Series 5
Box 56

File # Name of File Date

1 Civil War in the West (Lesson Plans)  
2 Swiftly Flows the River (Sheet Music)  
3 Overland Travelers Song (Sheet Music)  
4 Cumberland Gap (Sheet Music)  
5 Boatride (Sheet Music)  
6 City Government (Lesson Plans)  
7 Songs  
8 Court System (Lesson Plans)  
9 Praise and Thanksgiving (Sheet Music)  
10 Educational Catalogues for films, books and ideas  
11 United States Government (Lesson Plans)  
12 Map Study (Lesson Plans)  
13 Geology (Lesson Plans)  
14 Historic Sites in Tennessee  
15 Historic Sites in Tennessee (Bulletin Boards)  
16 Historic Sites in Tennessee (Newspaper Clippings)  
17 Tennessee Tales  
18 Towns and Tourism  
19 Historic Towns in Tennessee (Newspaper Clippings)  
20 The Courier, Education and Tourism Pamphlets  
21 Education and Tourism Pamphlets