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Craig Ingram, Director

Instructional Technology Center & Web Services

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The Instructional Technology Center supports the educational technology needs of The University of Tennessee at Martin. Our purpose is to provide a facility to explore technology and then incorporate it into the classroom. The Instructional Technology Center (formerly the Faculty Multimedia Center) was founded by a gift from Harry and Rosemary Crisp with the express desire of supporting UT Martin faculty with incorporating instructional technology into teaching.


Web Services manages the development, creation, and maintenance of the departmental websites at the University of Tennessee at Martin. By working closely with the departments on campus, we seek to provide a consistent and easy to use interface for our web site users. Learning about new efforts and achievements contributes to how we promote the university and its accomplishment.

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Create a new course, get students enrolled, copy an existing course, or delete old courses. Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions for explanation of the Blackboard course-naming convention.

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Echo360 Classroom is a special setup in certain classrooms on campus that enable professors to record their classroom lectures and automatically upload them into Blackboard. Echo360 also provides Personal Capture (PCAP) software that enables recording from the instructor's laptop anytime, anywhere.

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All requests for departmental website changes should be submitted through the Website Change Request Form.

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