Reporting Academic Dishonesty

Steps for Reporting Academic Dishonesty

(Must be reported to the Office of Student Conduct prior to the close of business during final exams)

1. Professor identifies alleged Academic Dishonesty
    a. Professor then:

      1. Determines Professorial penalty and Notifies students in writing [Via letter and/or email (Click here to see sample letter)] of the following:
        1. Failing grade, failing course, etc.
        2. The incident will be forwarded to the Office of Student Conduct
        3. Make sure to include “whatever additional action deemed necessary” or “I request that no further action be taken.”
        4. Include Grade Appeal Policy
      2. Send copy of letter and class syllabus to the Office of Student Conduct

2. Office of Student Conduct then determines:

a. Whether or not to pursue charges dependent upon Professional recommendation and previous student disciplinary record

i. File it “For Information Only” – No charges brought against student

ii. Charge student with Academic Dishonesty


3. Consultation with Professor

      1. If letter states no additional action is necessary, the Office of Student Conduct will not make contact. Paperwork will be filed for record purposes.
      2. To get further details of allegations, copies of paperwork, etc. (should additional action be requested).
4. Student meeting with Student Conduct Officer:
      1. Student has opportunity to state their side of the story
      2. Student will choose to either take responsibility and accept recommended sanction or request an APA or University Council appeal.
5. Appeal
      1. All academic appeals are heard before the University Council
      2. Board is composed of administrators, faculty, and students appointed by the Chancellor.
      3. If council upholds Professor’s penalty, the case is terminated.
      4. If the council recommends a different course of action, those recommendations are forwarded to the Chancellor for review*. The instructor may choose to accept or not accept the recommendations.
      5. No one can require or mandate that the Professor issue a change in grades.

*The Chancellor may or may not agree to hear any additional statements regarding the incident provided the basic rights of the student has been safeguarded and/or upheld (due process).


Clarification of Disciplinary Regulations

In response to numerous inquiries and uncertainties by students regarding disciplinary penalties for unacceptable behavior, the following list contains examples for which suspension from the university is the expected penalty...

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Standard of Conduct

When persons enroll in The University of Tennessee at Martin, they retain the rights and duties of a citizen. Additionally, they must assume the duties and observe the regulations imposed by the University community.

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Report Online: Academic Integrity
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Reports submitted online are reviewed within 24 hours. All reports are safeguarded to ensure the confidentiality of our students.

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