Modern Foreign Languages


Welcome! Modern Foreign Languages offers the following programs: major Spanish (B.A. degree) and minors in French, German, Japanese and Spanish.


Our Mission:
Modern Foreign Languages supports the mission of the University by:

  • Providing undergraduate instruction in certain important world languages and cultures
  • Improving the literacy and communication skills of the non-major (reading, writing, pronunciation, grammar, listening, and vocabulary building)
  • Improving cross-cultural understanding, international awareness, and appreciation of one's own culture
  • Preparing advanced-level students for careers or graduate study in which these skills, knowledge, and awareness are valuable
  • Sharing its expertise in world languages and cultures with the outside community and professionals in the field
  • Participating in the activities of civic and professional organizations which promote the study of world languages and cultures and public interest in them.

We use the ACTFL guidelines to mark student progress toward proficiencies in:

  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Reading
  • Writing

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Study Abroad and Internship Opportunities


Majors in foreign languages are required to complete a language immersion experience as approved by the faculty adviser.

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Placement & Retro Credit

Students who entered with two or more high school units of Spanish or French, and who wish to continue in the same language, will take the department's placement exam and, based on the results of that exam, will be advised to enroll in 115 or a more advanced class.

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