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Political science majors offer students a wide range of career opportunities. The majors particularly prepare students for further education at the graduate level where they can specialize in a variety of sub-fields. They are excellent majors for students interested in attending law school or seeking government employment upon graduation.

Why Political Science at UT Martin?

Students have the following degree choices in political science: Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science. Majors: general political science or political science with a concentration in public administration. Students in the general political science major are required to take two courses (Reasearch Methods and their choice of a course in International Relations or Comparative Politics) and complete their major with their choice of courses from the major subfields of political science, (American Politics, Public Administration & Policy, International Relations, International Security, Comparative Politics). The public administration concentration combines public management courses with business courses to prepare students for management positions in public or nonprofit organizations. Students are encouraged to engage in internships, travel programs, and extracurricular activities to develop networking and leadership skills.

BSBA Learning Objectives related to the CBGA Mission:

Students will describe political structures and processes, including those relating to elections, policy making, and policy implementation, demonstrate an understanding of global political dynamics, encompassing an appreciation for the interconnectedness of international political, economic, and social activity, produce a research project demonstrating analytical skills while applying contemporary methods of political science research, write and present findings from an original research or critical thinking project.

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