Automated External Defibrillators



UT-Martin has approximately 40 automated external defibrillators (AEDs) distributed at various locations on campus.  These are inspected periodically by Environmental Health and Safety personnel to ensure proper operation.

All AEDs located in University buildings are accessible by building occupants during the times that the buildings are open or occupied.  The AEDs shall not be used off the University campus with the exception of the one assigned to the Campus Police.

UT-Martin's AED program is registered with the Weakley County Ambulance Service, Martin Fire Department, and Weakley County 911 Communications Center.

Training Requirements:

All UT-Martin personnel who have been designated as AED Responders are required to successfully complete a training course in CPR and the use of AEDs that has been approved by the American Red Cross.  There are currently approximately 200 persons on campus trained in the proper use of AEDs.

Maintenance and Testing:

The AEDs used on campus are very simple to maintain.  The majority of these AEDs perform a self-test every day.  In addition, a battery insertion self-test is ran whenever a battery is installed in the device.  Periodic checks are made and recorded to determine that the green light is flashing which indicates the device is ready for use.

Contact Personnel:

Safety Officer, Environmental Health and Safety extension 7602

Emergency Management Coordinator, Environmental Health and Safety extension 7583

AED Response Protocol:

When an unconscious victim is discovered, the following protocol will be followed:

  • Responder:

Shake and shout at victim. If no response,
Have someone call 911.  If no one is available, call 911 and return immediately to the victim.
Have someone retrieve an AED.
Begin ABC's of CPR.
Utilize the AED if necessary.

  • Police Dispatcher:

Immediately dispatch an officer and call for an ambulance.  The ambulance should be summoned right away.  (DO NOT wait for the responding officer to arrive and authorize.)
Upon arrival of the responding officer, obtain as much information as possible and communicate to EMS.

  • Notification:

Following any event involving the use of an AED, the responder must complete the AED Use Report that is shown in the UT-Martin Emergency Response Plan.
Campus police must then notify the UT-Martin Office of Environmental Health and Safety to ensure that supplies are restocked.

Reporting Emergencies

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