Infant Stimulation Program

The UT Martin Infant Stimulation Program, established in January, 1976, provides educational assistance to young, developmentally delayed children and their families in Northwest Tennessee. The purpose of the program is twofold: (1) to serve developmentally delayed children with opportunities to realize their potentials at an age as early as possible and (2) to provide ideas for growth within the frameworks of families.


Any child from birth to 36 months of age who has a developmental delay or a diagnosed condition which qualifies for services may benefit from the Infant stimulation program. A printable referral form is provided at the bottom of the page.


The Infant Stimulation Program is offered by the College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences and is funded (in part) under an agreement with the Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation. The variety of services provided by the UT Martin Infant Stimulation Program are:

  • an early intervention educational model which includes parent involvement in a home-based and/or center-based setting.
  • screening in conjunction with Tennessee's Early Intervention System.
  • physical therapy, speech therapy and feeding evaluations through the Infant Stimulation Clinic Services. Evaluation and therapy services are based on individual need with emphasis on written home programs to be carried out by parents on a daily basis.

The UT Martin Infant Stimulation Program is housed on the campus of The University of Tennessee at Martin. Martin is located in upper Northwest Tennessee. Licensed locations include the UT Martin Child & Family Resource Center located on the UT Martin campus and the Paris center located in the Paris Housing Authority in Henry County. Described services are provided to eligible children (from birth through age two) in Benton, Carroll, Henry, Lake, Obion and Weakley counties. The program is currently funded to serve 111 children. Information concerning the Infant Stimulation Program and the Child-Find Service is available by calling: (731) 881-7113


  • An diagnosed condition or identified syndrome associated with impaired intellectual functioning. Examples of these can include but are not limited to: prematurity (a child born before 30 weeks gestation) visual impairment, auditory impairment, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, down syndrome, etc.
  • A 40 percent delay of the child's chronological age in one or more areas of development or 25% in two or more areas of development.

All children who are served are eligible according to the standards for developmental delay. There are no income requirements and no charges for services. REFERRAL APPLICATION FOR INFANT STIMULATION PROGRAM. Send referral by fax: (731)-881-7142 or mail it to: 738 University St. Martin TN 38238


Lori Wilson

Lori Wilson
Infant Stimulation Program Director
Child & Family Resource Center

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