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General Questions

Why should I go back to school to earn a MSANR from UT Martin?

It is important for today's agricultural and natural resource professionals to integrate today's technology innovations and apply management skills in their working environment. The MSANR graduate program will help agriculture and natural resource professionals enhance their career development and lives.



Do I have to be a student at UT Martin to enroll in the MSANR program?

Yes, you must be a UT Martin student to be in the program.



Are there classes in Martin I have to attend?

No, the program is entirely online.



How do I learn if I am not in a classroom?

UT Martin MSANR faculty use state-of-the-art audio-video technologies and the Canvas 9 course management system to provide a familiar learning environment. Students can view/download lectures, take exams/quizzes, and participate in discussions using a web-browser and a computer connected to the Internet. Courses developed for the MSANR are non-synchronous, so there are no rigid class meeting times; i.e., the program can be adapted to your schedule on a weekly basis.



How many courses do I have to take?

The MSANR degree program consists of 36 total credit hours, 18 of which are in one of four concentrations (Agribusiness and Risk Management, Agricultural Education and Leadership, Systems Science in Agriculture, and Natural Resources Systems Management). Most courses are three credit hours each. Most MSANR students take six hours (two courses) per semester.



How long will it take to complete my master's degree?

Typically, most students who work full time will take one or two courses per semester. If you take two courses during spring and fall semesters and one course during the summer, you can complete the requirements for the MSANR degree in approximately 2.5 years. If you take only one course per semester (including one in summer), you can complete your MSANR degree in approximately 4 years. There is a 6 year time limit from the time you begin your first class until you complete your degree requirements.



Are online classes easier?

No, online classes are not easier than face-to-face courses. MSANR graduate courses are just as difficult as graduate classes at other universities. However, you will be able to access your courses anywhere you have Internet access and at a time convenient to you. None of the MSANR classes are self-paced; you will have definite deadlines for completing coursework throughout the semester and your exam schedule will be the same as resident UT Martin students. Taking online courses will require that you be self-motivated and organized to complete your work in a timely manner.



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What are the admission requirements for the MSANR program?

Applicants must have a B.S. degree in agriculture, natural resources management, park and recreation administration, wildlife science, or a closely related applied science from a regionally accredited institution. There is a minimum GPA requirement as well. International students will also need a satisfactory score on the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language), unless the applicant's native language is English. For more information on admission requirements click here: //



I am a graduate student at another institution and would like to take one graduate course from the MSANR program. Do I need to apply for admission to UT Martin?

Yes, you must be admitted to UT Martin as a graduate student even if you plan to take only one course for transfer to your home institution. A student who has been admitted to a master's degree program at another regionally accredited institution and wishes to take courses for transfer to that institution may be admitted as a transient graduate student upon receipt of an application for admission, application fee, and an official letter from that institution verifying that the student is enrolled in a graduate degree program and is in good academic standing.



Where can I apply for admission?

Apply online now at GradCAS. Select the term you wish to start courses and then create an account. For assistance with the application process, please contact the Office of Graduate Studies at or by calling (731) 881-7012.



When is the deadline for admission applications?

For a guaranteed decision on admission, completed application packets must be received in the Graduate Studies Office four weeks prior to the first day of semester for which admission is requested.



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Computer Requirements

What are the hardware (computer) requirements for taking online MSANR courses?

Hardware requirements can be viewed here://



What are the software requirements for taking online MSANR courses?

Software requirements can be viewed here: //



Who can help me with technical problems?

The UT Martin help desk can be reached by email at or by phone at 731-881-7900. Help is available daily from 6:30 a.m. to 12:30 a.m.



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Taking Online Courses

How do I register for classes?

Students can register for classes online, using the UT Martin Banner System.



How much does it cost to take graduate online classes?

Tuition fees can be found at this link: //



How do I pay tuition fees?

You may pay your fees online, using a credit card. Detailed instructions can be found here: //



How do I get an email address?

The university will assign you an email address when you are admitted. This will be the default email address that will be used for correspondence by the university and your instructors. Be sure to check this email address often, or have email from it forwarded to another email address that you check frequently.



How do I access my email?

You may access your email by logging into the myUTMartin portal (login in found on the UT Martin home page ( You may also access email directly via the main quick links on the home page.



How do I access my courses?

Course material will be delivered via the Canvas 9 course management system. You may access Canvas 9 by logging into the myUTMartin portal ( You may also access Canvas directly via the main quick links on the home page.



Where can I purchase textbooks?

Textbooks can be purchased online from the UT Martin Bookstore ( or from another online book retailer. Remember to plan ahead when ordering required textbooks so that you will have them in time for the beginning of the semester.



Are there tests in online courses?

Yes, you will be expected to complete tests in your online courses. Some instructors require students to have a proctor (someone to administer the test) when completing a test or exam.



Can I access the UT Martin library?

If you are enrolled in a class, you will have online access to the UT Martin library, including electronic databases, journals, and ebooks. You can also borrow books from the library through online requests.



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Program Requirements

Do I have to write a thesis?

Students in the MSANR program may choose the thesis or non-thesis option. Students in the thesis option will register for and complete the requirements of Agriculture (AGRI) 701 and 702 Master's Thesis or Natural Resources Management (NRM) 701 and 702 Master's Thesis. Students in the non-thesis option will register for and complete the requirements for AGRI 790 or NRM 790 Scientific Writing and Presentations and AGRI 791 or NRM 791 Master's Research Project. Normally, AGRI/NRM 702 or AGRI/NRM 791 is taken as the final course in a student's program.



What type of research is required for AGRI 791 or NRM 791?

Students may choose a research topic in an area related to their interests, but the topic must be approved by the graduate student coordinator. Students will need to find a UTM faculty member or other qualified individual who is willing to act as the advisor for the research project. A written research proposal must be submitted and approved by the graduate coordinator prior to collecting data for the project. Research projects shall include: a review of the literature, data collection and methodology, data presentation, a final written report, and an oral presentation. Examples of past research projects may be found on the MSANR website at this link: //



What type of research is required for AGRI 701, 702 or NRM 701, 702?

Research for thesis projects is expected to be more advanced and comprehensive in nature than research for non-thesis projects. Students may choose a research topic in an area related to their interests. A written research proposal must be submitted to the graduate thesis committee for approval prior to collecting thesis data. The thesis research director must have a terminal degree and be actively involved in research or extension. The graduate thesis committee will be composed of a minimum of three faculty members with graduate faculty status.



Can I take classes at other universities and have them count toward my MSANR degree?

Yes, you may be able to take classes elsewhere. However, to be certain that they will be accepted in your degree concentration, you must have approval from the MSANR graduate coordinator before you take classes from another regionally accredited university. A maximum of 12 semester hours graduate credit from another university may be applied to MSANR degree requirements. To take classes at another university, you must apply for admission as a transient graduate student at that institution. UT Martin is a member of the Natural Resources Distance Learning Consortium (NRDLC). Member institutions of the consortium offer a variety of graduate courses in natural resources.



How do I get credit for courses taken at another university?

After you have completed the course, you will need to request that an official transcript be sent from that university to the UT Martin Graduate Studies Office. Note that only courses in which you received a grade of B or better may be transferred to UT Martin. Once that transcript has been received by UT Martin, you will need to complete a graduate student special request form, with the help of your graduate advisor. Forms can be found on the Graduate Studies website at this link: //


A maximum of 12 semester hours of credit may be transferred from another institution. Please see the UT Martin Graduate Catalog for other requirements related to the transfer of credit.



Who can I contact for more information?

You can contact Philip Smartt and Jessica Crews Garcia



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