Henderson Headquaters

Henderson Headquaters is located between Graves Stables and the Veterinary Health Technology Building on the UTM Teaching farm. This building has one classroom where animal science and veterinary technology classes and labs are taught. This classroom is equipped with tables or stations that mimic a small animal clinic exam room. These items allow student to perform physical exams on a variety of small animals including dogs, cats, rabbits, and other exotics.


Beyond this classroom Henderson Headquaters houses a lab, similar to what you would see at an animal clinic. Here the students can run in house bloodwork, CBC, Chemistry panel, urinalysis, fecals, etc... as they might in a practice in their future careers. This building also has a complete small animal surgical suite and a dental and prep area. This is where students learn to perform dental prophylaxis, anesthesia, and assist in surgical procedures.


Henderson Headquaters also houses all of the Veterinary technology radiology equipment. Students learn to perform digital and film x-rays here and how to process and read them. The students have access to a stationary digital unit for small and exotic animals, a mobile unit for large animals such as horses, and a digital dental unit.