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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I get started and what do I choose for the online application?

Where do I send my admission materials?

Admission materials should be uploaded to the online application portal at GradCAS. Any application materials not included in the online portal should be sent to the Office of Graduate Studies.


Office of Graduate Studies
227 Administration Building
University of Tennessee at Martin
Martin, TN 38238
ph: 731.881.7012
fax: 731.881.7499


I submitted an application and need an update/have changes/have questions. Who do I contact?

Graduate Studies process all UT Martin graduate applications. Contact them at 731.881.7021 or for application information.


Which programs are offered?

Do I have to take the GRE Revised General Test?

No, the GRE is not required for our graduate programs.


What is Curriculum and Instruction? Is it the major I need for administration?

Curriculum and Instruction is an all-purpose advanced teaching degree. If you'd like to be an administrator or supervisor, please choose Instructional Leadership.


I'd like to be a school administrator. Which major should I choose and how do I qualify?

We offer our Instructional Leadership major to fulfill the requirements of Tennessee's Department of Education's "Instructional Leadership" license. You must have completed three years teaching experience to qualify.


How do I to change my address or phone number?

Follow the instructions provided by the Registrar for address changes. Please let our office know by sending an email to


How do I change my name?

Follow the instructions provided by the Registrar for name changes. Please let our office know by sending an email to


I've decided to take a semester off. What do I need to do?

If you've decided to skip a semester, you MUST reapply to Education Graduate Programs. Taking a semester off makes you inactive in the system. Reapplying simply makes you active in the system again. On the application, use your application login ID and pin. If you've forgotten your application login, use first-time account creation. Your social security number will tie your accounts and information together. Chose "Graduate Studies: Readmit."


Can I still use my UTM email and library services after I graduate?

Students will keep their email. However, they won’t have access to the library’s electronic info. UTM graduates can use TEL (Tennessee Electronic Library) and still use several of the services that the library has. Also, alumni can still come to the Paul Meek Library to check out books, DVD's, etc.



For further information, please contact the Education Graduate Programs Office at, or use our online request form.


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