Student Organizations

History Club - Open to any student interested in history, regardless of major or GPA. Members hear speakers on history-related topics and visit area historical sites.

Faculty Advisor: David Barber

Phone: 731-881-7465


Phi Alpha Theta - National history honor society. Open by invitation to students who have a minimum of 12 semester hours of history and a minimum GPA of 3.01, are in upper two-thirds of all remaining courses after history grades are removed, and are in the upper 35% of their respective class. Visit the national website at

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Margaret Lewis

Phone: 731-881-7469


Philosophy Forum - The Philosophy Forum is a student organization dedicated to promoting philosophical discussion among students and professors at UTM. We meet once every other week in the Humanities building to discuss philosophical questions about ethics, religion, politics, science, knowledge, happiness, and the meaning of life. Our discussions are open to all students and faculty.

Faculty Advisors: Dr. Matthew Braddock and Ms. Merry Brown

Phone: 731-881-7539


Phi Sigma Tau, International Honor Society for Philosophers. Open by invitation to students who have completed three semesters of college courses, rank in the upper 35% of their class, and have completed at least 6 hours of courses in philosophy with a minimum GPA of 3.01. Visit the international website at

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Matthew Braddock

Phone: 731-881-7539

Programs of Study

The history and philosophy curricula lie at the heart of a liberal arts education.

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