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John Oelrich, Director of Bands

Ensemble Auditions

Auditions are only required for membership in the Wind Ensemble, Jazz Band, and Basketball Band and all UTM students are welcome and encouraged to audition.


No audition is required for the Aviators Marching Band or Concert Band.


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Audition Instructions - Fall 2021

All UT-Martin students interested in performing in either the Wind Ensemble should plan to audition at the dates listed below. This audition is required for entrance into the Wind Ensemble. The Concert Band is open to all students with no audition required. Read the instructions outside of the Band Rehearsal Hall before auditioning.


All instrumental Music Majors and Minors are required to play this audition.


Excerpts will be available on the University Bands website: utm.edu/bands. In order to be unbiased, auditions will be blind – you will play your excerpts behind a screen and not see the panel. All wind auditions will be held in Band Rehearsal Hall in the Fine Arts Building. Adhere to the marked tempos.


If You Are Not a Music Major

We welcome students who are not music majors to audition!


Access to Excerpts

For purposes of copyright, these excerpts are password protected. If you have not received an email with login information, please contact Dr. John Oelrich (joelrich@utm.edu).


Repertoire and Suggestions

Instead of cut out excerpts this year, whole parts are provided (for context) with the audition excerpts bracketed as normal. It is suggested that you print the only the pages you need but consult the entire part when listening to and studying the recordings.


Excerpts for each instrument are from some of this semester’s repertoire, including: de Meij Symphony No. 1, The Lord of the Rings. Be sure to do the following:

  • Prepare the bracketed sections to the tempos marked to the best of your abilities
  • Be sure to carefully and accurately count through all of the excerpt’s interior rests
  • Listen to reference recordings for style and common interpretations.
  • Complete parts have been provided for reference based on students’ past request. You do not have to print all of the pages, only the ones that contain excerpts.

Reference Recordings

Reference recordings for the works from which the audition excerpts are extracted are listed in the NAXOS Music Library Database, which is accessible through the Paul Meek Library website (http://utm.naxosmusiclibrary.com/recentadditions.asp). Please consult these recordings for style and performance practice questions. You may also use other sources – composer’s websites, YouTube, etc.


Audition Schedule - Tentative

Saturday, August 21

9:00 Tuba/Euphonium

10:00 Horn

11:00 Trombone

12:00 Lunch & Percussion Set Up

1:30 Clarinet

3:00 Percussion

Sunday, August 22

1:00 Saxophone & Double Reed

2:30 Trumpet

3:30 Flute


Audition Materials

UT Martin Aviators Marching Invitational

Saturday, Sept. 25, 2021

Hardy Graham Stadium, UT Martin Campus

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UTM Aviators Marching Band Housing Scholarship Application

We are pleased to offer a limited number of the Aviators Marching Band Housing Scholarships to qualifying members of the Aviators Marching Band for Fall 2020. The scholarship reduces the cost of on-campus housing by $500 each semester, for a total reduction of $1000 per school year.

If you are interested in applying for the Aviators Marching Band Housing Scholarship please complete the application by clicking on the "Learn More" link below. Thank you for your application and for your participation in the Aviators Marching Band.

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