West Tennessee Diagnostics Lab


The West Tennessee Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory opened on May 22nd, 2008 on the campus of The University of Tennessee at Martin. The laboratory's address is 127 Campus Road, Martin, TN. The laboratory operates as a satellite facility of C.E. Kord Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory in Nashville with many of the same rules, regulations and fee services already in place at C.E. Kord.


Hours of Operation

Monday thru Friday

By appointment only

*closed on holidays and administrative closings


Phone Number:



Center for Disease Control

Kord Diagnostic Laboratory


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What are the lab's hours of operation?

Normal hours are Monday through Friday by appointment only. Closed on holidays and administrative closings. If there is an after-hours emergency, please contact your local veterinarian.


What services does the lab perform?

The lab is a tissue/sample collection site. Only necropsies are performed at the laboratory. On all necropsies tissues will be shipped overnight to C.E. Kord. If, on gross necropsy, a tentative diagnosis can be made, you will be informed of a tentative diagnosis. All definitive diagnoses, however, will be made by veterinary pathologists at C. E. Kord and reported to you and your veterinarian.


Do animals presented to the laboratory have to be referred by a veterinarian?

In the same way as C.E. Kord operates, animals do not have to be referred by a veterinarian. The owner will be strongly advised to list a veterinarian where the pathology report may be sent. In this way, a valid client-patient relationship will be maintained by the veterinarian and the client. No recommendations for preventative health measures or disease control will be made by the employees of the satellite, reflecting the policy that the local practitioner that has visited the farm and is familiar with the management practices is best positioned to advise the owner.


Is there a charge for agricultural animals?

There is no charge for necropsy of agricultural animals. On all other animals, the basic fee structure of C.E. Kord will be followed. State law defines those animals exempt from fees as being raised for food or fiber, and also exempts horses.


Do you perform necropsies on companion animals?

Yes. Fees are set by C.E. Kord Lab and can be found at


Fees accrued will be billed to the veterinary clinic listed from C.E. Kord Lab, therefore clients will be billed through their veterinary clinic. WTADDL will contact your veterinarian for referral prior to performing the necropsy since there is a charge involved. No payments are handled at WTADDL.


You may download, print, and fill out the history form prior to coming to the lab, or we will provide the form when you arrive. You will also sign a release form stating that you will not get the animal back after necropsy. We will dispose of it properly according to findings on necropsy.


Is euthanasia a service of the laboratory?

No. The laboratory is on a university campus and based on the possible danger to students and staff employed by the university, euthanasia will not be performed on the premises. No live animals will be accepted for necropsy.