Admissions Requirements
  • Students who have completed 12 hours of college-level courses must have a 2.0 GPA to be admitted.
  • Students who have not been enrolled in a college for a semester or longer (excluding the summer) may be considered for admission on probation with less than a 2.0 GPA.
  • Students with less than 12 hours of college-level courses will be considered for admissions based on high school GPA & ACT/SAT.
Apply for Admission
  • Complete an admissions application online. There is a $30 application fee.
  • Request an official transcript be sent to UT Martin from each college you have previously attended.
  • Request your final high school transcript or GED/high school equivalent be sent to UT Martin.
What to expect once you have completed your admissions application
  • Check your e-mail often concerning any updates and other notifications we might send.
  • Request your transcripts and Immunization records.
  • Once we have received your transcripts, we will notify you via email concerning your admissions decision.
  • You may check on the status of your application by calling our office at 731-881-7020.
  • Once all official complete transcripts are received, a course evaluation will be completed. You will be fully admitted at this time as long as you meet the admissions requirements. You will again receive a notification via e-mail. This e-mail will have your new cumulative GPA listed as well as any entrance deficiencies from high school.
  • Once admitted, you may speak with an advisor prior to registration.
  • During the summer, we hold a Transfer Orientation and Registration event to assist students with registration and give out helpful information for students transferring in the Fall semester.
Evaluation of Transfer Credit

Once all transcripts have been received and the grades posted to the UT Martin transcript, the student will be able to review the credit received on Banner Self-Service. The UT Martin course number for equivalent courses, or the designation LD for lower-division credit and UD for upper-division credit if no equivalent course exists, will be posted to the student’s academic transcript. LD and UD credits may be applied toward degree requirements that do not designate specific course number requirements (e.g., Art LD might fulfill a non-specific art course requirement or a general elective). The student’s academic advisor will use the CAPP degree audit to identify how each of the transferred courses may be used to satisfy specific degree requirements.

Transfer Equivalency Tables

To view Transfer Equivalency Tables please click here

Transfer Equivalency Self Service (TESS)

To view Transfer Equivalency Self Service faqs and get started with TESS click here

Evaluation Appeals

Students wishing to appeal the evaluation of any transferred courses should contact the registrar to request re-evaluation of those courses. Students may be asked to provide a copy of the course description and syllabus from the original institution. The registrar may consult the department chair for the involved discipline and the assistant vice chancellor for academic affairs regarding the final designation of the course. Students wishing to further appeal the results of the transfer evaluation should follow the Degree Appeals (Special Request) process outlined in the catalog.

Removing Entrance Deficiencies

High School Unit Requirements

English: 4 units

Algebra I and II: 2 units

Advanced Mathematics: 1 unit of geometry, trigonometry, calculus, or advanced mathematics

Natural/Physical Sciences: 2 units; 1 must be a course in biology, chemistry, or physics

U.S. History: 1 unit

Social Studies: 1 unit of world history, European history, or world geography (may be fulfilled by completing 2 one-half units

Foreign Language: 2 units of same language (Waived for resident aliens if it is determined that English is their second language)

Visual/Performing Arts: 1 unit of theatre arts, visual arts, music theory, music history, vocal music, general music, or art history

  • A transfer student with junior standing (minimum 60 semester hours) at the receiving institution is exempt from meeting the high school unit requirements.
  • Transfer students with less than 60 semester hours who graduated from high school after 1988 are required to have the high school units in affect at the time they graduated.
  • A transfer student may be admitted with deficiencies, but deficiencies must be removed beginning with the first semester enrolled and each succeeding semester until all deficiencies are removed.
  • All deficiencies must be removed during the first two academic years of study or 60 semester hours (whichever comes first).
  • Exception: the deadline will be extended until a transfer student has attempted 30 semester hours at UT Martin. The student must take the prescribed course(s) for removal of deficiency (deficiencies) each semester of enrollment, beginning with the first semester, until all deficiencies are removed.
  • College credit will not be given for courses used to remove high school entrance deficiencies.
  • Orientation sessions for transfer students are held prior to the fall and spring semester.
  • The event is free and students are encouraged to attend.
  • Transfer students will have the opportunity to meet with an advisor and register for their Fall Semester courses.
  • The orientation topics include: paying fees, financial aid, and other services available at UT Martin.
  • Students must be accepted to UT Martin prior to registering for courses.
  • Fall semester fees are not due at orientation.
  • All students must be advised prior to registering for the upcoming term.
  • Each student will be assigned a faculty advisor by the appropriate department chair.
  • Advisors will aid the students in selecting and scheduling appropriate courses and will be available to counsel them in all matters pertaining to their academic programs and career objectives.
  • Click here for additional information.
Registration Information
  • Prior to registration, a student must have submitted their immunization records and be admitted to the University.
  • Students must meet with an academic advisor and the advisor hold must be removed by this advisor every semester prior to registration.
  • Students can register online via Banner Self-Service or the MyUTMartin portal.
  • For the schedule of courses and additional information, click here.
Academic Fresh Start/Forgiveness Policy
  • Students who have been out of college for at least four consecutive calendar years qualify for the Academic Forgiveness Policy.
  • If you think you qualify and you have not received this form in the mail, contact the Admissions Office at 731-881-7035.
  • This must be done prior to enrolling in classes at UT Martin.
Tennessee Transfer Pathway

To view information about the Tennessee Transfer Pathway, please click here.

Tennessee Reverse Transfer

To view information about the Tennessee Reverse Transfer, please click here.

Immunization Records

The General Assembly of Tennessee requires first time students to provide proof of immunity or immunization for measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) and varicella (chicken pox). Students must provide documentation of immunity or two doses of MMR and varicella administered at least 28 days apart and no earlier than 4 days before the first birthday. State law also mandates that incoming students be informed of risk factors and dangers of meningococcal disease and hepatitis B. To complete immunization compliance process, click here.

Residency Regulations
  • Students who have graduated from a high school or obtained their GED outside of the state of Tennessee, will initially be classified as an out of state student for fee-paying purposes.
  • Residency classification can be appealed by completing the Residency Classification Appeal Form and submitting required documentation.
  • For further information, click here.
University Catalog
  • The current and previous University Catalog can be viewed online.
  • A printed version of the current University Catalog can be purchased in the Barnes & Noble Bookstore located in the University Center while supplies last.