Group Fitness Class Schedule

95 Mount Pelia Road

Martin, TN 38238


(731) 881-7745


Chris Stachewicz, Director

Student Health 101


Group Fitness Class Schedule

July 16 - August 9 Group Fitness & Dance classes


Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
5:30pm Hip Hop Cycle
Yoga Chill
w/ Elizabeth
Jabs & Abs
Yoga Chill
w/ Elizabeth


Group Fitness Class Descriptions

Hip Hop Cycle - Cycling is a great cardio workout on an indoor stationary bike listening to FUN music. It works for beginners as well as for elite athletes because you control the intensity as you cycle flat roads and rolling hills.


Yoga Chill – This class will help you focus on your body, mind, and spirit through a series of basic standing and seated poses. Yoga increases flexibility and relieves you from the stresses of the day.


Jabs & Abs – A boxing circuit designed to improve your strength and fitness. A great mix of boxing, core strength, resistance work, and cardio. Lots of fun and a good stress relief!



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