Series 2
Box 14

File # Name of File Date

1 Weakley County Genealogical Society  
2 First Families of Weakley County- Expenses  
3 Original Application for First Families of Weakley County  
4 Printed First Families Certificates  
5 Weakley County Genealogical Society- Book Work  
6 Guidelines for Writing Genealogical Books  
7 People and Places- Reprint- October 20, 1998  
8 People and Places- Things to add to the Book  
9 Turner Publishing Company- David Figge- People and Places  
10 Update on People and Places  
11 Turner Publishing Company- People and Places  
12 Weakley County Genealogical Society Advertisements- Marriage Records  
13 Notebook- Turner Publishing Company  
14 Turner Publishing Company- Contracts  
15 Weakley County Genealogical Society- Virginia Vaughan  
16 Turner Publishing Company- Example of Publicity  
17 Weakley County Genealogical Society- Example of Family Histories  
18 Weakley County History- Weakley County Genealogical Society- Advertisements/ News Releases  
19 First Families of Weakley County- Certificates- Blank  
20 People and Places of Downtown Martin- Book Orders  
21 Correspondence from Books  
22 Weakley County Historian Publicity