Series 4
Box 40
Cawthon-Peak, Patterson, Harris-Hubbard

File # Name of File Date

1 Cawthon- Jeanne Harden  
2 Cawthon Bible- McLeskey Bible  
3 Madelon Smith (Mrs. Gillion)- Wilson County, Tennessee  
4 Letters- Maryline Westenhaven, Margaret Rainey  
5 Cawthon- Dyer County, Tennessee- Burney Zarecor  
6 Cawthon's- Gibson County, Tennessee  
7 Cawthon/ Hubbard- Goochland County, Virginia  
8 Cawthon- Wilson County, Tennessee  
9 Cawthon- Virginia  
10 Cawthon- Rutherford County, Tennessee  
11 Suggs Creek Cumberland Presbyterian Church  
12 Cawthon's- North Carolina  
13 Cawthon- Dr. James Hubbard, Susan Anne McLeskey, Maggie McLeskey Phillips, Ella McLeskey, Margaret Anne Patterson  
14 Cawthon- Miscellaneous- Census Records  
15 Cawthon- Henderson County, Tennessee  
16 Cawthon- Cannon County, Tennessee  
17 Cawthon- Carroll County, Tennessee  
18 Patterson- Caroline C. Crockett Papers, Tennessee State Library and Archives Microfilm