Budget and Management Reporting

224 Administration Building

Martin, TN 38238

(731) 881-7805


(731) 881-7967


Carol Williams, Director

Budget and Management Reporting


The mission of the Office of Budget and Management Reporting is to provide prompt and accurate budgetary and financial support services to the UTM campus, the University of Tennessee System, the Tennessee Higher Education Commission, and various other constituents. The primary responsibilities of the office include:

  • Preparing the July Original Budget, the October Revised Budget, and the April 30 Probable Budget
  • Preparing financial reports for the UTM campus, the UT System, and the Tennessee Higher Education Commission
  • Monitoring, tracking, and forecasting the financial status of the UTM campus
  • Assisting departments with management and reconciliation of budgets including SAP budget training
  • Preparing the annual appropriations request submitted to the Tennessee Higher Education Commission
  • Tracking and reconciling staff and faculty positions
  • Preparing the annual American Association of University Professors (AAUP) Faculty Salary Survey for publication in the Chronicle of Higher Education

Useful budget and financial links:

Budgeting and IRIS Reporting

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Budget Revision Form

Departmental budgets may be revised by submitting a Budget Revision Form to this office.

View Budget Revision Form >


Reserve for Encumbrance

Reserves for encumbrances represent funds allocated for outstanding purchase orders as of June 30.

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