How do I login to BDMS (Banner Document Management Suite)?


How do I view a document?


What are the steps to adding a document into BDMS?


When I click on the XS (BDMS View Document or BDMS Add Document) button in Banner Administrative nothing happens.


When I click on a batch nothing happens, the batch status says indexing or scanning, but I can not open the batch to index or scan documents.


When I login to BDMS it says my uername and/or password is invalid.


When I click on the XS button in Banner Administrative I get the following error:  "Permission denied to application B-G-ID.  You do not have access permission to this application."


When I click on the XS button in Banner Administrative I get the following error:  "Banner Document Management Suite is installed at your site, but you are not set up as a user in that system.  Please contact your Administrator for Information".


How do I update my Document Manager settings file?


Why is one application in BOLD and not the others in Document Manager?


How do I turn on Interactive Viewer in Web Access?


How do I synchronize my BDMS password with my Banner Administrative password?


How do I run a query?


How do I create a batch?


How do I index a batch?


How do I check a document out/in so that I can make changes or add a new version/page?


How do I view version properties of a document?


How do I import/export a document?


How do I remove or change the order of columns for my query result set?


When I print a document from Document Manager it leaves a lot of white space around the image.


How do I email a document from BDMS?

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