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The meteorology concentration is the only program of its kind in the state of Tennessee. It is designed to train students for a career in the atmospheric sciences and to supplement their training in the geosciences. Successful students will be well positioned to enter graduate school to complete their professional meteorology training or to follow careers in meteorology and in other areas of the geosciences in which foundational knowledge of weather and climate is required. Potential career fields include forecasters, broadcast meteorologists, research meteorologists and climatologists, and meteorologists in the armed forces. Employment opportunities exist in agriculture, aviation, energy, manufacturing, commodities markets, environmental planning, emergency preparedness, forensics, transportation, and teaching. Potential employers include private industry and consulting services, academia, and the federal government including NOAA, the FAA, the EPA, and the military.


Geoscience 110 and 140 are prerequisites to the concentration which consists of:
Geography 210, 270, 380, and 471; Meteorology 320, 330, 340, 350, 360, 420 or 440, 430 or 460, and 470; and 9 additional hours of upper-division Meteorology and/or Geography electives.


A minor is required in: math, statistics, or physics.


Course Requirements

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