Series 3
Box 26

File # Name of File

Family Line

1 North Carolina Census- Ivie Ivie
2 Ivy- Ivie- Wills, Sussex County, Virginia and Williamson County, Tennessee Ivie
3 Ivie- Williamson County Deeds Ivie
4 Harvey Ivy Will Ivie
5 Ivie- Ivey, Rutherford County Ivie
6 Ivie Marriage Records Ivie
7 Ivy E-mail Ivie
8 Lewis- Ivy- Civil War Records Ivie
9 Ivy-Ivie- Helen P. Ross Ivie
10 Dennis Ivie Ivie
11 Ivie- Harold and Lillian, Bill Ivie Ivie
12 Ivie- Weakley County Deeds Ivie
13 Ivy- Miscellaneous Ivie
14 Ivey- Ivie- Miscellaneous Ivie
15 Ivie- Ivy- Evelyn Ivey McDonald Ivie
16 Benjamin Warren Ivie Ivie
17 Ivie Cemeteries Ivie
18 Ivy- Ivie Ivie
19 Ivie- Census Records Ivie
20 Ivey Families- Virginia Genealogies Ivie
21 Ivie Ivie
22 Knox Knox
23 William Martin Family Martin
24 William Martin Family Martin
25 Lancaster- Golden Lancaster
26 Landrum Landrum
27 Lawler- McCain Family Lawler
28 McKay McKay
29 Montgomery- Census Montgomery
30 Patricia Lee Murphy Murphy