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Mission Statement

Teachers of West Tennessee, ranging from preschool to higher education, understand the unique educational opportunities and burdens facing students inside and outside of the rural classroom. Every day, these educators learn more about what it means to teach with purposeful impact, as well as what it looks like for students to learn through engagement and empathy. The mission of West TN SoTL is to amplify the voices, practices, and experiences of teachers in the schools of rural West Tennessee and beyond.


As a SoTL (Scholarship of Teaching and Learning) journal for rural education, West TN SoTL aspires to provide teachers and students in the surrounding area a forum for sharing their ideas and research on teaching and learning. Rural practitioners and learners may not traditionally see themselves as contributors to ongoing scholarly conversations and publications. However, this journal sees them as vital resources of pedagogical insight as we all continue to discover what it truly means to teach and learn.


A Call for Papers for the West Tennessee SoTL Journal

“Soaring into the New Normal: Supporting Students in Rural Education” for Fall 2022


Submissions accepted for Spring publication in the following areas:

  • Reflective Essays
  • Research Based Articles
  • Pedagogy
  • Best Practices

We seek to collaborate in all areas which surround educational settings. 


Submissions are due no later than April 30, 2022.

Manuscript Submission Process

Articles should be submitted using this form. Please include Title page, abstract, and all pages numbered without a running head.  All references, tables, charts, and figures should appear at the end of the manuscript.

Cover Page:

  • Title of Manuscript
  • Date of submission
  • Author’s name, professional title, mailing address, email address, institutional affiliation and address.
  • State that manuscript is not under consideration nor published elsewhere
  • Brief biographical information identifying your title, work site and areas of interest (limit to 30 words per author).

Abstract: A concise 100-word, double-spaced narrative should be included at the beginning of the manuscript.


Please contact westtnsotlsubmissions@gmail.com with any questions.

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