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Geoscience is the broad and interdisciplinary study of the composition, structure and processes of the Earth. It includes studying Earth materials (minerals, rocks, fossils, soils), resources (surface and groundwater, oil, gas, minerals), and the atmosphere (weather and climate) through field work, laboratory analysis, modeling and geospatial analysis. While emphasis is placed on the Earth as it is today, geosciences also includes the entire evolutionary history of the planet leading up to the current environmental issues that face society, such as global climate change, resource availability, and natural disasters. The Department of Agriculture, Geosciences, and Natural Resources offers a Bachelor of Science degree program in Geoscience with several concentration options. Students who wish to pursue a Geoscience degree can choose from four concentrations:


The Geosciences Program at UT Martin offers a BS degree in geosciences in four concentrations (geology, meteorology, geosystems: geographic information systems (GIS) option, and geosystems: Earth science option). The department consists of seven full-time faculty and one instructor with specializations in mineralogy/petrology, structural geology and tectonics, field geology, meteorology and climatology, sedimentation/stratigraphy, paleontology, GIS/remote sensing, marine geology, and hydrogeology. The faculty is student-oriented and works closely with geoscience majors.

  • Geology -- the study of the materials and processes which have shaped the earth's physical surface and interior; past, present, and future.
  • Meteorology - This program is the only one of its kind in the state of TN. It is designed to train students for a career in the atmospheric sciences and to supplement their training in geosciences.
  • Geosystems: Earth Science Option - Broad-based curriculum designed to prepare students for careers in the many different scientific and applied professions that emphasize study of the interdisciplinary study of earth and/or its atmosphere.
  • Geosystems: GIS Geographic Information Systems Option - Geographic Information Systems (GIS)-related technologies have become integral to many disciplines, including agriculture and the geosciences. The creation of an optional UT Martin GIS Certificate program provides an incentive for students who have an interest in GIS to complete a multidisciplinary and complementary group of courses above the minimum requirements for their respective degrees.

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