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Landy Fuqua, Coordinator

Student Information

The UT-Martin Regional Entrepreneurship and Economic Development Center Career Development
Program provide students with supervised practical experience related to their field of study while
obtaining UT Martin course credit. This program gives the students the opportunity for professional
experience and helps them as they contemplate careers in business.


1. Acquaint students with individuals employed in their prospective occupation or profession.

2. Allow students to learn and participate in their professional field and to assist them in determining whether the selected area in compatible with their goals.

3. Provide students with insights into the practical aspects of an organization through observation and participation in daily activities.

4. Encourage students and faculty to exchange information with business professionals and relate academic knowledge to the practical application of business principles.

Student Selection Criteria

Demonstration of:
1. Academic achievement.

2. Capacity for leadership.

3. Potential for future professional growth.

4. Commitment to a career in the area of the internship.

Specific internship requirements are determined collaboratively among the selected student, a
representative of the organization, the internship coordinator, and a faculty member. The internship
coordinator will forward the resumes of prospective interns to the company representative for selection. If
the student is currently an employee of the organization, the internship must go beyond the scope of the
student's current responsibilities. Ultimately, the assignment must be at a level that requires the
integration of classroom knowledge into the work environment.

Student Requirements

Students wanting to participate in the College of Business and Global Affairs Internship program must complete the following:

    1. Complete on-line application
    2. Attach resume to application

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