Admission Types and Definitions


Returning Graduate Student

A student previously admitted and enrolled in graduate study at UT Martin. If you are a returning student in good standing who has not attended in the most recent fall or spring semester, please contact the Office of Graduate Studies at or call (731) 881-7012 to remove the readmission hold.


First-Time Graduate Student

A student who has earned a baccalaureate degree and has not previously been a graduate student at UT Martin. Student must submit an application for admission.


Transient Student

A student admitted to a graduate program elsewhere who wishes to take limited graduate work at UT Martin. Student must submit application for admission. Transient admission will be granted upon receipt of official verification from student's graduate institution that they are 1) admitted as a degree-seeking graduate student and 2) in academic good standing.


International Student

A student who is not a United States citizen or resident alien. International students who completed a bachelor's degree at the University of Tennessee at Martin will apply through Graduate Studies.


A graduate application fee of $40 will be charged for all applications unless fee was paid previously to UT graduate program. A student that withdraws from Graduate Studies at UT Martin, in order to apply as an undergraduate student, and wishes to reapply for graduate admission at a later date must pay the $40 application fee again.


Admission requirements may vary according to the degree program and admission level requested. Minimum University requirements are as follows:

  • Applicant must request each college/university attended to send an official transcript directly to the Graduate Studies Office from the issuing institution.
  • Applicant must have a 2.5 cumulative GPA (on a 4.0 scale) at the time of completion of the undergraduate degree. Degree - seeking admission categories: required for a student who wishes to complete a graduate degree. Additional admission requirements apply and vary by degree program.


  • Unconditional and Conditional: all requirements for admission are met. Formula point calculation determines Unconditional or Conditional. Conditional admission is limited to 8-15 hours with a maximum of four graduate courses and includes the Unclassified semester.
  • Unclassified: all requirements are met with the exception of satisfactory qualifying exam score. Unclassified admission is valid for only one semester with a maximum of two graduate courses.
  • Non-degree admission: for a student who wishes to take graduate work without pursuing a graduate degree.
  • Transient admission: for a student admitted to a Master's program elsewhere who wishes to take graduate work at UT Martin. Transient admission is valid for only one semester at a time and must be verified each semesters. A maximum of 12 UT Martin graduate semester hours may be accumulated as a Transient student.
  • Early: Early unconditional admission is available to a degree-seeking applicant who is currently enrolled in the final semester for a baccalaureate degree at a university/college in the U.S. The Graduate Studies Office must have received official qualifying exam score(s) which equal or exceed the minimum requirement, current official transcript from the institution currently being attended and one official transcript from any other colleges/ universities attended previously. The applicant must also meet the requirements for unconditional admission to the intended graduate degree program, which may exceed the university's minimum requirements.
    Upon receipt of these materials, the Graduate Studies Office will calculate the cumulative GPA based on all coursework completed prior to the current semester. If the applicant meets the admission requirements for unconditional admission, an early admission letter will be sent. A final official transcript must be received within the first semester of the student's graduate enrollment.


See admission requirements for:

ANR (Agriculture and Natural Resources)

FCS (Family and Consumer Sciences)




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