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Becoming a Geographer at UT Martin

  • Are you the type of person who likes to experience the landscapes and cultures of other places, both near and far?
  • Do you find yourself fascinated by phenomena such as the weather, suburban sprawl, or international conflicts?
  • Are you concerned about changes to the earth's environment such as "global warming"?
  • Do you like using maps and computers?


If you answered "yes" to one or more of these questions, you just might have the makings of a geographer.


You can also make a good professional career out of your interests in geographic phenomena.



Students with degrees in geography often go on to a variety of careers that don't actually have "geographer" in the job title. Geographers work as climatologists, meteorologists, environmental managers, urban & regional planners, military intelligence officers, cartographers, satellite image analysts, and more. (See the Association of American Geographer's careers website for more information about these and other geographically-related career fields).


At UT Martin, you have the option to become a geographer and launch yourself on an exciting career path with many great possibilities that you may not have ever previously considered. Our program is comprehensive and it involves the successful completion of the following:

  • A structured-but-flexible curriculum comprised of world regional, physical, cultural, applied, and technical Geography courses;
  • A minor from a different discipline such as Geology, History, or Computer Science, depending on individual interests and long-terms plans;
  • UT Martin's Bachelor of Science and General Education degree requirements


Because of the increasing demands by employers that college graduates have specialized skills, we also strongly encourage our students to successfully complete upper-division electives that are closely related to their professional objectives. For some students, this means taking several courses in fields such as marketing, computer programming, political science, or other field.


Last but not least, many of our graduates have gone on to and succeeded in good geography graduate programs such as the University of Alabama, Murray State University, Oklahoma State University, and Virginia Tech.


For more detailed information, please view our other web pages. You are also invited to contact us directly or come by campus for a visit.


For more information about our curriculum, please read more about Degree Requirements and Course Offerings.


Geography Faculty

Dr. Jefferson S. Rogers

Dr. Robert Mark Simpson

Mr. Tim Wallace