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Master of Science in Education in Curriculum and Instruction

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Deborah J. Gibson

Master of Science in Education in Curriculum and Instruction

Books, blocks, colored pencils, and an apple

Advance your teaching career with a Master’s of Education in Curriculum & Instruction. This program is available online for those students who have obtained a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university and who are professionally licensed to teach. You can expect to learn topics such as, Teaching with Technology, Multicultural Issues, Literacy Development, and more to develop and sharpen your skills in the classroom. Upon the completion of this degree, you will be equipped to bring engagement into the classroom and be able to elevate your student’s learning.

Program Highlights:

  • 100% Online
  • NO GRE Required
  • Complete the program in as little as 12 months.
  • 7 week courses
  • 30 credit hours
  • Transfer Credits accepted


30 hours


Full or part time




3-6 Semesters


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Semester of Entry

Fall or Spring


Potential Occupations

  • Supervisor of Instruction
  • Curriculum Coach
  • Instructional Coordinator
  • Curriculum and Instruction Specialist
  • Education Specialist
  • and more!

Program of Study

LIBS 755 Children and Adolescent Literature - 3 Credit Hours

SPED 680 Strategies for Differentiation in the Inclusive Classroom - 3 Credit Hours

EDFN 720 Multicultural Issues in Education and Counseling - 3 Credit Hours

EDST 750 Teaching with Technology - 3 Credit Hours

EDST 710 Models of Instruction, Curriculum Development & Adv. Strategies - 3 Credit Hours

READ 700 Foundations of Literacy Development - 3 Credit Hours

EDLD 715 Personnel Management and Professional Development - 3 Credit Hours

EDEV 761 Educational Tests and Measurement - 3 Credit Hours

TCED 716 Growth & Development in School Age Students - 3 Credit Hours

TCED 791 Master's Culminating Experience - 3 Credit Hours


Total Minimum hours required for M.S. Degree - 30

Why UTM?

We greatly value our relationships with our students and it is our goal to foster a sense of community between our students, faculty, and community partners. This begins with the first contact between advisor and student. Your advisor is the person who will work with you to understand all of the requirements of the program, help you develop your plan of study, answer questions about registration, and guide you toward your career goal. This is an important relationship that we hope will make you feel more comfortable in our program as well as provide you with information. The advisor- student connection is vital in your personal and professional development. As faculty members, we enjoy this time we spend getting to know and mentor you. Our hope is that you continue to feel a part of our program even after you graduate, keeping us up to date on your personal and professional milestones.


To further promote our sense of community we have established a Facebook group page for current students and alumni. When you are accepted into the program you will be sent an invitation via email to join our Facebook group and we hope you will accept. On this site we post news about the program, important information about the profession of counseling, and share updates about students and alumni. We hope those of you still on Facebook will accept our invitation!




Admission Requirements

1. GPA requirement

  • Cum GPA—a 2.50 cumulative GPA on all work attempted prior to completion of the baccalaureate degree, or
  • SrYr GPA—a 3.00 GPA on the last 30 semester hours attempted in the baccalaureate degree (all work will be computed for the number of semesters necessary to total the last 30 semester hours), or
  • a 3.00 GPA on the SrYr plus any post-baccalaureate upper-division and/or graduate courses. (Any courses included in the SrYr calculation may be repeated to raise the GPA to 3.00).

2. Current Teaching license

Note* A student may be admitted to the Curriculum and Instruction program for one semester with the proof that the recommendation for teaching licensure has been sent to the appropriate state department of education. At the end of the add period for that semester, a Graduate Hold on that student that will prevent registration for additional semesters until verification of the actual teaching license is received.

3. $40 Application Fee *

* Only required for first-time applicants.


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Dr. Terry Silver

Dr. Terry Silver

Curriculum & Instruction Faculty Coordinator

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Deborah J. Gibson

Deborah J. Gibson

Coordinator, Education Graduate Student Services Coordinator

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