Students Talking on the Quad

Office of Student Conduct and Care

Students Talking on the Quad

Mission Statement

Through prevention and intervention, the Office of Student Conduct and Care (OSCC) strives to assist students who may be encountering barriers limiting their success. Our primary focus is to promote each student's academic, social, behavioral, and mental well-being. We provide equitable and compassionate interventions should behaviors warrant to ensure a safe learning environment where all students can thrive both academically and personally.

Clarification of Disciplinary Regulations

In response to numerous inquiries and uncertainties by students regarding disciplinary penalties for unacceptable behavior, the following list contains examples for which suspension from the university is the expected penalty...

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Standard of Conduct

When persons enroll in The University of Tennessee at Martin, they retain the rights and duties of a citizen. Additionally, they must assume the duties and observe the regulations imposed by the University community.

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Report Online: Academic Integrity
and/or Concerning Behavior

Reports submitted online are reviewed within 24 hours. All reports are safeguarded to ensure the confidentiality of our students.

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