Testing Accommodations


Many students who register with the Disability Services office qualify for testing accommodations, such as extended time, low-distraction environment, and alternate test format, as well as other accommodations, depending upon the functional impact of the individual’s disability.


These accommodations are decided upon in conference with the student, both in the initial intake interview as well as any subsequent meetings discussing academic progress. Testing accommodations do not make tests easier, and they do not impact the grading standards. Disability Services issues testing accommodations only when the functional impact of a student’s disability affects their ability to display content mastery in the same time frame and circumstances as students without disabilities.


Disability Services notifies professors of a student’s testing accommodations in the official letter of accommodation. These letters constitute a three-way agreement between the Disability Services office, the student requesting accommodations, and the faculty member, all of whom share some degree of responsibility for making sure that the academic accommodations are met within a reasonable timeframe.

Location for Accommodated Testing

The Disability Services office has space reserved to test students registered with our office. This is a service we provide to students and faculty. The majority of tests taken with accommodations require proctoring within the Disability Services testing space. Some tests, due to the nature and/or format of the subject, don’t travel well outside of the department—for instance, laboratory exams with special equipment, foreign language exams with listening components, live performances, etc. The student’s testing accommodations are not contingent upon the location of their test; in fact, many departments handle testing accommodations for students with disabilities in house, and their usage of our testing facilities is limited.

Student Responsibilities

The Disability Services office informs students, when they register for accommodations, the process wherein they schedule exams with our office. We normally require three days advance notice, so that we can make sure the space is available, and so that the faculty member teaching the course can be contacted to provide the exam to our office. If students forget to register, or wait until the last minute, there is no guarantee that they will be able to take the exam in the Disability Services office. Likewise, if the student does not wish to take the exam in Disability Services (or if they forget to register in advance), but still wishes to receive testing accommodations, they must discuss this with the professor in advance of the test so that arrangements can be made.


To reiterate: in order to schedule a test with accommodations, students need to come to Clement 206 to submit a test scheduling form at least 3 days in advance of their scheduled test. Disability Services then contacts the professor and obtains the test.

Test Integrity

Tests being taken with our office are to begin at the regularly scheduled class time. Any changes to the schedule (i.e. requests to take exam earlier or later than the regular time, at a later or earlier date, etc.) must be arranged for with the professor. We require the professor’s written consent before any changes can be made. Professors may consider late arrival for a test an integrity violation, and refuse to grade the test.


The only exception to this is when tests are scheduled after our hours of operation (8:00-5, M-F). Tests that would normally start before 8:00 AM or will require staff to remain in office after 5:00 PM should be scheduled in accordance to our hours of operation, at a time approved by the course instructor.


The testing space is video monitored by Disability Services staff, and cellphones are not allowed during testing unless we have approval from the professor. Any suspicions of misconduct or academic integrity violations will be reported immediately to the course instructor and the Student Conduct office.


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