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Carol Williams, Director


July 1

Beginning recurring budget of new fiscal year

October 19

Budget revisions due for Revised Budgets (see menu item Revised Budgets October 31)


Planning & Budget Hearings to present budget requests for the next fiscal year (recurring and one-time)

April 14

Budget revisions due for Probable Budgets (see menu item Probable Budgets April 30)

June 30

Final budget for the fiscal year

Budgeting and IRIS Reporting

General Financial Reporting >
(including BCS Reports)

Salary Budget >
(including Position Detail Report, Unbudgeted Positions, and Unfilled Budgeted Positions)


Budget Revision Form

Departmental budgets may be revised by submitting a Budget Revision Form to this office.

View Budget Revision Form >


Reserve for Encumbrance

Reserves for encumbrances represent funds allocated for outstanding purchase orders as of June 30.

View Reserve for Encumbrance >