Alcohol Notification Policy

In conjunction with the state of Tennessee and the UTM Standards of Conduct the following policy refers to any student that is found guilty of violating any ordinances in regard to the consumption, presence, possession, and/or use of alcohol. This policy applies to any notification received by the Office of Student Conduct whether on or off campus.

Revisions have been implemented effective January 22, 2009. These revisions also support state legislature Tennessee Public Chapter no. 1189. This policy now mandates that all institutions of higher education shall notify parents of students under the age of 21 in the event of such a violation.


Our procedures for addressing students who violate the university’s alcohol policy are:


  1. First Offense and/or Arrest: Parental and/or guardian notification will be issued in accordance to APA procedures, Disciplinary probation (TBA-may or may not include a loss of privileges and/or scholarshipsand mandated completion of the eCHUG Alcohol program. eCHUG is a computerized program that can be taken at the convenience of the student. All results are required to be printed and submitted to the Office of Student Conduct for review. Upon submission the Office will retain autonomy to issue a follow-up response via email within (5) five business days and remove the disciplinary hold issued based on the violation and/or the findings of your exam.

The eCHUG course may be taken at the following link:

  1. Second Offense and/or Arrest: Parental and/or guardian notification; Continual Disciplinary probation (TBA-may or may not include a loss of privileges and/or scholarships) and mandated outsource referrals for counseling. (Cost will be incurred by the student)
  1. Third Offense and/or Arrest: Suspension from the University. Additional sanctions may be recommended at the discretion of the Office of Student Conduct.


It is our sincere hope that the procedures that we have in place coupled with the pursuit of the educational goals will assist all UTM students in gaining a clearer understanding of the law and the hazards associated with the illegal and/or overindulgence of the consumption of alcoholic beverages at such a vulnerable period in their lives, regardless of age.

If you have any questions regarding this letter or the incident in question please feel free to contact us.



revised: January 2009

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