthquake Waves." October 25, 2002.                                                                                                               h.) "Researcher helps date quakes by looking at sediment changes." The Messenger November14, 2000.                                                                      i.) About the New Madrid Fault. 
18 Edgewater Beach -
a.) "Bathing Reach for Reelfoot." The Commercial Appeal May 29, 1925. b.) "Crowd at Reelfoot Lake." The Commercial Appeal June 12, 1925.                                                                                                           c.) "Thousands Visit Reelfoot Lake." The Commercial AppealJuly 17, 1925.                                                                                                                                                 d.) "Opening Dance at Edgewater Beach." The Commercial Appeal April 23, 1926.                                                                                                                                          e.) "Summer Months Bring Many Tourists and Campers to Reelfoot." The Commercial Appeal June 18, 1926.                                                                               f.) "Crowds await Big Fourth Celebration." The Commercial Appeal July 2, 1926.                                                                                                                                                 g.) "Edgewater Beach Dancing Problem." The Commercial Appeal June 4, 1926.                                                                                                                                                 h.) "Garrett to be at Edgewater." Lake County News July 23, 1926.                                                                                                                                                        i.) "Gov. Austin Peay Received Great Ovation at Edgewater." The Commercial Appeal July 6, 1926.                                                                                                              j.) "A Free Fish Fry." The Commercial Appeal July 9, 1926.                                                             k.) "Death Claims one when Auto leaves Reelfoot Levee." The Commercial Appeal July 9, 1926.                                                                                                               l.) "Hitch up your Camel for the Shrine Outing." The Commercial Appeal September 3, 1926.                                                                                                                                                m.) "Lot Sale at Edgewater Big Success." The  Commercial Appeal August 5, 1927. 
n.) "Portageville, Mo. Campers at Reelfoot." The Commercial Appeal May 27, 1927.                                                                                                                               o.) "Read What Physician says about Water at Edgewater Beach." The Commercial Appeal July 12, 1929.                                                                        p.) "Reelfoot Ramblings." Tiptonville Times August 18, 1933.
19 EIS (Reelfoot Lake) Wapora, FTN Assoc. (1) -