Financial Aid and Scholarship Awards Committee: 2021-2022

PURPOSE: The Financial Aid and Scholarship Awards Committee reviews and recommends revisions on policies and regulations on awarding of financial aid to students and assists the Director of Financial Aid and Scholarships in administering the responsibilities of that office. The Committee also considers appeals of scholarship termination as they pertain to the National Collegiate Athletic Association Charter of Financial Aid.


COMPOSITION: Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, Bursar, Director of Financial Aid and Scholarships, Vice Chancellor for University Advancement, Vice Chancellor & Director of Athletics, a representative from each academic college appointed each year by the dean, and two (2) students appointed by the Student Government Association President and approved by the Student Senate. The Bursar will serve as chair.


REPORTING CHANNEL: Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs



*Dr. Andy Lewter, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

*Ms. Stacey Jackson, Bursar, Chair

*Ms. Jana Cox, Director of Financial Aid and Scholarships

*Dr. Charley Deal, Vice Chancellor for University Advancement

*Mr. Kurt McGuffin, Vice Chancellor & Director of Athletics

Ms. Jan Bass, Agriculture and Applied Sciences (2022)

Dr. Ben Le, Business and Global Affairs (2022)

Dr. Gloria Browning, Education, Health, and Behavioral Sciences (2022)

Dr. Seyedali Seyedkavoosi, Engineering and Natural Sciences (2022)

Dr. Nathan Howard, Humanities and Fine Arts (2022)

Ms. Olivia Morris, SGA Representative (2022)

Ms. Faith Pilkington, SGA Representative (2022)

(*Indicates ex‑officio member of the Committee)