Computer Science Program

Why Computer Science?

Modern computing sparked a revolution in the 20th century that changed the way we view almost every academic discipline and commercial enterprise. The rapid growth of the Internet and the continued integration of computers into everyday items beyond the PC (cars, televisions, mobile devices, etc.) constantly create new opportunities for those who understand how to use them. The rapid development of the field of Computer Science continues into the 21st century. The field is always growing and evolving, constantly providing new frontiers and challenges for practitioners.


As a Computer Science student you will learn the fundamentals of the Computer Science including topics such as computer programming, operating systems, compiler construction, programming language, algorithms theory, models of computation, graphics, artificial intelligence, networking, mobile development, web programming, and more.


After Graduation

A degree in computer science prepares students for many possible careers paths. Some of the opportunities available to Computer Science graduates include careers in software engineering and development, network administration, database administration, web development, security, mobile development, scientific computing, graphics, AI, robotics, and video game design. Students who choose a double major (or minor) at UT Martin can find additional opportunities by combining their interests in computing with another field of specialization.


Graduates from the Computer Science Department have been employed at Apple, IBM, Dell, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Toyota, Wal-mart data center, FedEx, Hitachi, and within the UT System. While many of our students choose positions in the computing industry either locally or abroad, others choose to pursue graduate level studies at other universities to obtain either a Master's degree or a Ph.D.


Local ACM Chapter

The Computer Science Department sponsors a local student chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) and also helps support a regional chapter of ACM. ACM is the world's largest educational and scientific computing society, and delivers resources that advance computing as a science and a profession. Through the ACM our students participate in a variety of activities including competing at programming competitions, attending and presenting at academic conferences, viewing technical presentations, and by peer-tutoring in our lab. Students are encouraged to participate in this organization for professional growth.



Our department maintains two primary computer labs. For CS Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors our upper division computing lab provides access to computers running Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Apple's OS X. The department also maintains an instructional laboratory that is tied to the regular campus computing network. Both students and faculty have access to our departmental servers, which are maintained in the CS Department's server rack in the campus computing center.

About Computer Science

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