Physics and Astronomy Research at UT-Martin

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Robbie Montgomery, Chair

Physics and Astronomy Research at UT-Martin

Although the primary focus of the physics faculty at UT-Martin is teaching, some research opportunities exist for students. Please feel free to contact any of the following professors about possible collaboration with their research.


Computer Modeling of Time Series Phenomenon

Dr. Cahit Erkal

My research interest include: nonlinear dynamics and chaos, time series analysis, mathematical physics and simulations, and physics education. The followings describe my recent research activities:

  • My latest work is about relativistic corrections for simple pendulum. I am currently working on a specific problem to demonstrate two dimensional curved-space which will help undergraduates understand space-time curvature.
  • Time series analysis of climate data with Mark Simpson of Geography department at UT-Martin.
  • Time series and nonlinear dynamics: An application to exchange rates to improve forecasting with Prof. Aydin Cecen of Central Michigan University.
  • Investigating the road to chaos through manifold structure of Duffing's Equation.
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Computer Modeling of Starspots

Dr. Lionel Crews

Due to rapid rotation from the influence of a companion star and deep convection zones from an extended envelope, some stars exhibit measurable photometric variability from spots on their surface as they rotate. By analyzing these variations using computer simulations, properties of the so-called "starspots" can be determined. While many techniques have been used to do such modeling, I am using a relatively new technique called Matrix Light Curve Inversion (MLI). It is my goal to develop an overall understanding of the evolutionary behavior of starspots by studying a large number of spotted variable stars. This work is done in collaboration with Dr. Robert Harmon of Ohio Wesleyan University.


Modern Physics and Material Science

Dr. Misganaw Getaneh


Future Endeavors

A plan is in the beginning stages to establish a near-campus astronomical observatory, primarily to be used for public viewings and student research. Opportunities may present themselves in the near-future for interested engineering students to assist in the development of the observatory. Please contact Dr. Lionel Crews ( for information.

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When do labs start?

ASTR 201L labs starts Aug. 30rd - (2nd week of classes)

CHEM 102L, 111L, 112L, 121L, 122L, 320L, 341L starts the week of Aug. 23rd – (1st week of classes)
CHEM 342 lab starts 8/31st - (2nd week of classes)

PHYS 101 & 150 starts 8/23
PHYS 211L, 212L, 220L, 221L starts the week of Aug. 30rd - (2nd week of classes)