Fashion Merchandising Careers

Retail Manager - is responsible for the running a retail store. This ranges from a small specialty store, or specialty chain store to large department stores. Areas of responsibility include making sure the store reaches its sales targets, working with customer service issues, staff management, including interviewing and recruiting, supervising departmental managers and organizing training. To be a retail manager you must be a good team leader, have great communication skills, be adaptable, and be able to work in a fast-moving pressured environment.


Fashion Buyer - is responsible for selecting and purchasing fashion and accessories for retail stores. Fashion buyers must have knowledge of fashion history and trends, good analytical and planning skills and a love for fashion.

Fashion Wholesale Sales Representative - is responsible for selling the garments or accessories of a fashion manufacturer to buyers from retail stores. This takes place mainly in fashion markets with follow-up through electronic interaction and potential store visits. A sales representative must be highly knowledgeable about the products they represent.


Fashion Designer - examines trends in the kinds of clothing people are wearing, create designs based on their ideas, choose colors and fabrics, and supervise the production of their designs. Fashion designers may have a specialty, such as clothing design, footwear design, or accessory design. A successful fashion designer must be good at predicting the future. Since it takes between eighteen and twenty-four months for an article of clothing to go from rough sketch to final production, the designer must understand buying trends as they are developing. Therefore, research on fashion trends is an important first step in the design process. . Fashion designers must have a strong background in textiles and fashion trends, and a keen eye for color and proportion.


Fashion Consultant - assists individuals in selecting fashion apparel and accessories. The consultant usually works for a department or specialty store providing advice about purchases of clothes and other items from their store. A fashion consultant must have knowledge of fashion trends, style and personal image analysis.


Fashion Editor - cover stories in and around the world of fashion. Not only is it necessary to have a strong background in writing, but they must also have a flair for fashion. Fashion writers/editors typically work through a magazine or newspaper to cover various stories within the fashion world. They work as a specialist in a certain area of fashion, or they cover stories as they arise.


Textile & Fashion Marketer - works by using current trends in fashion to analyze, develop, and implement sales strategies. A fashion marketer investigates the relationship between fashion design and marketing including the development, promotion, advertising, and retailing aspects of the fashion industry. Successful fashion marketers understand that recognizing consumer trends, strong branding, and a desirable product image are all essential elements to building an effective and meaningful campaign.


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