Tennessee Correction Academy Credit

The University of Tennessee at Martin established the Tennessee Correction Academy Proficiency Program (TNCAP2), through which graduates of the Tennessee Correction Academy may earn up to six (6) semester hours of academic credit. TNCAP2 is designed to provide an incentive for criminal justice professionals to seek or continue higher education and, ultimately, obtain a bachelor's degree. This pilot program provides educational opportunities that are occupationally specific within the field of criminal justice and enhances students' understanding of theoretical concepts by providing a context for practical cultural application.


Through TNCAP2, Tennessee Correction Academy (TCA) graduates may earn credit in one or both of the UT Martin Criminal Justice courses listed below and apply this credit toward fulfillment of UT Martin baccalaureate degree requirements, including the requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice or Bachelor of University Studies degree. Correctional personnel applying for TNCAP2 credit must submit:

  1. Evidence of successful completion of the TCA, including dates of attendance, and;
  2. A report detailing the correctional personnel's academy grades and overall average.


All correctional personnel receiving university credit through TNCAP2 must meet UT Martin entrance criteria for Regular, Non-Traditional Adult, or Special Admission as detailed in the current Undergraduate Catalog and be admitted to the University. In addition to the regular UT Martin application fee, a recording fee is required for each course in which TNCAP2 credit is earned. This credit must be earned prior to the student's last 30 hours before graduation from the University. In the event that students were not enrolled at UT Martin at the time of participation in any TCA training program, academic credit may be granted retroactively once all entrance criteria have been met and Tennessee Correction Academy/UT Martin course content have been evaluated and approved.


Through TNCAP2, credit may be earned for one or both in the following courses:

  • CJ 311 Correctional Security (3 hours)
  • CJ 312 Physical Training and Use of Force (3 hours)


Instructions for Application for Proficiency Examination


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