Employee Relations Council: 2022-2023

PURPOSE: The UT Martin Employee Relations Council is established under the general provisions of The University of Tennessee System HR0630. A council may be formed in each unit to serve as an advisory body to the Chancellor with respect to human resources policies, programs, and practices, and to assist in the review of grievance appeals. One employee representative from the Council is elected to a two-year term to represent UT Martin on the Employee Relations Advisory Board, which serves as an advisory group to the University President on personnel policies, programs, and practices.


COMPOSITION: Chancellor, Sr. Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration, and Director of Human Resources serving as secretary, with twenty four (24) elected employee representatives.





*Dr. Keith Carver, Chancellor

*Ms. Petra McPhearson, Sr. Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration

*Mr. Michael Washington, Director of Human Resources, Secretary

Employee representatives are elected each fall with elections scheduled by the Director of Human Resources. There shall be two (2) representatives elected from Building Services and Physical Plant Administration; three (3) from Physical Plant custodial services; two (2) from Student Housing; one (1) from Grounds, Transportation Services, and Warehouse; one (1) from Student Health and Counseling Center and Boling University Center; one (1) from Public Safety; two (2) from Extended Campus and Online Services and Gooch Hall; one (1) from Governor’s School for the Humanities, Healthy Start Program, Holt Humanities Building, and Student Success Center; one (1) for Business Administration Building, McCombs Center, REED Center, and Sociology Building; one (1) from the Perry Children's Center, Elam Center, Fieldhouse, Carroll Football Building, Student Recreation Center, and Student Life; one (1) from Paul Meek Library; one (1) from Brehm Hall, Johnson Engineering and Physical Sciences Building, Fine Arts Building, and UTM Farm; two (2) from Information Technology Services; one (1) from Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning; and four (4) from the Hall-Moody Administration Building.

(*Indicates ex‑officio member of the Council)