Current Students

If reasonable accommodations involve cooperation from your professors, these accommodations will be communicated to your professor through accommodation letters. Accommodation letters are requested through the AIM Portal each semester.


Unless specifically requested by the student, the student's disability is not stated in the letter, just a list of accommodations.


Accommodation letters will be sent directly to faculty/staff through the AIM platform.

Please note the following:

  • Letters must be requested every semester. The Disability Services office will send email reminders before classes start, and letters can be requested through accessing the student AIM login.
  • If students wish to modify their accommodations in any way, they may schedule an appointment with the staff of the Disability Services office to discuss their accommodation plan. Additional documentation may be requested of the student to support the requested modifications.
  • Faculty/staff are responsible for providing accommodations only from the time they receive notice of the disability via the letter from Disability Services. Students who self-identify with Disability Services and/or request letters late in the semester are not eligible for retroactive accommodations.
  • Please note that it can take up to 30 calendar days to completely process an application request for additional services or to add on accommodations. For faster response time, you may also request an appointment in AIM Portal and upload documentation directly related to your request.

Please email our office at and or reach out to Disability Coordinator at 731.881.7605 to discuss your specific needs.

Accommodations Request Guide

Log into AIM and send course access letters to your instructors every semester. Upon request, letters will be sent to your instructors via email, and you will receive a copy to your email.

If you have printed materials in PDF or Word format (Alternative Format):

  • At least 6 weeks before classes start, get a complete course material list from your instructor. You will then log into your AIM portal and begin the request and upload receipts.
  • Generally, E-books and Inclusive Access books are already in the needed format, but contact if you have questions or concerns.
  • You will receive an email with instructions for accessing your materials as they are ready.

If you have sign language interpreting or transcribing:

  • Log into AIM at least 30 days before the start of the semester, as feasible, to allow ODS time to locate a service provider.
  • Email with any changes to your schedule (location, time, dropped or added class) or if you do not need a service provider.
  • Email and request an interpreter for additional events (meeting with a professor/final exams) in the Student Portal by choosing Communication Access and completing a Custom Request (48 hours advance notice for events shorter than 3 hours or preferably two weeks’ notice for events longer than 3 hours).
  • Discuss all concerns related to a service provider with the Coordinator for Interpreting & Speech-to- Text Services.

If you have testing accommodations:

  • Testing accommodations apply to quizzes, tests, midterms and final exams (QTF).
    • Contact your instructors to verify they received your course access letter and to discuss the logistics of your testing accommodations. Students are generally expected to take their accommodated exams on the same date and time as the class.
    • Discuss alternative testing times with your instructor if, due to accommodations, there may be times where you will encounter a conflict with other classes or with the Office of Disability Services hours of operation. They will work with you to identify an alternate time.
  • Online tests generally do not need to be taken in the ODS Testing Center, since most accommodations can be provided online.
  • Please contact your ODS Coordinator if you have any questions or concerns.
  • Instructors may provide accommodations themselves, but they will typically expect you to take your QTFs in the ODS Testing Center.
  • Submit exam requests in the Student Portal, AIM portal, accordingly.
  • ODS will notify you via email when an exam request is approved.

Please download this document for your reference – Accommodation Request Guide

  • In order to schedule an accommodated test, fill out the online alternative testing request located in the Student AIM portal.
  • Disability Services will work directly with the professor to obtain and proctor the test.
  • Upon receiving a request for alternate testing accommodations, the Office of Disability Services will review and approve, deny, or request more information.
  • Five (5) business days’ notice for regular exams/quizzes and 10 business days’ notice for final exams is required.
  • The notice is necessary for seat assignment in the testing room and to allows ODS time to communicate with the professor and coordinate exam details, test times, and instructions.
  • Late requests may result in forfeiture of the accommodation for that exam. If the student does not wish to take the exam in the testing room at ODS, but still wishes to receive alternate testing accommodations (extended time or distraction-reduced environment), then they must discuss this with the professor in advance of the test so that arrangements can be made (i.e. tests through Canvas or professor proctored testing, etc).

Repeat these steps each semester, as needed. This has to be done each semester.

Contact your ODS coordinator if you:

  • Have any questions.
  • Have concerns about receiving your accommodations.
  • Need assistance communicating with instructors about your accommodations.
  • Feel your accommodation needs have changed.
  • Hint: You may find your Coordinator’s name and contact information on the lower left side of you.