Dr. John Glass

Dr. John Glass

Department of English and Modern Foreign Languages

Dr. John Glass, associate professor of English, has taught and studied in some faraway places – from Paris, France, to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba – and brings a wide variety of experiences and ideas to the UT Martin Department of English and Modern Foreign Languages.

Glass’s teaching career did not begin as planned when he arrived in Nîmes, France. He arrived prepared to teach high school English only to discover he had been reassigned to a primary school. “We read fewer books than I’d planned,” he said, “but we sang a lot more.”

Glass ultimately found himself at home in a college classroom, and his academic interests in Southern literature, poetry and Modernism came together in his 2016 study “Allen Tate: The Modern Mind and the Discovery of Enduring Love.”

“I feel very fortunate for the way UT Martin has allowed and encouraged me to blend teaching opportunities with the work I get to do with colleagues across campus,” he said. Glass and Dr. Charles Bradshaw, associate professor of English, are currently collaborating on a critical edition of the 19th-century American novel “Nick of the Woods” by Robert Montgomery Bird.

This fall also holds new challenges for Glass as he takes on the additional role as director of the UT Martin Honors Program.

“I am hopeful that the Honors Program will maintain and strengthen all its best elements and add to those a challenging, core curricular experience – one that provides an intellectual foundation to enhance whatever major a student chooses to pursue,” he said. “The goal is that Honors Program students will leave UT Martin as highly capable critical thinkers who have engaged the works and the intellectual traditions that have shaped the culture in which they live.”