About the Battalion


"The University of Tennessee ROTC Battalion has been proud to help develop the leaders of tomorrow."

"The ROTC program (the basic course) began at the University of Tennessee at Martin in September 1952.  The Army awarded the University “senior” ROTC status (the advanced course) in 1964.  ROTC is a leadership development program and as such prides itself as one of the best leader development programs in the United States.  ROTC incorporates the latest adult learning methods and pedagogy to facilitate the leader development of its cadets by examining leadership fundamentals (during class) and the practical application of leadership of its cadets by examining leadership fundamentals during laboratories and other off campus exercises.  Since ROTC is an officer producing source students are exposed to the Army as a profession from the viewpoint of a junior officer.  Small unit, tactical “team building” exercises serve as a vehicle to afford students an opportunity to practice and hone their leadership skills."


ROTC Today


The ROTC program at the University of Tennessee at Martin breeds excellence. The cadre are professionals that dedicate their time to ensuring the cadets are well trained. This program develops strong leaders that are prepared to handle situation in a rapidly changing environment. A cadet from this program is well-rounded: An organized leader, a team player, a scholar in academics and in the military arts, a strong communicator, and a technical expert in individual and team collective tasks. Our extracurricular programs emulate recruitment through championship competitions and excellent teamwork. In short, our program is an excellent place for a student looking to better their life in every aspect.


Army ROTC Blackboard

ROTC Blackboard