Web Registration for Degree Courses 

To access the student Web for registration, transcript, grades, and account summary, navigate to:

  • Log in to the my UTMartin Portal
  • Username: First 3 letters of first name, middle initial, first 4 letters of last name (johdsmit)
  • Password: First 3 letters of birth month (first letter Capitalized) followed by the “#” sign, 4 digits of the birth year followed by the “#” sign, last 4 digits of the social security number (Aug#2001#1234)
  • Click on Banner on the portal title bar

The student may be prompted to enter a hint question & answer.  If so, this step must be completed in order to proceed. 

 Click on:

  • Student Services and Financial Aid Menu
  • Registration
  • Select Term:  Choose Appropriate Term
  • Submit Term


Add/Drop Classes

  • Type in a CRN in the small boxes at the bottom of the page, tab, type another CRN, until all desired CRN's have been entered.
  • Submit changes to register for classes.

When the window returns the current schedule, the status on the right will say "Registered" if the student is registered in those classes.   If there are errors in the classes such as closed, time conflicts, or corequisites, it will show up as STOP-Registration Errors, and the student is not registered in those classes.



The student IS registered for the classes that have a status of "Registered" and IS NOT in the ones that are listed as errors.  If student is not sure of the CRN # he/she should:

  • Click on the "Class Search" button (Choose whatever option s/he wishes, such as subject and course number, etc.)
  • Click "Find Classes"
  • Click box next to the class for which s/he wants to register
  • Click "Register" to register or "Add to Worksheet" to keep working


To Drop/Delete

  • Use the Drop/Delete action drop down menu, which is found on the left of the registered classes, to remove a class from the student's schedule. 
  • Continue these steps until schedule is correct
  • When schedule is complete, click "Return to Menu" and "Close the Browser."
  • The student will not be permitted to drop his/her last class online.  Student should contact Student Affairs if he/she needs to withdraw from school.

Always go back to the Student Detail Schedule on the web to verify your class schedule.

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