Non-Credit Afternoon Seminars

2 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Graphic Design and Media for the Creative Humanist: Using the Mac to Unleash Your Inner Artist

Mr. Lane Last


Are you a Renaissance scholar? Do you look forward to contributing your voice and ideas to our “knowledge society”? Are you a “do-it-yourselfer” interested in getting some advanced software experience on the Mac or learning digital production techniques from a professional artist/designer with 15+ years of experience? Then this GSH 2017 seminar is just right for you.


Media and communications technologies are changing everything including the ways students learn and present materials, especially at the university level. Professor Last will be presenting training and techniques on various software applications for creating your own creative, documentary, or research summary projects. Students enrolled in the seminar will work with the instructor to determine what will be most useful and interesting in the time available. The group will be working together to create a project that uses some media application and captures the spirit of the GSH experience. Mac experience is not required and any applications presented can be performed with PC systems as well.


Governor’s School Newspaper

Dr. Robert Nanney


Want to place your special mark on the journalistic account of the 2017 GSH experience? If so, this seminar is for YOU. We need creative, enthusiastic Scholars with a special passion for writing, taking photos, editing and designing this year's newspaper, which will also be named by the staff. You will be in charge of putting together this exciting, permanent souvenir of GSH, have fun and earn a resume "hit" all at the same time. Scholars who are on their high school newspaper staffs are especially encouraged to participate and gain further knowledge and experience, but "rookies" may also join in. We will need writers, photographers, graphic artists and cartoonists, so we'll find something unique for everyone to contribute. We'll also need those who are skilled at planning and organizing people and information. Don't miss out on this special opportunity!


Ethics Bowl

Ms. Merry Brown


Should parents use electronic equipment (GPS, etc.) to track their children’s whereabouts? Should reproductive technologies be limited? Under what circumstances (if any) should confidentiality agreements be broken? If you are interested in thinking through these (and more!) ethical questions, sign up for the Ethics Bowl seminar. As a group we will talk about major ethical theories to prepare for debating contemporary ethical questions. You will have the opportunity to showcase your ethical insights when you present and argue your positions in an ethics competition at the end of the term in front of your fellow Governor’s School for the Humanities colleagues.


Governor’s School Yearbook

Ms. Tomi Parrish


Get ready to create! Staff members in this seminar will select a theme, organize materials and design a keepsake book that will help Scholars remain connected long after their experiences at Governor’s School have ended. Illustrations, names, addresses, quotes, photographs – the publication goes camera ready to UT Martin’s Digital Printing Services and is distributed near the end of Governor’s School, just in time for mass signing.

Periodic (meetings TBA)

The "Ultimate" Talent Show

Mr. Tim Barrington


Do you and your friends at school break into song and do a dance on cue in the classroom? Do you sing harmony on bus trips, play guitar or any other instrument? If so, we want you to perform in the final evening event for the Governor’s School. The talent show is open to all who wish to demonstrate their talents for the enjoyment of their peers. Students can also participate as emcees, run the lighting, sound or do work backstage. Participants will be given rehearsal time on stage and will have at least one full technical rehearsal during the week before the performance. NOTE: If you wish to use recorded accompaniments for vocal or dance numbers, you will need to provide a high quality, clearly recorded CD (fully labeled with your name, track, etc.) to be used at the audition, rehearsals and performance. Don’t forget to bring that and your instrument when you join us in Martin. We hope to see you on stage!!!!!



All applications must be postmarked no later than December 1, 2017

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