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Position Title:  Intramural Official/Scorekeeper


Job Description: An Intramural Sports Scorekeeper is responsible for recording game statistics and/or keeping time for the intramural sports games. An Intramural Sports Official is responsible for overseeing and refereeing intramural sports for the Office of Campus Recreation.

  • Represent the Office of Campus Recreation in a professional and mature manner
  • Communicate and interact with a culturally and behaviorally diverse campus population
  • Maintain a polite, considerate, and cooperative attitude
  • Ability to communicate positively and effectively
  • Enforce all facility/program policies, rules, and regulations
  • Maintain all equipment and ensure proper use
  • Maintain a neat and professional appearance
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Detail oriented and self-motivated
  • Attend all regularly scheduled training and/or meetings
  • Model program values and expectations
  • Go through Blood Borne Pathogen training
  • Be able to meet all requirements to get onto payroll
  • Ability to react calmly and effectively in emergency situations
  • Perform other duties as assigned by supervisor


  • Attain a score of at least 80% on all officiating exams
  • Possess technical and detailed knowledge of game rules and officiating techniques
  • Evening and weekend availability
  • Possess technical and detailed knowledge of game rules

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Control all games situations, which might occur during intramural team activity
  • Understand and enforce all game rules, including the spirit of the rules
  • Attend all regular scheduled training clinics and meetings
  • Prevent/mediate/resolve protests, conflicts, and disputes which arise during the game
  • Penalize those who violate the rules of the game
  • Ensure that no participants are wearing illegal equipment
  • Ensure team managers accurately complete team line-up cards
  • Complete and submit all scorecards to Intramural Sports Supervisor at the end of each game
  • Provide a written report on all incidents, accidents, disputes, protests, fights, ejection’s, etc., no matter how minor along with supervisor
  • Wear the appropriate officiating attire to all games scheduled
  • Assist Intramural Sports Supervisor/Coordinator in supervising sport activities
  • Prepare activity site by setting up/taking down any necessary equipment
  • Verify participant eligibility
  • Ensure sportsmanlike conduct of participants and spectators
  • Ensure that the consumption of alcohol does not occur at the Intramural activity site
  • Enforce all stated and implied Intramural policies concerning participants and spectators
  • Supervise on-site safety of intramural participants and spectators
  • Visually, inspect the playing area to ensure a safe environment
  • Perform emergency procedures as qualified
  • Report all accidents to the Intramural Sports Supervisors or Intramural Coordinator
  • Provide public relations for Intramural Sport Program
  • Communicate and interact with a culturally and behaviorally diverse campus population
  • Maintain a positive, polite, considerate, and cooperative attitude
  • Behave and appear in a fair, consistent, and professional manner
  • Accurately report all game statistics and score

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