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Fall 2020 Virtual Career and Internship Fair

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Career Fair Support and Frequently Asked Questions

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Registering for the Career Fair

How do I find the career fair in Handshake?

  1. Log into your Handshake account.
  2. Go to the EVENTS page via the top menu bar.
  3. Select CAREER FAIRS.
  4. On the day of the fair, you must open the YOUR SESSIONS tab IN THE EVENT to enter the sessions for the fair.

How do I know which employers will be participating in the fair?

Once you complete registration for the fair, you will be able to scroll through the employers that have registered to attend.


How do I register for the fair?

Once you have navigated to the fair by clicking EVENTS from the top menu bar, click on the name of the fair and then click the blue REGISTER button in the top right corner of the event page. Repeat this for each day that you want to attend.


Setting Up and Managing Sessions

How do I sign up for 1 on 1 sessions with an employer? How do I sign up for group sessions with an employer? What are these?

  1. You will have the ability to sign up for group or 1 on 1 sessions with an employer you are interested in. Signing up for a group session is the online equivalent of attending an in-person information session. Signing up for a 1 on 1 session is the online equivalent of holding your spot in line at an in-person career fair (if you are familiar with a trip to Disney, think about this like a Fastpass).
  2. It’s VERY IMPORTANT to note that you can’t sign up for sessions until you register for the fair. It's also VERY IMPORTANT to note that you should not wait until right before the fair or the day of to try to sign up for sessions because there may be none left with the employer(s) you want to speak with.
  3. Group sessions are 30 minutes and 1 on 1 sessions are 10 minutes. You will need to manage your time since the sessions will not automatically end! Handshake will automatically end the session after 20 minutes.
  4. You can sign up for a session up to 1 minute before the session start time (but we really don’t recommend this!), but once a session has started you will BE UNABLE to sign up for it.
  5. To find sessions to sign up for, log in to Handshake and click on the event. Click the AVAILABLE SESSIONS tab below the fair title and date.

Will employers invite me to sessions or do I need to sign up on my own?

You will need to take the initiative to sign up on your own! You may receive communication from employers inviting you to their sessions, but you are in control and responsible for managing your own schedule.


How will I be able to remember what sessions I’m participating in?

  1. When you are logged into Handshake and have clicked into the event, navigate to the YOUR SESSIONS tab.
  2. Here, you will be able to see all of the sessions you have signed up for and here you will find the button to JOIN THE SESSION on the day of the event.
  3. When you go to sign up for a session with an employer and are looking at time slots, session times that are not available due to your already scheduled sessions will display a red dot next to the time of the session.

Can I cancel my sessions?

Yes, under the YOUR SESSIONS tab, you can click on the session that you wish to cancel and click CANCEL RESERVATION. Handshake will ask you to confirm that you want to cancel this session. Please be mindful that it is not professional to cancel last minute.


What is the format for the sessions?

  • All sessions will have the option of video, audio or text-based chat. The employer and student connecting will decide which medium to use, this is not standardized.
  • If you are signed up for the session, you can launch video at any point once it has started.
  • To begin a session, navigate to the fair in Handshake and click on the YOUR SESSIONS tab. Then, click the blue LAUNCH VIDEO button to join the session.
  • You can join the session up to five minutes early to test your audio and video connection.
  • You'll need to make sure you've allowed microphone and video access in your app or browser in order to participate in audio and video.
  • Note: In group sessions with more than 15 participants, Handshake will automatically disable participant audio and video to preserve session quality.
  • Sessions will end automatically 20 minutes after the scheduled end time, to allow for additional conversation.
  • Participants may leave a session and rejoin, but may only be connected to a session via one device.

I know I shouldn’t wear sweats, but what dress is most appropriate for online fair sessions?

Literally don’t sweat! Consider an outfit that makes you look professional and comfortable. If you need help choosing an outfit, consider making an appointment with your career advisor.


Will students who live internationally be able to participate in career fair sessions?

There are no restrictions by location, so as long as you have logged into Handshake you will be able to participate. PLEASE NOTE: The fair will be hosted in Central Daylight Time (CDT), so time differences will need to be accounted for.


Will students be able to submit their resumes to employers? Without joining sessions?

Yes! Students will be able to sign up to meet with employers in 1 on 1 and group sessions during a virtual fair and employers will have access to these students’ resumes before and after the fair. This doesn’t mean that it is good etiquette to skip a session you have signed up for. Please practice professional behavior!


Can a student see previously attended sessions?

Yes! Students will be able to see their previous sessions within the sessions tab.


Will students, employers and career staff have access to transcripts of the chats from sessions?

Transcripts will not be provided for conversations held during the fair. Instead, there will be moderation options for students and employers to utilize during conversations.


Interacting with Employers

Should I email my resume to the employer before the session?

If an employer asks you to email your resume, yes, follow their instructions. However, best practice is to ensure you have uploaded an up-to-date version of your resume to your Handshake profile so that it can be viewed by an employer prior to a session.


What are best practices for researching an employer before the fair?

Thoroughly prepare! Research the employer with Handshake, LinkedIn and social media platforms to get a well-rounded view of the employer. Specifically, look at the company’s history, any descriptors of the culture, what the mission is, where their locations are, what kind of work they do, which clients or customers they serve and recent news about the company. This will help you answer questions like, “What do you know about us as an organization?”


Will I need to have my video turned on when talking with employers?

Yes, if the recruiter has their video turned on as well. Try to mirror the behavior of the employer. If you need to turn off your video because of your WiFi connection, politely explain that’s what is happening.


Where do I find information in Handshake to be able to follow up with a recruiter after the fair?

The company profile in Handshake should contain at least a generic email account that will allow you to follow up. However, it is best practice to end your session conversation by saying, “Thank you for your time. Do you have contact information that will allow me to follow up with you once I apply?” Use this contact information to send a quick thank you note to the employers you engage with during the online fair.


Updating Handshake Profile Settings

What steps do I need to take to update my profile before the fair?

  1. Navigate to the “Your Interests” section of your Handshake profile.
  2. Complete the information for JOB TYPE, CITIES, and ROLES. These are common fields that employers use to search for potential candidates—so including them in your profile is essential to getting recruited.
  3. It’s also important to have your resume uploaded and viewable to an employer so they can prepare before you have a conversation during the fair.
  4. Fill out your EDUCATION SECTION! Check to ensure your major is up-to-date and follow your college’s process for changing this information with the Registrar’s office if it is not.
  5. Then, add Work Experience, Organization Activities, any relevant skills or examples of projects, and a head and shoulders profile photo to give your profile the polish that will help you stand out.

What do I need to know about privacy settings?

To participate in group sessions, you must set visibility to Community (this gives you access to Peer Messaging and makes you visible to other students and alumni across Handshake schools). To participate in one-on-one sessions, you must set your profile to Employers. Note: Handshake will prompt you to change your privacy settings if needed when you attempt to sign up for sessions.


For Additional Support Contact the CPAD Office

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