Students Talking on the Quad

Office of Student Conduct and Care

Students Talking on the Quad

Mission Statement

The Office of Student Conduct and Care is committed to serving the community by aiding students who encounter barriers that may limit their success. The Office of Student Conduct and Care promotes each student’s academic, social, behavioral, and mental well-being by providing educational, corrective, and supportive care, connections to campus and community resources, and assisting in navigating the academic landscape.

About Us

The Office of Student Conduct and Care is a vital part of the Office of Student Affairs. This office directly affects and applies to all currently enrolled students who are on or off campus. This office serves as an advocate for each student and conduit to all resources available to our students. The Office of Student Conduct and Care supports the mission of the University by educating students about appropriate behavior and social and mental well-being all while fostering a community where academic success can occur. We commit to facilitating student growth and development in civility and humanity. We apply a comprehensive approach of informal and formal options to uphold standards, foster personal growth and promote civil learning environment.

Core Values

  • Student-centered
  • Learning-focused
  • Advocacy
  • Fairness
  • Community minded
  • Accountability


  • To be proactive in the conduct and care of student lives.
  • To advocate and provide resources to students in need.
  • To provide support based on each individual student’s need.
  • To provide an educational experience that fosters individual growth and development.
  • To help students be successful in all aspects of their lives.
  • To balance the needs and concerns of students as well as the community.
  • For students to feel heard and valued.
  • To nurture meaningful and ongoing connections with our students

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Students who take advantage of our services or who have been referred to our office will demonstrate an understanding of how or why our services were needed.
  • Students will be educated about acceptable behavior, ethical decision making, and resources available.
  • Student will exabit positive behavior changes, improve decision-making and focus on overcoming problems to achieve their educational goals.


  • One-on-one support sessions.
  • Preventive care intervention to decrease potential conduct situations.
  • Faculty/Staff conduct and care training.
  • Outreach and awareness as it relates to student conduct, academics, mental health and/or physical health.

Clarification of Disciplinary Regulations

In response to numerous inquiries and uncertainties by students regarding disciplinary penalties for unacceptable behavior, the following list contains examples for which suspension from the university is the expected penalty...

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Standard of Conduct

When persons enroll in The University of Tennessee at Martin, they retain the rights and duties of a citizen. Additionally, they must assume the duties and observe the regulations imposed by the University community.

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Report Online: Academic Integrity
and/or Concerning Behavior

Reports submitted online are reviewed within 24 hours. All reports are safeguarded to ensure the confidentiality of our students.

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