Accommodation Letters

If reasonable accommodations involve cooperation from your professors, these accommodations will be communicated to your professor through accommodation letters. Two copies of each letter will be drafted, one for your professor to retain with their records, one for the Disability Services office to retain. Students may request additional copies for their own records.


Unless specifically requested by the student, the student's disability is usually not stated in the letter, just a list of accommodations.


The Disability Services office will deliver the letters on behalf of the students, unless the student specifically requests to deliver the letters personally.

Please note the following:

  • Letters must be requested every semester. The Disability Services office will send email reminders before classes start, and letters can be requested by email or by dropping by the office. But they will not be automatically sent to professors without being requested every semester.
  • If students wish to modify their accommodations in any way, they may schedule an appointment with the staff of the Disability Services office to discuss their accommodation plan. Additional documentation may be requested of the student to support the requested modifications.
  • Professors are responsible for providing accommodations only from the time they receive notice of the disability via the letter from Disability Services. Students who self-identify with Disability Services and/or request letters late in the semester are not eligible for retroactive accommodations.

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